Dec 28, 2019

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ANSWERS TO DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY OF A FILIPINO CATHOLIC (Giải tỏa nỗi lòng của một tín đồ Công giáo người Phillipin)


Dear Boying Baguio,

Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh, Director of Thanh Tri Institute of Psychology Research and Yoga Applications (ITA)

I’ve read your letter and sympathize with your depression and anxiety upon facing with difficult issues in life. Each religion has their own way and doctrine to answer questions of followers or members like yours. Song Nguyen Tantra House is not a religious establishment thus I cannot give you a religion-based answer. Song Nguyen Tantra House is an academic organization in Vietnam named the Thanh Tri Institute of Psychology Research and Yoga Applications (ITA). It is also the Center for Tibetan Yoga Research, Application and Practice and the UNESCO Club of Research and Application of Tibetan Yoga. Then I will show you a solution on a dialectically scientific basis of Yoga Thanh Tri (Pure Mind Yoga) – a method that makes use of the Buddha’s wisdom, called the “Mindfulness”.

You should be fully aware of following issues, including:

1/ Your depression caused by the relatives (your mother and sister) is not something disastrous but rather a normal happening in this life which is inherently “surrounded by countless afflictions” (as the Buddha taught in “Eight Great Causes of Enlightenment Sutra”). This means you should stop tormenting yourself and find ways to improve your relationship. The very first thing you should do is to perfect yourself. “Look into the mirror before blaming others” as the Chinese proverb points out.

2/ If you still keep such pessimistic attitude and isolate yourself from people around, you will never attain equanimity since the Buddha asserted that “jealousy is an inherent characteristic of human beings.” In the “Thirty seven Practices of Bodhisattvas”, Buddhist saint Thogme Zangpo even stated unflinchingly: “If someone wants to behead me though I have done nothing wrong. From my mind of compassion, I take all their bad karma upon myself.”

3/ You should be fully aware of the cause that leads to your current situation. It’s not a coincidence that you are now facing financial difficulties and unemployment! This situation, from Buddhist perspective, should be reasoned as follows: in your previous life (before you were reborn in human realm this life), you were tightfisted or cheated others out of their money and now you bear karmic effects. Or you sowed bad deeds in your childhood or adulthood right in this life, then you have to suffer from equivalent bad karma at your middle or old age.

4/ This tragic family relationship can be inferred from the above principle. How can you treat them good (unless you are a saint) if they do not care about you? Ask yourself what have you done or spoken that leads to such situation?

5/ Fortunately, Buddhism can help you fix these bitter problems:

Firstly, in theory, you need know that “All sufferings are caused by selfish craving and personal desire while the sorrow of Buddhas arises from altruistic mind (for the sake of all beings)”. What’s more is that all sufferings in this world stem from evil karma, thus though one falls in a life-threatening situation, he definitely should not commit harmful actions like killing, stealing, adultery or harmfully lying. Besides, take your mind off the depression and anxiety by “considering adversities as day dreams” since no one is irritated by dreams!

Secondly, in practice, you should focus on job A which could help you get distracted from problem B, i.e you need regularly read and comment on (please read the Letter to disciples No.80 on or Let walk out for 1 kilometer and chant along with footsteps, of which “Om Mani” with your left foot first, then come “Padme Hum” with right foot. This is a kind of active meditation which is useful for concentrating your mind and fighting against depression.

Last but not least, you should stop negative actions and behaviors and develop positive virtues like I said above.

Dear Boying Baguio!

Many followers of Song Nguyen Tantra House and I myself had undergone hard times like yours, even much worse. Nonetheless, just after two years of Pure Mind Yoga practice, we all made it through. You may not believe it right now but you should take my advice cause it comes from the teachings of Buddhist saints. You will surely be successful like others.

May your painfulness be relieved and you will diligently practice mindfulness in all actions of body, speech and mind.

Om Mani Padme Hum

A rainy afternoon on the peak of Phu Van Mountain

April 17, 2018


Translated by Mat Hue Phap


  1. Revered Guru

    I enjoy reading your answers to Boying Baguio which are based on Pure Mind Yoga from dialectically scientific perspective. These answers bear no signs of mystery or dogmatism but rather a logical analysis under the Buddha’s wisdom.

    In Theory, the current life of Boying Baguio is a mirror reflecting what he had done in previous or present life. This accordingly follows the principle of Cause and Effect. Scientifically, this can be understood following the 3rd Newton Law where every force has a counter force. This means all counter (difficult) conditions (force) Boying Baguio is facing are caused by bad karma (force) he made in previous or present life. Another good question from you is the way he treated or behaved with people around him. Will it be appropriate enough or inappropriate so as to fall in such bitter situation? This has demonstrated a teaching of the Buddha on the mindfulness of every actions of body, speech and mind. You also pointed out that “All sufferings are caused by selfish craving and personal desire while the sorrow of Buddhas arises from altruistic mind (for the sake of all sentient beings)”. Above are causes that lead to his current situation.

    In Practice, you have introduced a simple but useful solution, that is reading and commenting on Apart from a kind of active meditation (chanting mantra along with footsteps), this solution proves to be effective in pulling readers out of A (depression, anxiety) to focus on B (receiving Dharma essence with an open mind, developing an altruistic mind). Thanks to knowledge he gains from read-comment activity, he will minimize and end bad deeds like killing, stealing, adultery or harmfully lying and develop more and more good virtues. Another way is to consider adversities as a day dream.

    May Boying Baguio soon relieve his depression by putting his trust on the Guru and practice your teachings, cause “Having faiths means you accomplish half way of success.”

    Thank you for your valuable advices to Boying Baguio which are also a lesson to all of us.

    May you and your consort live long for upholding the Dharma

    May the sorrow and painfulness of sentient beings be relieved.
    Om Ah Hum

  2.  Tantra Mahavita says:

    Querido Santo Guru : El Guru es mi guia. Buda es mi Vida. Dharma es mi camino. Sangha es mi espiritu. Respetado Guru, Doblo mi cabeza a los pies del Loto del Guru. Agradecimiento enorme por compartir sus maravillosos articulos.Depresion y ansiedad : Este muy interesante articulo toca un tema muy habitual en esta epoca. En el Budismo , gracias ,a la Atencion Plena , podemos ver momento a momento nuestra mente. Asi en nuestras relaciones conflictivas , podemos tener , por nuestro Karma acumulado negativo , situaciones desfavorables. El budismo nos puede ayudar a  solucionar esos problemas sabiendo que ” todos los sufrimientos son causados por el deseo egoista y el deseo personal , mientras que el dolor de los Budas surge de una mente altruista ( por el bien de todos los seres ) Ademas definitivamente no debemos cometer acciones dañinas , como , matar ,robar, adulterio o mentir. Asi olvidamos la ansiedad y la depresion y consideramos las adversidades como solo sueños diurnos .Este trabajo, de comentar regularmente , aqui , nos ayuda a distraernos del problema. Y tambien tenemos que caminar, cantando el mantra OM MANI PADME HUM . Que nuestro Amado Guru , tenga salud , y viva feliz , para beneficio de todos los seres sintientes. Que todos los seres sensibles disfruten de la felicidad y la raiz de la felicidad,Puedan ser libres de sufrimiento y de la raiz de sufrimiento. Que no esten separados de la gran felicidad carente de sufrimiento .Que habiten en la ecuanimidad , libre de pasion , agresion y prejuicios. Que la bondad de la sabiduria y la compasion de la no dualidad. Que la preciosa Bodhichita haya nacido donde no lo es, Puede que Bodhicita una vez que nazca no decaiga y se expanda mas y mas. Que el precioso espiritu del despertar nazca en aquellos donde no esta. Que una vez que nazca , no se deteriore y aumente cada vez mas . OM MANI PADME HUM

  3. Dr. C H Lakshmi narayan. says:

    GURU is my guide

    Buddha is my life

    Dharma is my way

    Sangha is my Spirit

    Respected Guruji , I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guruji.

