Jul 14, 2017

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FEW WORDS TO NEERAJKUMAR SUMARA (Nói với đạo hữu Neerajkumar Sumara)

FEW WORDS TO NEERAJKUMAR SUMARA (Nói với đạo hữu Neerajkumar Sumara) Dear Neerajkumar Sumara, I am glad to read your writing. The teachings you received through reading on the chanhtuduy.comare not a little in such a short time, there are lots of Buddhists not having these knowledge, especially knowledge of vegetarianism and right view. I really enjoy these lines “This dungeon is full of darkness. So dark is it that scarce anything at all can rightly be seen by prisoner. The prisoner cannot see that he is a prisoner. Indeed, man has not only become blind by living too long in the darkness, but he is very much doubts if any strange thing as light is said to be, can ever exist at all” However, these thoughts are both right and wrong. It is right for the Hinayana Buddhists when they see the world. They see the darkness of the sufferings of the boring life and realize the path of liberation but

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