Aug 9, 2020

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The Cover magazine: A study of Buddhist view on Guru The Cover magazine has just posted an article about the Guru on the view of a Buddhist. Admin would like to introduce the article with all readers.

A flower looks like a lotus but……

Stopping at the flower stand on the road, the pure beauty of lotus flowers attracted me, and the seller was happy to say: Buy these beautiful lotus flowers, sister. These flowers have been cut, and you can enjoy them for a long time. I was going to ask how much they were; I suddenly heard the voice behind me: Lotus flowers or lotus-like flowers? It seems to me that they are lotus-like flowers, not lotus. I turned around and ask her how to distinguish the difference between lotus flowers and lotus-like flowers: How can you differentiate between them? She smiled and gave a clear explanation.

For colour, the lotus has a natural pink colour, and it keeps its colour and freshness longer. In contrast, a lotus-like flower’s colour is much darker, and it changes the colour into the dark for some days keeping in a vase. The inside of the lotus flower, behind the long wings, is a layer of thin wings close to the stigma lotus flower, the lotus-like flower has only the ou p ter layer of wings, there is no thin layer of wings inside. The lotus-like flower is picked at a young age; the flower petal will change dark and then falling off until only the bare pistil. The lotus flower will bloom and keep fresh much longer.

I went back home after expressing my gratitude for her wonderful lesson on how to distinguish between lotus and lotus-like flower to avoid mistakes in buying the wrong one. Upon passing the temple which is near to my house, looking at the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni sitting on a golden lotus, I recalled his teachings in the Sutra of SamyuttaNikàya: “One day, Ananda came to the Lord Buddha and said that “Lord Buddha – I think a spiritual teacher is considered as the half of the spiritual life!” The Buddha replied, “Ananda, do not say that. A spiritual teacher is considered as the whole of spiritual life! “

Think about the difference between a lotus and a lotus-like flower; it is like on how to recognize who is the true Guru, a spiritual teacher for Buddhists to learn from and follow to be freed from Samsara. In DīrghaĀgama, the Lord Buddha pointed out the criteria of a true Guru, a spiritual teacher who guides learners to achieve enlightenment, and as follows: “A teacher deserves respect, reverence and devotion, in this life; is one who has eliminated greed, hatred and delusion. Although the teacher may not have attained any status of enlightenment, even the lowest rank, his actions, speech, and thoughts are always pure, in harmony with right view, and having the separation from greed, hatred, delusion and other wrong doings. This teacher may make a lecture without a beautiful voice, but his teachings are always following the dharma, speak the voice of truth, under the pure mind and the psychology and the situation of the listeners; and he shows the true path by which the disciples, the listeners can get enlightenment. And so, even though the teacher himself has not attained enlightenment, those who learn from such a teacher can be enlightened.”

Our Guru is “the one whose actions, speech, and thoughts are always pure, in harmony with right view and having the separation from greed, hatred, delusion and other wrong doings,” just like “a natural pink colour of a lotus”, words and action are always hand in hand in a natural way with the pure mind for the ultimate goal of liberation. Even his vajra criticism is also from his pure mind, and his excellent teachings are given to his disciples for their elimination of evil thoughts and being gradually free from ignorance that much supports them to cross over the river of birth and death. To help all sentient beings avoid the wrong doings and wrong views, our Guru has raised the flag of fighting the wrong viewers and supporting the dharma with a right view for long to help all beings leave the delusion, free from ignorance and get enlightenment. In sharp contrast, fake monks or defrauders own much hypocrisy that is hard to recognize because they deliberately try their best to make a beautiful appearance, try to speak softly with a sweet voice and gentle words to please the listeners and donators for their gain. And their mask of attractive appearance is easy to take off when time passes by, just like the lotus-like flower whose petals will change dark, and then falling off until only the bare pistil when keeping it in some days.