    I am Tantra Nirvadeva.

    Guruji advises in this letter a Filipino Catholic Boying Baguio to alleviate his depression and anxiety as follows :

    * You can’t hope to get a sweet mango fruit by planting a Neem plant. MN” As you sow the seeds, so you reap the crops.!”

    * What you are now is due to what you did in the past days.!

    * Good results if you do good karmas and bad results if you do bad Karmas as per the law of cause and effect.

    * The depression and anxiety and unhappiness you are feeling today is to your thoughts and Actions what you did in the past days!

    * Hence, cultvate the habit of ” mindfulness “( concentration) and ” Meditation” as a process of purification of your Karmas in ” Pure mind Yoga” as well as ” Mani manthra meditation” in action with taking your each step while you are walking  and following Tibetan Yoga and doing Dharma Practices during your daily routine activities of your life.

    * It is a good sign that you are interested in the way of life in Buddhism for peace of mind and wisdom.

    * In this regard, certainly,  reading–commenting on will show you the path of reaching your goal of attaining peace, wisdom and Enlightenment.!

    *  ” Considering adversities as day dreams, you raise to the occasion and march on with Bodhicitta and never give up. We also faced such adversities, even much worse!. Yesterday was ours and today is your chance!. Nothing is permanent in this world. And  ” CHANGE” is the dictum in life.!

    * So, Future brighter day are in store for you, if you follow Buddhist teachings and do Dharma Practices.!

    *  “See good, be good ,  do good ”  is the essence of such Dharma practices.!

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Long live our beloved Guruji for upholding Dharma.

    Dr C H Lakshminarayan.







  4. Dear Holy Guru,

    I delighted to read your advice to Boying Baguio’s depression and anxiety. These answers are based on a dialectical scientific basis of Yoga Thanh Tri (Pure Mind Yoga)- a method that makes use of the Buddha’s wisdom, called the “Mindfulness”. We should be fully aware of the cause of all your suffering in life issue. After that, we should fix it. You also give the solution how to overcome it. First, in theory, be less selfish as “all sufferings are caused by selfish craving and personal desire while the sorrow of Buddha arises from altruistic mind (for the sake of all being)”, dont do any harmful actions and “considering adversities as day dreams”. Secondly, in practice, you have given the very useful and easy method that reading and commenting regularly on, walking out for 1 km and chanting along footsteps and last but not least, stop doing negative action and behaviors and develop positive virtues.

    Thanks for your valuable lesson not only to the Philippine reader but also the meaningful lesson for all of us.

    May you and your consort live long for all sentient beings sake.

    May Boying Baguio relive depression and find her answer.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!


  5. Boying Baguio says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    My greetings and acknowledgment to brothers who had shared their wonderful comments. Namaste..

    I admit that my status at the moment isn’t that friendly to me that i never felt so down and got a lot of questions in life before. I’m doing my very best to cope up the situations and such a great help having words of wisdoms and knowledge through here. I appreciate it very much.

    As what was mentioned, it was a result of a cause that i had been from my past. Considering it is, but it was something that I wasn’t aware. I admit that there were times before during my early days that all I got in mind is enjoyment about life. Coz all I have in mind is that I need to fill up all my days with fun. Thinking that I am also filling others life with enjoyment.

    I was raised in a family where most of my likes comes into my hands. We’re not that much rich but just enough to maintain our needs. And the honest thought is that, I’d never been selfish to share what I got to others. Despite of my advantage to some around me, I always wanted to get in touch with others life. I am not a saint either to always fill up someone’s need since I can also the limitation of my capabilities. That I wish I could expand more and do more for others.

    With the faultness that I had done which was the cause of my depression and anxiety at the moment gives me confusion, actually. There were wrong things, definitely that I have done in my past. And I wanted to correct them whatever they may be. I am willing, however I might take.

    My gratitude for everyone in spending a moment for my story. I will forever be grateful being in touch with your words and advices.

    Um Mani Padme Hum


    • Kính bạch ThầY

      Con xin phép dịch comment của đạo hữu Boying Baguio sang tiếng Việt như sau ạ:

      Kính bạch Thầy

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy và các đạo hữu đã gửi tới con những lời chia sẻ quý giá.

      Thật lòng con chưa bao giờ cảm thấy chán nản như bây giờ. Trong tâm con nảy sinh nhiều câu hỏi về cuộc sống hơn bao giờ hết. Những luận giải với tuệ tri sâu sắc của vị Thầy là nguồn cổ vũ tinh thần quý báu đối với con Con sẽ làm hết sức mình để cải thiện tình hình hiện tại.

      Như con đã kể ở thư trước, nghịch cảnh hiện tại có nguyên nhân từ những hành động thiếu suy nghĩ trong quá khứ của con. Con thừa nhận rằng đã có những lúc con chỉ biết hưởng thụ cuộc sống và nghĩ rằng sẽ làm người khác vui vẻ với những trò tiêu khiển này.

      Con sinh trưởng trong một gia đình không quá giàu có nhưng đủ sống. Những gì con thích đều được cha mẹ con đáp ứng. Nhưng con cũng chưa bao giờ ích kỉ đến mức không chia sẻ với ai. Dù cuộc sống của con thuận lợi hơn so với nhiều người nhưng không vì thế mà con xa cách những người kém may mắn hơn mình. Nhưng con cũng không phải là vị thánh để lúc nào cũng đáp ứng đầy đủ nhu cầu của người khác. Vì vậy con ước sao có điều kiện tốt hơn để sẻ chia với mọi người nhiều hơn nữa.

      Những lỗi lầm con đã phạm phải trong quá khứ đã tác động ngược trở lại cuộc sống hiện tại của con, khiến con thật tuyệt vọng và lo lắng. Con mong muốn sửa chữa những sai lầm này dù chúng có nặng nề đến đâu chăng nữa.

      Một lần nữa con xin cảm tạ Thầy và cảm ơn các đạo hữu đã dành thời gian chia sẻ với nỗi niềm của con. Con thật ơn phước khi được gặp và tiếp nhận những giáo huấn quý báu của vị Thầy.

      Um Mani Padme Hum


  6. Dear Holy Guru,

    Thank you so much for your precious teachings to answers to the depression and anxiety of a Filipino Catholic by which I have learnt many lessons for the path to enlightenment under your guidance.

    Common beings are always suffered by their actions of body, speech and mind, we reap what we sow in accordance with the law of cause and effect, no exception. The importance lies on the ignorance of all beings which causes the bad karmas. And it is the ignorance with the attachment to desires that enclouds our mind and we do not know the right path to walk in, the right thought to think and nor the right actions to conduct.

    Thanks to your wise words and bodhicitta, we understand the true meaning of the Lord Buddha’s teachings; and more importantly, you also teach us how to practice or do internship the dharma in our real life based on our own background. Take the Filipino Catholic for instance, you have made clarification the reason why he is now in such a situation and you gave the solution to his problems in order that he can have a peacful mind and get inner happiness, successful in work and social affairs, and then he can be at ease on the path to enlightenment.

    May you and your consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May your articles are spred all the corners of this Saha for the true happiness of all sentient beings.

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  7. Dear Holy Guru,

    I’ve read letter of Boying Baguio, a Filipino Catholic. I’m so grateful to read your response for Boying Baguio’s depression and anxiety upon facing with difficult issues in life, in a very clear and scientific way, not religious because it’s based on the active principle of Yoga Thanh tri (Pure Mind Yoga) _ the mindfulness of Buddha’s wisdom.

    I’m really happy for the reader, Boying Baguio when receiving this beneficial letter from Guru after many times failing to find answers in own religion as well as many different religions. Here, with your teachings, Boying Baguio is not only explained clearly to realize true reasons of all the countless afflictions in this life, but also showed the thorough solutions both theoretical (need to know that sufferings come from selfishness, result from bad karmas, and should take adversities as day dreams) and practical (read and comment on, walk and chant the Mani mantra along with footsteps), and stop negative actions and behaviors. These specific instructions are very realistic and effective physically (when going out to walk instead of sitting in the room for a long time), mentally (no longer pessimistic, depressed and uncomfortable with others), and especially the spiritual health of Boying Baguio will be gradually improved with using special remedies, which are transmitted by Guru from the teachings of Buddhist saints.

    I sincerely praise the virtues of Holy Guru, without any hesitation or discrimination, always compassionate help sentient beings who are suffering from ignorance, wrong views.

    Thank you so much for the precious teachings not only for Boying Baguio but also for all of us.

    May the Holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Boying Baguio as well as other sentient beings relieve all the sorrow and painfulness.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  8. Dear Holy Guru,

    I am very happy to read your article: “Answers to depression and anxiety of a Filipino Catholic”. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your teaching to a Filipino Catholic. So I have learn many lessons from that.  I am grateful for being one of your disciples. I rejoice in Mat Hue Phap’s good deed of translation. Her translation supports to flourish your discourse all over the world for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May you and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Mat Hue Phap have a good health and make progress on the path to enlightenment.

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

  9. Lan Trần says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    I have read this article already. I would like to express my gratitude toward your profound teachings. It is not only beneficial for Boying Baguio but also for us who are readers of

    May you and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May all beings be surrounded by the Three Jewels.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  10. Steve Rogers says:

    Dear Holy Guru

    i am Tantra Haramitra

    i thank you for your simple guide to seek positivity in this life and how to combat depression

    i am learning that many of my negative issues are due to my negative thoughts about myself. This coupled with the act of mindfulness grows my positive actions and thoughts.

    May I practice Dharma all days and nights And may the Holy Guru stay healthy and continue to guide us for the benefit of all sentient beings

    Om mani padme hum


    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Haramitra (Steve Rogers) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý! 

      Con là Tantra Haramitra. 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã ban cho chúng con những lời chỉ dạy dễ hiểu,  đơn giản giúp chúng con có được cơ hội đối trị với phiền não,  khổ đau trong đời này. 

      Đọc bài viết của Thầy con hiểu được rằng những niệm tưởng tiêu cực khởi lên trong con đều do ý nghĩ về bản thân mình.  Sự chánh niệm sẽ giúp con có được những suy nghĩ tích cực và hành động tích cực. 

      Con cầu nguyện cho con được tinh tấn hành pháp. 

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy tôn quý khỏe mạnh,  trường thọ và chỉ dạy chúng con trên hành trình giác ngộ vì sự lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh. 

      Om Mani Padme Hum. 


  11. Mật Định Thuần says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    I have joyfully read your response letter. I’m very grateful for your precious teachings  that’s not only to answers to Boying Baguio‘s depression and anxiety but also to bring other readers much benefit.

    Thanks to your ingenious, lively and understandable teaching of the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha, we know the true meaning of  the Lord Buddha’s teachings.

    May Boying Baguio as well as other sentient beings relieve all the sorrow and painfulness.

    May Mat Hue Phap have a good health and make progress on the path to enlightenment.

    May the Holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.


  12. Jaison Chakma says:

    Dear holy Guru

    At first take my sincere respects and heartiest Bondona.

    I feel so glad to reply you that I have read your awesome advice for boying Baguio’s depression and anxiety. A great solution is there. I took the advice as a supreme guideline for me. I am so thankful to you.

    May you live long and stay healthy always.

    Sadhu sadhu sadhu

    • Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Jaison Chakma sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý! 

      Trước hết, con thành tâm thỉnh an sức khỏe Thầy với lòng kính trọng. 

      Con hoan hỷ được viết phản hồi sau khi được đọc những lời dạy lợi lạc của Thầy nhằm giải tỏa nỗi lòng cho bạn đọc Boying Baguio.  Những lời dạy của Thầy chính là giải pháp tuyệt vời dành cho bạn đọc ấy. Những lời dạy của Thầy cũng chỉ dẫn con trên con đường giác ngộ.  Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy. 

      Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của Thầy. ”


  13. Mật Chánh Tấn says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    I am delighted to read your article: “Answers to depression and anxiety of a Filipino Catholic”. I would like to express my gratitude for your teaching to Boying Baguio. Your teaching is not only beneficial for Boying Baguio, but it is also good lesson for us to learn and follow. I also rejoice in Mat Hue Phap’s good deed of translation.

    May the Holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Boying Baguio and other sentient beings relieve all the sorrow and painfulness.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

  14. Mô Phật!

    Mật thúy rất hoan hỉ với thiện hạnh dịch bài viết của vị Thầy sang tiếng Anh của huynh Mật Huệ Pháp cầu nguyện cho huynh luôn tin tấn thực hành pháp để được tha lực hộ trì cầu mong tất cả chúng sanh luôn có duyên lành biết đến chánh pháp OM ah hùm

  15. DrVinodsagar says:

    Dear guru

    Very nice article about anxiety attack. Very happy coz your advice like my advice. I’m always advice that type patients. Many more people from Hindu Muslim Sikh and Christina regeilgn. I found them deep with their religion coz only Buddhism is a way of mercy and logically fit for everybody. I know it’s not a religion.

    The stronger way of great humanity.

    Thanks for your every article and advise.

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép Thầy được dịch comment của bạn đọc Vinod Sagar sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy!

      Bài viết của Thầy hay và lợi lạc, giúp giải tỏa sự lo lắng cho hữu tình. Con rất hoan hỷ được đọc những lời dạy của Thầy. Con cũng thường khuyên bệnh nhân của con để giúp họ bớt lo lắng khi con điều trị bệnh cho họ. Con đã gặp rất nhiều tín đồ tôn giáo khác nhau như tín đồ đạo Hindu, đạo Hồi, đạo Sikh và đạo Thiên chúa. Họ luôn có niềm tin sâu sắc vào tôn giáo của họ nhưng con thấy chỉ có Đạo Phật là con đường từ bi và phù hợp cho tất cả mọi người một cách logic, hợp lý. Con hiểu đạo Phật không phải là tôn giáo. Đó là con đường dũng mãnh của bậc trí.

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì đã viết bài và ban cho chúng con những lời giáo huấn.”

  16. Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    Hope all beings start practising giving or donating to others with kind hearted and without expecting anything in return. People may not be tightfisted while giving to others. They may be able to practice extreme compassion and patience towards others even when they are in difficult situations.

    May our Dharma brother get all favourable conditions for practising Dharma and may prosperous in life.