The second criteria of a real teacher are that “his teachings are always following the dharma, speak the voice of truth, following the pure mind and the psychology and the situation of the listeners” With the compassion and wisdom, our Guru efficiently conveys the Buddha’s teachings to understand and by the situation and background of the listeners in the spirit of “dhamma is life” as the articles permeated with the light of his compassion and wisdom on The articles on are in harmony with modern times, following the background and circumstances of all beings who live a busy life in the age of advanced technology. Therefore, learners are both from S-shaped country like Vietnam and from all over the world, gathering in the pure place of Song Nguyen Tantra House to rely on the right spiritual teacher. There is no discrimination of richness and poverty, social backgrounds, gender and class among learners in Song Nguyen Tantra House. Those who want to be free from suffering can become members of ITA Institute – our holy Guru carefully instructs song Nguyen Tantra House and with his sincere efforts. Learners in Song Nguyen Tantra House include the professors who have taught in the university, teaching the post-graduate students such as Tantra Sutradaka (India), the 80-year-old doctor who graduated from the Buddhist University, treating thousands of Lamas with a cure in India such as Tantra Nirvadeva, the venerable from Srilanka, the computer engineer such as Tantra Upatissa (India), the headmaster at school – Tantra Mahadeva, the engineer from Australia – Tantra Haramitra, Tantra Siramitra who lives in England or Tantra Mikaya who is working as a staff in the German government and so on. Notably, some learners used to be Christian followers like Tantra Citta from Canasa, Tantra Maruta from Philippines and Harry, who was a Hindu follower and so on. All of them are attracted by the fact that “his teachings are always following the dharma, speak the voice of truth, per the pure mind and the psychology and the situation of the listeners” then they decided to come to Song Nguyen Tantra House, enter the Vimalakirti castle of to enjoy the pure happiness of practising dharma.

the 80-year-old doctor who graduated from the Buddhist University, treating thousands of Lamas with a cure in India such as Tantra Nirvadeva

Tantra Sutradaka

the venerable from Srilanka

Tantra Mikaya

Tantra Upatissa

The third criteria of a true teacher, like the standard of “true lotus” is that “the inside of the lotus flower, behind the long wings, is a layer of thin wings close to the stigma lotus flowers”, just like behind Guru’s appearance is the light of wisdom and compassion; distinguishing clearly with the fake masters who have only “outside” clothes as the image of that “the lotus-like flower has only the outer layer of wings, there is no thin layer of wings inside”. It is the true teacher who “shows the true path by which the disciples, the listeners can get enlightenment”, going along with that “his teachings are always following the dharma, speak the voice of truth, under the pure mind and the psychology and the situation of the listeners” The method to practice Pure Mind Yoga invented by the Guru, particularly the six marvellous practices is the true path which helps learners get the three goals of inner happiness, success in life and social achievement in the unchangeable route of joy in this life and over-lasting pure bliss next life, reaching the enlightenment.

The benefits of Pure Mind are not only analyzed in detail through the article “a viewpoint on suffering, the cause of suffering and the path leading to the annihilation of suffering in modern times” by Tantra Sutradaka who has written with his own experiences after Tantra Sutradaka get an allowance from Guru to do an internship in practising some of Guru’s six marvellous practices; but also confirmed by the experiences of other learners nation-wide and world-wide such as “letter from India: spiritual “sleep medication” by Tantra Upatissa, “Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh, who helps me have faith in the dharma” by Tantra Amishuta from The United States of America, “letter from Canada: Dear Guru, I am not destined to be a Catholic!” by Tantra Citta, “The words of my perfect teacher” by Sonam Norbu and so on. And many Vietnamese learners have been successful in life and spiritual achievement, especially, Mat Tu has received the full scholarship from the well-know Institute in Sweden. She made an excellent presentation on “proven steps of scientific methodology in Song Nguyen Tantra House’s six marvellous practices” And Pure Mind Yoga has given the solutions to eliminate the suffering caused by the disagreement in the family between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter in modern times such as the eradication of the gap between two generations of parents and children proven in case of Mat Tan Luc và Mat Tan Giac, Mat Kien – Mat Nhi, Mat Chieu – Mat Mhi Khang, Mat QuyTay – Mat Huan, Mat Lieu Nguyen – Mat My Lac, Mat Nhị Khang – Mat Mạnh Dat, Mat Thuan Phong, Mat Hoa Dung, Mat Huan – Mat Dai and some others, because they have the same goal of liberation to achieve. Besides, Pure Mind Yoga also brings the happiness for dharma couples like Mat Hai – Mat Thuy, Mat Kien – Mat Hien, Mat Ngo Tanh – Mat Hue Phap, Mat Chanh Tan – Mat Chanh Hoa, Mat Hue Thanh – Mat Dieu Trang, Mat Hong Nhạt – Mat Hong Quang, Mat DinhThuan – Mat Khue Minh, Mat Phươc – Mat Diem, my husband and I, and some others.