    May Guru and his wife be protected and get enlightenment.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Upatissa sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này.

      Con mong rằng tất cả mọi người thực hành hạnh bố thí, cúng dường với tâm từ và không mong cầu nhận lại sự đền đáp. Mọi người sẽ không keo kiệt, tính toán khi thực hành hạnh bố thí, cúng dường. Họ có thể thực hành bằng tâm từ và kiên trì thực hành ngay cả khi họ đang ở trong hoàn cảnh khó khăn.

      Con cầu đạo hữu Boying Baguio có được duyên lành thực hành Pháp và hanh thông trong cuộc sống.

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy Cô thân tâm an tịnh.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đoạn trừ phiền não và đạt được giác ngộ tối thượng.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  17. Tantra Mikaya says:

    Thank you for your article dear holy guru. It is very interesting to read and thank you for your Dharma Teaching. In the Western world, doctors prescribe drugs that never fight the cause of the disease. Baguio asked you for help, advice and analysis and it is wonderful to read that you are compassionate and dedicated to your disciple. Your advice is very wise and compassionate. Everything we need is carried in us. Strengthening our spirit through meditation is and was the greatest help to me personally. I learned through you dear guru that I do not personally take injuries. Increasingly, I also see here people who are afraid of things that will never occur or have arrived. The meditations and songs as well as your recommendation to recite the Om Mani Padme Hum helped me to bring peace to my mind and to my life. Instead of any tablets for any discomfort, I sing the Om Mani Padme Hum. It is effective. I found strength in devotion and peace in Buddhism and know we can free ourselves from samsara. The mind is sometimes like a house with 5 windows and from the outside we see 5 monkeys rushing back and forth and in fact it is just a monkey we have to tame. Your advice to face a mirror is a good clue to see who we are and to respect and respect ourselves without being arrogant. That we question ourselves in how far we stand in our own way or go through our lives without attentiveness. We can determine our karma ourselves through Compassion and Bodhicitta. We carry our karma from our past lives today and today determine our future karma. Buddhism gives us the opportunity to know the truth and to develop ourselves in the spirit of the Buddha. First, we need to understand these things and work on ourselves. Helping our holy Guru by enriching knowledge will be our help and support on the path of enlightenment. Only if we practice daily and open our mind can we escape the samsara. May all be happy and successful. May Brother Baguio find Peace and Happiness. May our holy Guru life long for the sake of all sentient beings. May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddha s nature. OM MANI PADME HUM

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mikaya (Jane) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này. Con hoan hỷ khi được đọc những lời dạy của Thầy trong bài viết. Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã chỉ dạy chúng con.

      Ở thế giới phương Tây, bác sỹ kê toa, cho thuốc nhưng chưa bao giờ họ có phương pháp để diệt trừ được nguyên nhân gây ra bệnh. Đạo hữu Baguio đã viết thư thỉnh vấn, nhờ Thầy giúp đỡ, vá Thầy đã ban lời khuyên cũng như phân tích về những điều mà đạo hữu ấy đang mắc phải trong cuộc sống. Và  thật tuyệt vời khi chúng con được vị Thầy  từ bi, nhiệt tâm giúp đỡ, luận giải và giải tỏa nỗi lòng cho tất cả học trò.  Những lời chỉ bảo của Thầy thể hiện trí tuệ và bồ đề tâm của Thầy. Tất cả những điều chúng con cần chúng con có thể đạt được nếu chúng con biết cách khai thác tiềm năng trong chúng con. Đối với cá nhân con, thiền định, thực hành pháp đã và đang là phương pháp lợi lạc giúp con có đời sống tinh thần và tâm linh khỏe mạnh. Và con đã học được rất nhiều từ những lời dạy của Thầy tôn quý và những bài học đó giúp con tránh được sự khổ đau về tinh thần và giúp con sống mạnh mẽ, vui vẻ hơn.

      Càng ngày con càng thấy nhiều người nơi con sinh sống lo sợ mông lung về những điều sẽ không xảy ra hoặc những điều chưa bao giờ đến. Những lời dạy của Thầy trong các bài viết, việc trì niệm thần chú Man, hành thiền đã giúp con có được sự bình an trong tâm và trong cuộc sống. Khi con lo lắng, tâm trạng không tốt, con đều trì niệm Om Mani Padme Hum. Và điều này đã hiệu quả với con. Trong con trưỡng dưỡng lòng sùng mộ, con có được sự bình an, và con hiểu được rằng chúng con có thể thoát khỏi đau khổ Ta Bà khi được thực hành đúng.

      Tâm con người đôi khi như một ngôi nhà có 5 cửa sổ, và nhìn từ ngoài vào, chúng con có thể thấy được 5 con khỉ đang chạy tới chạy lui; và thực tế thì tâm của chúng con giống như con khỉ cần phải được thuần hóa. Những lời khuyên dạy của Thầy giúp chúng con có được cơ hội đứng trước gương và tự quán xét tâm mình, tự nhìn nhận mình là ai, biết tôn trọng bản thân mình mà không kiêu mạn. Đây cũng là cơ hội cho chúng con tự hỏi bản thân mình rằng nếu chúng con cứ đi theo tâm ý mình thì chúng con sẽ đi về đâu hoặc cuộc sống của chúng con sẽ như thế nào nếu chúng con cứ sống trong sự mất tỉnh thức như thế này? Chúng con có thể thay đổi nghiệp của mình thông qua việc thực hành tâm từ bi và bồ đề tâm. Những gì chúng con nhận lãnh trong hiện tại đều là do nghiệp quả chúng con đã gieo trong quá khứ, và những hành vi thân ngữ tâm gieo nhân trong hiện tại sẽ tạo ra quả trong tương lai. Đạo Phật giúp chúng con hiểu được chân lý và giúp chúng con phát triển bản thân để được giác ngộ như đức Phật. Điều đầu tiên, chúng con cần phải hiểu những lời dạy của đức Phầt và sau đó ứng dụng được những lời dạy đó vào cuộc sống. Nhờ sự chỉ dạy, giúp đỡ của Thầy tôn quý mà chúng con có được tri kiến Phật đà và được bước đi trên hành trình giác ngộ. Việc chúng con cần làm là tinh tấn thực hành pháp hàng ngày và khi được khai trí chúng con sẽ thoát khỏi luân hồi sinh tử.

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy tôn quý trụ thế lâu dài vì sự lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

      Cầu nguyện đạo hữu Baguio tìm được sự bình an và hạnh phúc.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh thành tựu hạnh phúc của Phật tánh.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  18. Tantra Mahajan says:

    Dear holy Guru,
    I have read this article.  I am thankful to you for your solution to the anxiety and depression of Boying Baguio.  I have learnt a lesson from your precious advice.  I have understood that attachments is the cause of suffering.  Only be practicing the dharma can I have a chance to get the inner happiness.
    May you and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings.
    May all beings free from suffering and its cause.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mahajan sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Con đã đọc bài này rồi ạ. Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã ban lời dạy để giải tỏa nỗi lòng của bạn đọc Boying Baguio. Con đã học được bài học cho bản thân từ những lời dạy quý báu của Thầy. Con hiểu rằng bám chấp là nguyên nhân gây đau khổ. Chỉ có cách thực hành pháp, con mới có cơ hội có được hạnh phúc tự tâm.

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy Cô trụ thế lâu dài vì sự lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đoạn trừ đau khổ.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  19. Tantra Mahadeva says:

    Dear holy guru

    Your article clarifies a deeper wisdom about cause and effect. We sow the deeds and reap its effects. Dharma teaches us to witness the events and not cling to it. We can clean our karma by non reaction and patient witnessing. Things arise and pass, the deeper witness remains unmoved and still.

    Grateful for all that you teach us!

    May all beings be happy and at ease.

    • Kính bạch Thầy!
      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mahadeva  sang tiếng Việt như sau:
      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!
      Bài viết của Thầy giúp con hiểu sâu sắc hơn về luật tắc nhân quả. Chúng con gieo nhân nào thì chúng con sẽ gặt quả đó. Phật pháp dạy chúng con trải nghiệm mọi sự vật và không bám chấp vào chúng. Chúng con có thể dừng lại nghiệp quả bằng cách không phản ứng với những gì đang xảy ra mà chỉ xem đó là sự trải nghiệm. Mọi sự vật, hiện tượng đến rồi đi, khi chúng con trải nghiệm với tâm không dính mắc sẽ giúp chúng con bình an.
      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì tất cả những gì Thầy dạy chúng con.
      Con cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh được hạnh phúc và bình an.”

  20. Tantra Kasila says:

    Dear holy Guru

    As usual,yet another wonderful article.Depression is a situation that majority of human beings would have faced at one point or other in life.Different approaches are taken to overcome this situation.In some extreme cases some would even end their life.We can’t actually blame them completely.It’s very difficult for a person to have a clear view or understanding of life in this modern world.So it’s very important for a person to have that view,otherwise one would easily succumb to the situation.Try to find out something from everything you come across.If it’s a bad experience just take it as a lesson.Meditation would help a person to be able to act accordingly to various situation weather it is good or bad.

    May the Guru live long and all the sentinel beings have the peacefulness and calmness of Buddha.

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Kasila sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Bài viết này hay và lợi lạc như các bài viết khác của Thầy trên trang nhà. Sự chán nản, thất vọng là tình trạng mà đa số con người phải đối mặt trong một thời điểm nào đó của cuộc đời. Có nhiều cách để giúp con người vượt qua được thời điểm khó khăn này. Có nhiều trường hợp sự chán nản, thất vọng lên đến đỉnh điểm đến nỗi con người chọn cách kết thúc cuộc đời mình. Chúng con hiểu là mình không nên chỉ trích họ bởi vì chúng con không ở trong hoàn cảnh của họ. Trong thế giới hiện đại này, con người rất khó có được chánh kiến hoặc hiểu được bản chất của cuộc sống. Nhưng chánh kiến đóng vai trò rất quan trọng đối với con người nếu không thì con người sẽ rất dễ dàng buông xuôi trước hoàn cảnh khó khăn. Chúng con cố gắng có được điểm nương tựa trong cuộc sống này để vượt qua mọi khó khăn. Nếu gặp khó khăn thì chúng con nên xem đó như một kinh nghiệm, như một bài học. Thực hành pháp sẽ giúp chúng con giải quyết mọi vấn đề dù đó là điều xấu hay tốt.

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy trụ thế lâu dài.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đạt được sự bình an viên thành Phật đạo.”

  21. David says:

    Dear Gura

    Thank you for your article.

    Thank you for teaching me how to deal with the relationship between my relatives.

    Thank you.

    Om Mani Padem Hum

    • Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment. You could read more similar articles on this site for your reference. Hope you’ll find them useful.

    • Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc David sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này. 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã chỉ dạy con cách giải quyết các vấn đề trong các mối quan hệ trong gia đình thông qua bài viết này. 

      Om Mani Padme Hum. “

  22. Gautam Sandesh-yan varman says:

    Thanks dear holy Guruji for this article!

    Wonderful article , which covers all the sufferings in life and how to counter! Yes, one should always find a cause of suffering! That is how the blessed one taught!


    Namo buddhaya!

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Gautam Sandesh-yan varman sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này.

      Bài viết của Thầy tuyệt vời và lợi lạc, giúp chúng con hiểu được những khổ đau trong cuộc sống và cách vượt qua những đau khổ, phiền não. Con hiểu rằng việc tìm ra được nguyên nhân đau khổ là điều quan trọng và cần thiết. 

      Thật ơn phước cho những ai được Thầy chỉ dạy.

      Nam mô A mi đà Phật.” 

  23. Rishi Ranjan says:

    Thnsk guru. Love to read your article. If possible please write article related to buddisht meditation.

    • Rishi Ranjan says:

      Sorry guru for the last comment.. It’s my fault to wrote. I really love all ur article. I really like to read all article related to Buddha. 😊

  24. Salvatore Antonio Fois says:

    Venerebol Guru,

    My name is tantra siramitra.

    Interesting article. And the answer, from, the venerebol, is perfect to.


    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Siramitra (Salvatore Antonio Fois) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý!

      Con là Tantra Siramitra.

      Bài viết của Thầy hay và lợi lạc ạ. Những lời chỉ dạy của Thầy tôn quý dành cho tín đồ công giáo trong bài này vẹn toàn, đầy đủ ạ.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  25. Tantra Sutradaka says:


    Avinash Kumar Srivastava

    (Tantra Sutra Daka)

    Revered Guru Jee

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Yesterday night I had a sound sleep not because of the cold wind and sprinklings of droplets of water from the sky that cooled the temperature, made the atmosphere calm, quite, cozy and comfortable and relieved us from the scorching heat spread by the brightest sun of the summer days, but because I became free of the tension of getting released my literary Magazine in Hindi and the annual function was solemnized nicely. Now I am free to write the comments.  In the absence of my mobile it has become very difficult for me to connect the net even in my college as either its wi fi connection of is so slow that it becomes difficult to open my mail and read the lesson or post the comment, or my system has gone too weak to connect the net. Normally these days I am using the net of my nephew’s mobile for half an hour, which helps me to either read the lesson or post the comment. However, I am happy that I have completed the comment to post it and become tension free too.

    I woke up very early in the morning, started for a walk and was welcomed by the fresh, fragrant and soothing mild breeze of the east. The chirping of the birds, Koo-Koo melodious sound of the cuckoo, moo of the cow and morning sounds of very many animals and birds were presenting the music of Divine Orchestra and their movement on the earth and sky were like a Divine painting or colas on the canvas of the nature. The cumulative effects of all these made me light and fresh from within. After coming back to my house I found a missed call of my mother- in- law. I called her back. I heard her very feeble voice, saturated with pain of loneliness. She talked to me for a good length of time. She was concerned for her loneliness and  her offspring’s negligent behaviour towards her, as all the time she rings her son, daughter and grandsons and granddaughters  but most of the time her calls remains unattended and if received a brief talk takes place. Even at Kolkata she feels lonely as both her daughter and son-in-law do not stay in the house in the day time because of their job. In the evening they come exhausted. After a brief talk they retire on the bed. Next day again very early in the morning the same routine is repeated. My wife’s brother is in army and posted in Kashmir, very disturbed and sensitive place from security point of view, and he has hardly any time to talk with her, though he is very caring and sensitive towards maintaining the relations and he loves her mother too.