Mat Hai – Mat Thuy

Mat Nhi Khang – Mat Dieu Hang

Mat Chanh Tan – Mat Chanh Hoa

Mat Hong Nhat – Mat Hong Quang

The worldly success and dharma achievement we have quickly gained after following the Guru’s foot for a short time is the result of Guru’s pedagogical methodology with many skilful means. I cannot help raising the divine pride when being learnt from the Vajrayana teacher because: “Many people erroneously believe that there is no difference between a Vajrayana teacher and other teachers. A common teacher can show one the path in a perfectly pure and clear way, and explain how to behave, how things are, etc. A Vajrayana teacher, however, is somebody who does not work and teach only with words, but on all levels. With bodily behaviour, with verbal teachings and through the inspiration of his mind, he can lead the mindstream of others towards maturity and liberation. Only someone with this capacity is an authentic Vajrayana teacher.” (A quote from Lama – The Source of Blessing by Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche)

I understand that it is the devotion with pure perceptive made by Vajrayana brothers who are learning from the Guru that causes them to get the blessings from Guru to get successful in life and achievement on the path of liberation. And I have learned that: “The devotion one should have toward the lama is more than one’s feeling when seeing a certain teacher who behaves pleasantly toward oneself. If the lama smiles or speaks pleasantly, a feeling of devotion may arise, but this is called the “arising of a feeling due to various conditions.” The aspired devotion toward the lama, however, is a deep inner feeling which is independent of such outer conditions. At the beginning, of course, it still depends on external things; then it becomes an internal feeling which awakens independently from external conditions and momentary experiences. Only when this profound devotion and this unshakable trust have arisen can the blessing work in a way so that common thoughts and the like, calm down naturally. There are descriptions about the signs of devotion: tears appear in the eyes and the hair on the body stands upright.” and “In the Vajrayana, the teacher has a much more important significance. One does not see him merely as one who shows the way, but one sees him as the Buddha himself. With this attitude, the blessing of the lama can directly enter one’s mind, mature and awaken one’s mindstream. In order to make this possible, two elements are needed. On the one hand, one has to practice, and on the other hand, one has to open to the lama and see him as the Buddha. (A quote from Lama – The Source of Blessing by Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche)

Dear Holy Guru,

I sincerely made sincere gratitude towards the holy Guru – Thinley Nguyen Thanh, who saved me from the mud of the wrong view and led me to the light of Buddha’s right view. You have always taught me with significant patience and tolerance, being suffered from my evil doings, my evil thoughts to tame my mind so that I can go on the noble path to enlightenment.

I pray that I and the Vajrayana brothers, who have good condition to meet the Vajrayana Guru in this life, treasures this good chance of being your learners and disciples, being grateful to Guru and learn how to repay your kindness, nourishing the pure devotion to Guru as well as to keep the solid faith in Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to follow him, from now on, until enlightenment.

May Guru have good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Mat Dieu Hang


  1. tantra mahavita says:

    DEAR HOLY GURU : Thank you very much for sharing this article.In the words of the Budhha a spiritual Master deserves , respects, reverence, and devotion with .in this life …he is one who has eliminated greed, hatred, and illusion .Our Guru is one whose actions,speech and thoughts are always pure , in harmony with the correct vision. Follow the Dharma and speack with the voice of truth . A Vajrayana teacher is spmeone who does not work and tech only with words but on all levels with bodily behavior with verbal teachings and thorugh .The inspiration of your mind you can guide the mental stream of others towards maturity and liberation. Only someone with this ability is a true Vajrayana masters ( words of Jamgon Kontrul Rinpoche ) in Vajrayana the teacher has a much more important meaning.One see him as the Budhha himself .With deep Devotion and unwavereving confidence .With this attitude the Lama is blessing can enter directly into one is mind. Maturity and awaken the mind stream . For this to be posible it is necessary to practice and see the Lama as Budhha ( words of Jamgon Kontrul Rinpoche ) Deeps thanks to the Guru who guided me from the wrong version to the correct vision of Budhha .with a lot of patience , tolerance, suffering for my bad actions .my bad thoughts to tame my that i can follow the noble path to Enlightement . I pray qith deep Gratitude , pure Devotion and solid faith towards Guru , Budhha , Dharma and Sangha .from now until enlightement .May the Guru have a long life and good health for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all beings achieve happiness of Budhha Nature . OM MANI PADME HUM

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      I am glad that you understood and shared with sincerity. It is good that you have experienced positive changes in your mind from my teachings guidance, because “transforming mind is the most wonderful thing”. Keep up your good work!