    However consoling her I replied very sympathetically, “Our children too have grown adults, earning and are standing on their own feet, engrossed in their own job and their children, rendering us alone and isolated. This is the way of the world, which has become the ethos of the global society today.” Though I said it spontaneously but it is the bruit fact of the modern mechanical society. People are in huff and hurry amidst the hue and cry of the world. No one has time and patience to listen to the others because of our busy schedule and self-centered nature. But my talk with my mother-in-law reminded me of the lesson shared by my Guru and sent by my friend entitled “ANSWERS TO DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY OF A FILIPINOCATHOLIC” wherein Mr. Boying Baguio complained our Guru regarding the ill treatment of his children against him. This compelled me to ponder over this modern problem and search the reason remedy of this global tragedy through the Buddhist way of life. Since, the Buddha has propounded the Four Noble Truths of The Suffering, There is cause of suffering, The Suffering can be eliminated and there is a path leading to the cessation of sufferings. I shall like to analyze and interpret this modern problem in the Buddhist fashion.

    1. There is suffering: In this context the so called ill treatment of the younger generation towards their elders and parent, is the suffering in hand. :- This is the basic fact that the good number of younger generation today are ignoring their parent and the older generation (if not insulting), and the old people in the family feel ignored, isolated and alienated in their own family. They feel it an ill treatment and callousness for them. On the contrary children feel forlorn and thrown away in this world even after parental backup as their expectations is not being achieved even after a tough struggle. And whatever they achieve they give the credit to their own acumen and struggle not to the parental grooming and support. And thus, the difference in their attitude and behaviour is creating a generation gap. Since the so called, expectations of the both are frustrated and thus they suffer. This is the greatest suffering of the modern global society, as suffering is nothing but impended volition.

    I too happen to meet a young boy in a foreign land who came to attend a socio-religious and academic conclave from America to his motherland. While talking to him I came to learn that his grandparents are still alive and living in another city alone, which is not too far from the place he was staying. On asking whether he will go to meet his grandparent with whom he has not met for very many years, to my great amazement, he emotionlessly replied no. He further explained he had paucity of time and money both. I was wonder struck. Morals, customs, family norms and traditions as well as socio-religious institutions that are older than human memory are melting under our eyes like superficial organs of our society. The family that nursed and cherished the basis of social order has broken into pieces. Homes that were built for sacrifices to shelter the sons and daughters are silent and desolate. The children’s loyalty is scattered to the wondering task. Oh, the father and mother are left alone in their black houses with vacant chairs and every room is echoing with the absence of the family sound. Value, virtue and human sentiments have evaporated like the water droplets on the red hot iron. To me this is one one of the greatest tragedy of the modern man, which comprises the First Noble Truth in Buddhist terminology.

    1. There is cause of suffering:- Now let us consider how the great transition through which we are passing has caught and changed our morals. As the matter of fact, the change of morals in a global society is an endless change of single personalities stung one one the other. It consists in the intra-working of the groups grasping in such a manner that young and old react differently on a single stimuli, morally opposed to each other. Now the million Dollar question is, what is that sufficient cause of this unceasing becoming in which we find ourselves involved in the ethical dilemma? And the answer is the rapid industrialization and globalization along with some other economic conditions. Let us examine it.

    When we caste our glance over the history of human civilization we come across two profound transitions that caused moral changes. One was passage from hunting to agriculture and other was passage from hunting to industry. And in each case the moral codes, which served the older society’s welfare were transformed chaotically under new regime.  Man’s transformation from hunting to tillage created a demand for new virtues and moral codes of conducts. Industriousness, thrift and peace were considered more vital than bravery, violence and war of hunting age. Men women and children worked together in a farm hence cooperation kindness and respect for elders, love, compassion and discipline emerged as new values. Status of women changed. Now she became the pivot of the family. Children became the helping hand of their parent and the grandparents, the day their adolescence was complete. Thus our moral codes of conduct are rooted in the rural milieu. Man matured on the farm at the very early age- both in mind and self-support. At the age of twenty he understood all the tasks of his life, and his life’s struggle started.

    This agricultural normative continued for about two thousand years. Then suddenly factories appeared. Men women and children began to leave home and family authority and unity, to work as individual and individually paid. Children attain their maturity very late. They are groomed in crèche, Received the school and technical education in the colleges, by the time they become able to earn an income they have to leave their parental authority to the freedom of irresponsible individual life. Even if they did not go off of their own accord the call of job and wage, the migration markets and factories and trade tear them from home and the normative reign. And thus the old agricultural moral has fallen to pieces, and the urban world ceases to be judged by it any more.

    Now the basic cause of the moral change is the industrial revolution. It is instrumental in almost every modern moral flux. It weakened the moral influence of the family and led the replacement of puritan asceticism and restrain on every pleasure and perversion. The rise of science and technology along with Darwinian fever attacked over religious belief. When the youth found that religion and the elders are denouncing their modern pleasure they found thousands reasons in science for denouncing religion.

    The fetal factor in the change of ethics and social norm is the First World War. It broke down our habit of cooperation and peace, which had been framed under the reign of industry and trade. It accustomed men to brutality and promiscuity. It returned thousands of men to their countries Centre’s of moral infection. It cheapened the value of life by its wholesale killing and prepared the psychology of gangs and crimes. Vietnam was a worst hit state of this world war.

    Last but not the least the invention of TV mobile and others I. T. instruments have made the human relations strained. While watching T. V. serials or news; surfing internet, Facebook, or chatting on Messenger youths ignore their family members and friend as unwanted hindrance. Mobile disturbs our moral sense organs too. In our brain system there is an Insula which generates compassion, love, affection and sympathy in us. The regular use of mobile affects it adversely. Those who use it extensively start losing the moral feelings and often become immune of it. This is the reason that youths, all over the world are becoming indifferent of moral reasoning and human sentiments.

    III. The Annihilation of Suffering: –   Finally it can be said that there may be very many causes of our moral change in the rapid transit from farm and house to factories and city streets, but we must try to understand the young and the coming generation, which have and are replacing us very rapidly. Their lives and problems are very different as they are in the grip of industrial revolution. It has transformed their custom, their garb, their work, and their conduct.  Hence it will be unfair to judge them through the majoring rod of our old moral codes of conduct derived from the age of yore. On the contrary the hard fact is that the moods of most of our elders have not changed. Their senility finds it hard to forgive the youths. However, it seems desirable for the elders to find some time to contemplate upon the variability of Good and try to understand the fluid relativity of morals. Otherwise it will be gross unfair to them. The words ‘Morality’ and ‘Immorality’ are in flux between mooring and the new ones yet to be found. We do not know what they should mean and how they may be redefined to help us understand the human conduct in an industrial and urban era.

    It is apparent from the above discussion that today most of the people live their life as carelessly as they do, without caring others. They do not rightly know the conditions in which they find themselves. Rather they persuade themselves that they have emerged out of absolute nothingness of their own. At the time of death they will again disappear without leaving any trace. This ignorance born egotism has made them not to care others specially the older generation. These hurt the elders and make them prejudice for the Youngers and they reciprocate accordingly. This continuity of a chain of reactions is the basic cause of suffering between the two generations.

    Today we are standing between two worlds, one is dead and the other is hardly born. Our fate is a chaos for a generation. We are conscious like Confucius that moralities of restraint and fear have lost their hold upon the modern man. There is a need of new natural moral code that is based on intelligence and be able to convince both, the older and the younger generation. The time has come to scrutinize our assumptions and our habits in order to build for ourselves a system of life and thought which may be consistent with the experience and the demand of the day. It is again very difficult rather impossible to slash down our all ethical codes of conducts declaring them obsolete and reconstruct a new one. It is again very unwise and impossible to roll back the entire industrial developments and to arrive at the agriculture age or rural milieu. Now it is a million Dollar question how to arrive at the solution to reconcile the problem of the modern man and their generation gap.

    1. Path leading to annihilation of suffering:- For solving this basic modern problem one will have to look into their real position and thereby recognize with sufficient clearness that they are aimlessly and without plain wandering through the world in all its heights and depth under the perpetual self-delusion. Now the time has come to make them recognize the possibility of escaping forever from this circle of suffering. This is the Fourth Noble Truth which constitutes the cap and crown of the mighty structure of the Buddhism. But in this newly emerged situation, Buddha’s Eightfold Path, though universally accepted a perfect path for eradication of sufferings, become austere and difficult for a modern man to follow in a normal way. The mind is considered basically responsibly for all sorts of problems. Today most of the persons are having stress and strain. The Buddha was in know of this fact that it is very difficult to control and purify it. Secondly, it is again very tough to undergo the meditational practices. But the Buddha gave a clue when he says that a wise man should guard the mind as guarded mind is conducive to happiness. The Tibetan yoga and our revered Guru have developed this idea and provided some easy steps for skipping away from mental stress and strain and keeping the mind in the congenial atmosphere.

    As we know that mind is fickle and makes a man restless. It hardly remains in the present. It roams either in past or in future. Even if it is in the present it roams in the different directions, now here now there, now on fictitious and adventitious ideas. And the basic need for the happy life is to live consciously in the present. For that our Guru has advised to walk on the Mani Mantra. If it is followed honestly the mind will not wonder here and there as well inauspicious thoughts will not erupt. Even if it crops up it will be driven out slowly and stealthily. With the absence of evil thoughts the stress and strain will be release and mind will become calm and cozy. With this mind set one will never irritate other as well get irritated. This will make one’s attitude mild and positive, instead of pessimistic. Our Guru always say to come out of the pessimistic bent of mind as it take a person in a perilous condition.

    Secondly, Tibetan Yoga provides an unique method for generating compassion for all the things and the beings of the world. Since the secret of one’s future is hidden in one’s daily routine, Guru has suggested certain change in our everyday life. He has asked us that before doing anything you must pray for the wellbeing of others whether it is man or any other creature of the universe. For instance we are asked to think or speak before eating, “May all sentient beings have the Buddha food.” While drinking, “May all the sentient beings may have the Buddha Amrit” and so on. The regular practice of all these radically transforms ones personality. Unbounded compassion is generated in him. It also creates sympathy and empathy for other. If both the generation is full of compassion, sympathy and empathy both will understand each other and there will not a problem of generation gap. Their sympathetic ray will unite all the sentient beings in one organic whole.  This practice, on the one hand, unites the entire members of the biotic community and feel their pain and pleasure on the other, it relieves them from their past ignorance based Karmic fruition.

    Once our Holy Guru Sri Dalai Lama Jee has said, “In order to create a positive action we must develop a positive vision.”   Accordingly our Guru suggests us to read and comment on the lesions of Song Nguyen Tantra House or Chanh Tu Its proper and regular study will drive out negativity from our mind and create a proper and positive vision wherein there is no scope of discrepancy in our thought and action as well our mild behaviour will create a congenial atmosphere in the house and outside. One will be incapable of doing any wrong. His mind will be saturated with pious thinking.

    To conclude with I would like to quote one verse of the Dhammapada;

    “Refrain from committing any sin, do good and auspicious work.

    Purify one’s mind. This is the teaching of all the Awakened on(the Buddha)”

    May all sentient being be at peace and happiness

    Reverently Yours

    Avinash Kumar Srivastva

    (Tantra Sutra Daka)


  26. Susan says:

    Dear Guru,

    Many Thankss for your guide how to face the depression.


    Best regards


    • Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Susan sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì đã dạy chúng con cách đối trị với phiền muộn,  chán nản. 

      Con – Susan.”

  27. Elana Dower says:

    Thank you Guru for these words,

    This passage is very helpful to me at this time. I my father who was an abusive man died a few days ago and my mother who is mentally ill is unwilling to have an acknowledgement of death for the sake of other family members (among other things that have upset many at this time). I have made a page on facebook where people can pay their respects as they did not know him in the way I did. And for many it is a tradition and a way to find comfort. I believe services after death are for the living not the dead and my mother is not showing compassion and so many are hurt even more deeply: first the death then the dismissal of their grief. Because the memorial page many people now feel at peace and have found comfort. I have reconnected with people from childhood that i kept away from and we have expressed deep love and appreciation for each other. I have heard and read the words we have always been and always been here. And so even though come are very far away I feel we are all a part of each other in a very profound way. If feel Buddha’s teaching more deeply than I have before and it brings me great joy.

    I can not mend the relationship with my mother because it would put me and my family in harms way. But I am willing to be responsible for her care and treatment when she is old and sick (she is old now) and make sure she is not abandoned. I will not be the caretaker but will make sure there is someone to do so. And when she passes I will have a service for her so that the people in her life can have opportunity to be heard to be comforted and to be loved.

    This as been a time of having old bad feeling surface again, meditating on those feelings, overcoming and finding joy with moments of sadness in between. It is like riding a wave into the new phase of my life.

    Your words guru will stay with me and be a guide when I am in need. And when I am able I will share your wisdom to others. Thank you again.

    Om Mani Padme Hum


  28. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for your advice on how to deal with depression. It is very helpful.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  29. Neerajkumar Sumaran says:

    Respected Dhamma Guru, thank you very much for simplifying the law of kamma (karma), it’s effect,  how to deal with & it’s solution .

    Thank you very much again.

    Yours ,

    Neerajkumar Sumaran



  30. Sunmy says:

    Dear Guru, I have read this article. I am happy to read it. Thank you so much for sharing this. May you have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings. May all beinsg free form suferings and get enlightenment. Om Mani Padme Hum.

  31. Sunny says:

    Dear Guru, I have read this article. I am happy to read it. Thank you so much for sharing this. May you have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings. May all beinsg free form suferings and get enlightenment. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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      Con đã đọc bài này rồi ạ. Con hoan hỷ được đọc bài viết của Thầy. Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài này.

      Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của Thầy vì sự lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh đoạn trừ phiền não và đạt được giác ngộ.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.”

  32. Aman Prakash says:

    Dear Kalyanmirta

    Thanku you I am feeling better now .

    Om Mani padme hum

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      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Aman Prakash sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy, bậc tuệ tri thức,

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này.

      Sau khi đọc xong bài viết của Thầy con cảm thấy bình an, các xúc tình tiêu cực đã lắng dịu.

      Om Mani Padme Hum.

  33. Remy cotton says:

    Thank you for this enjoyable article. It would be helpful for anyone that suffers from depression and anxiety

  34. Crystal Teague says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    Thank you so much for writing this, I’ve been struggling with my own personal selfishness and need for being justified. This is just what I needed to read today!

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      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Crystal Teague sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý! 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã viết bài viết này. Hiện tại con đang phiền não từ chính sự ích kỷ của mình. Con hiểu rằng con cần phải thay đổi. Đó là điều con học được từ bài viết này của Thầy mà con được đọc hôm nay. 

  35. Ignacio Sanchez Gentile says:

    Dear Guru.

    I feel identified with this problem of depresion.

    I have this problem and i look all days to find an answer to this problem.

    The 5 thing that you said in this articles, help me to watch more inside me, and start to asking me some thing about my life.

    I start to believe in you, dear Guru. You really help people to find their way in life. I really apreciate a lot.

    Thank you very much.