  2. Kim Johnson says:

    Thank you Guru for more of your beautiful teachings what wonderful article’s help other’s learning like my self I look forward to reading all the teachings as well
    Thank you so much

  3. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guru.
    I am highly delighted to read this article wherein my kalayan mitra and dharma sister tries to explain the noble and virtuous inborn qualities of a great Vajra Guru of this present century namely Thinlay Nguyen Thanh of song Nguyen Tantra House of Vietnam unlike some fake lamas who say something in words and do opposite in action !
    Being the closest and humble faithful disciple of Hurry, she makes it crystal clear our Guru is a true lotus and not lotus-like flower!.In other words, our Guru is a Gold and not copper or imitation gold ! And all that glitters is not gold !Dharma is His life ! He says what He does and act what He peaches!
    Mat Deu Hang’s message in the last is How we should see and respect such a precious dharma Gem and great Vajra teacher unlike other mediocre teachers ?
    That is the way to the ENLIGHTENMENT !
    Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.
    Tantra Nirvadeva

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am touched that you understand thoroughly about Guru devotion.

  4. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    One word I must tell which I forgot to mention that the role of the devoted faithful disciple namely,Mat Deu Hang in is like that of a flower garland offered to the head of Guru in which individual flowers ( devoted disciples) tied in a string (Mat Dry Hang) and made a Union if single beautiful holy garland,being the inner strength of garland !
    Hats off to Guruji who has transformed common people to such status of honour by virtue of their presence with you as disciples!
    Om Mani Padme Hum.
    Tantra Nirvadeva.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      That is because of Mat Dieu Hang’s own effort to diligent Dharma practice, especially Guru devotion!

  5. Hakendra kumar says:


  6. Menetha says:

    I like the information. Very interesting. Thanks.

  7. paul yawney says:

    Dear Holy Guru, I bow head to Lotus feet. Thank you for sharing another great article. your words and method of teaching has taught me so much of the right way to meditae and Live life. . Since receiving your wonderful articles I feel more alive and in tune with all. Thank you. May Hol Guru and Consort live a long and happy life. May this virus soon end. OM MANI PADME HUM. Tantra Himataru.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:


    • Laxman Yadaorao Aucharmal says:

      Thank you Guru.
      I learn today the life important of Vajrayana . Generally it easy to read but is not easy to practice .But it can be possible the kind guidance of perferfect Guru as you, the perfect Lotus Flower . The perfect Guru , the knowledge from Buddha . Vajrayana is the education of unification of body and mind to make concrete as cimented body NIGRHA OF MIND, that not allowed entry to external objects in mind . Only confirm with self subject i.e.intrtnal isdues., Is the Vajrayana can be taught by Guru of Tantrayan. Who eradicated all hate, anger, Delussion, and desires.,he is only of pure mind .his thinking, looking, smiling, talking spread the rays of tranquility and pleasent .

  8. Brandon says:

    Dear guru
    Thank you and many blessings. I appreciate you

  9. Dan Breeden says:

    Dear Guru,
    Iam very appreciative of your articles Guru they show great. Depth of though and the relevancy of it.
    Great depth of thought and wisdom they are timeless and always relevant.
    To ataining serenity and balance.
    Your articles helps someone to know what path to follow and how to get there .

  10. Brian says:

    Dear Guru, thank you once again for a wonderful article. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Much respect and love for you.

  11. Tantra Upashiti says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for the wonderful article and your wonderful teaching. You have my faith and trust.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  12. Kevin says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was a fantastic read.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  13. Felicia says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for another great lesson. It is always so inspiring.

  14. Ashok Verma says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for such great article.

  15. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Mat Dieu Hang,

    I rejoice in reading your article entitled “The Cover magazine: A study of Buddhist view on Guru”.
    We are very lucky indeed to have the opportunity to meet and learn from a Guru such as ours in this lifetime! This is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted or wasted. Guru holds the map to the “buried treasure” which ends all suffering. He also provides the torch to lighten your way!!!
    May you have a blessed and peaceful day.

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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