  36. Christa Townsend says:

    .I thank you guru for this article I don’t know how much appreciation I should show towards you. If  you know of a way in which I can show enough appreciation then let me know.

    • Nguyên Thành says:

      Welcome to 

      Please read more. 

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      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Christa Townsend sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con được đọc bài viết này. Con không biết viết như thế nào để thể hiện hết lòng biết ơn của con với Thầy cũng như sự tán thán công hạnh của Thầy vì đã viết những lời dạy này. Xin Thầy chỉ dạy con cách thể hiện lòng biết ơn của con với Thầy ạ.

  37. Jeffrey King says:

    Dear Holy Guru! Thank you for yet another article of wisdom. I am starting to see how all suffering is because of our selfish desires. I also am starting to see how Karma effects us even for what we have done in our youth.  I believe that we need to recognize that and willingly change and focus on right thinking and doing right to others so our Karma comes back to us in a positive manner and not a negative one! Thank you may you be blessed!

    • Kính bạch Thầy! 

      Con xin phép được dịch comment của bạn đọc Jeffrey King sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      Kính bạch Thầy tâm linh tôn quý! 

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy vì Thầy đã cho con được đọc thêm một bài viết trí tuệ nữa. Con bắt đầu hiểu rằng mọi khổ đau chúng con đang gánh chịu đều do những mong muốn ích kỷ cá nhân. Và con cũng thấy được nghiệp quả đến với chúng con như thế nào cho những gì mình đã làm khi còn trẻ. Con tin rằng chúng con nên nhận thực được điều này,  sẳn sàng thay đổi và chúng con tập trung vào việc tư duy đúng,  hành xử đúng với người khác,  do đó,  chúng con sẽ nhận được quả lành,  chứ không phải ác nghiệp. 

      Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy. 

      Con cầu nguyện Thầy thân tâm an tịnh. 

  38. Tantra Mishataru says:

    Dear Guru,

    I am so thankful for this article especially for someone as me coming from dysfunctional family. I have leant few things in this article which i will put it into practice and make it part of my routine everyday.  May you be reborn in pure land of Buddhas.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  39. Simon Michael says:

    Dear Guru,

    I appreciate your  article as stated above depression is a human factor and we commit it act of ignorant and today we are suffering for it. We pray that Guru should have mercy on us and accept our  penance and give us good life to leave.  May Guru leave long for the seek of sentient being.


  40. Jason Cook says:

    This pointed me back around to where I thought I was heading.
    Thank you, Guru.

  41. Mật Hòa says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    I have read this article already.

    After reading the article, I realize that, there is not only Boying Baguio but there are also many sentient beings out there, similar to ourselves before being met you, are always concerned with questions about every situations that happen in our life. I do understand that if these questions are not made clear, after a long time, it will cause a burden in our mind that is difficult to remove. Fortunately, with your guidance, we not only understand the causes of things that happen to us in life so that we can easily face them, but we also have practice methods which help us transform the bad karma that we have done in the past, and open up a beautiful future, it is the door of the Pure Land when we accumulate merit and wisdom every day. Thank you for your  teaching, Guru!

    May you and your consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings!

    May all the upcoming Dharma journeys of yours be fulfilled in a successful way!

    May all sufferings of sentient beings be relieved!

    Om mani padme hum!

  42. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guruji.

    This is the continuation of my comments already written.

    Dear Boying Baguio,

    To keep away you from depression and anxiety, Guruji’s advice to you stands top most and Supreme, rather than any pharmo ecological drugs by psychiatrist doctors as they practice in modern medicines.!

    For depression and anxiety, taking the refuge of a right Guru in the spiritual field as right way of understanding as you rightly did now, is unparalleled and a best method of choice to your problem and this I am telling as a doctor of practice of modern medicine  and  also a disciple of Guru.!

    A few more simple other things ( which Guruji has already told in other articles before ) , I would like to  suggest which help to take over your depression and anxiety are :

    1)’ Let go’ your clinging and deep ‘ attachment ‘ to your kith and kind and relatives.!

    2) In addition to activate walking meditation,as told by Guruji in your daily active life, you follow the ” Ana- Pans meditation” related to breathing. While you are at rest or relaxing on the bed , take all the bad qualities of relatives concerned in  your inhaling deep breath inside and while breathing out during exhaling give out your good qualities of compassion, kindness and forgiveness. This is the meditation taught by Lord Buddha.! This  will make your depression and anxiety to run away from you like darkness disappear run  away when the Sun Rises .I am reminding this to you what our Guruji has already told to other disciples.

    Lokha samasta sukhino bhavantu.!

    Om Mani padme hum.

    Tantra Nirvadeva

    (  Dr C H Lakshminarayan)



  43. Tantra Sagovana says:

    Dear Guru,

    My name is Tantra Sagovana.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    In this article you explain the causes and symptoms of depression as well as providing a remedy based on mindfulness and meditation.

    I too have has similar beneficial experience with practicing Pure Mind Yoga.

    May all sentient beings be healthy and well and be free from suffering.

    May Guru be healthy and live long for the benefit of all beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)


  44. Tantra Mishataru says:

    Dear Guru, you have touched an area in my life where suffering is coming from. It has being two year from now still my relation with my mother and siblings is not going well. Due to that stil encountering Financial problems. Hope with your blessings everything will go out well. Thank you for this article.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  45. Aki Thunderpaw says:

    Thank you.. Om Mani Padme Hum Hrih

  46. tantra mahavita says:

    Dear Holy Guru: Gratitude … Gratitude … Gratitude …. to our Guru, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha … who have taught us the path to liberation … with true compassion … empathy and a total and surrender understanding, with full attention …. to the present moment …. considering everything as a dream …. That the Guru has a long life for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all beings find the Nature of Buddha .OM MANI PADME HUM

  47. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mishatura sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã viết bài này. Con cũng trong hoàn cảnh với đạo hữu ấy, có một gia đình không trọn vẹn. Con đã học được nhiều điều trong bài viết này và con sẽ ứng dụng những lời dạy của Thầy trong cuộc sống hàng ngày.

    Con cầu nguyện Thầy thân tâm an tịnh.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.


  48. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con là Tantra Sagovana.

    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã viết bài.

    Trong bài, Thầy đã luận giảng cho chúng con rõ về nguyên nhân, triệu chứng của khổ đau và đưa ra cho chúng con phương thức để đoạn trừ khổ đau bằng chánh niệm và thực hành pháp (liên hoa bách bộ thần chú đa la ni)

    Bản thân con đã nhận được nhiều lợi lạc từ thực hành yoga Thanh Trí.

    Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của Thầy vì lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

    Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh khỏe mạnh và đoạn trừ mọi khổ dau.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Con – Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)


  49. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mahavita sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy tôn quý!

    Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy, Phật Pháp Tăng, người đã chỉ cho chúng con con đường giải thoát tối thượng bằng tấm lòng từ bi, cảm thương và thông cảm cho chúng con.

    Con xin ghi nhớ lời Thầy dạy là luôn chú tâm trong giây phút hiện tại, coi mọi thứ như ảo mộng.

    Con cầu nguyện Thầy trụ thế lâu dài vì lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

    Cầu nguyện tất cả chúng sanh thành tựu hạnh phúc của Phật tánh.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.


  50. paul yawney says:

    Dear holy Guru, thank you for another wonderful article. i Myself have used many of teachings to help with things that I have gone thru in my life. it has given me the answers I needed and solutions to correct. I have taught others the same and many have found it useful when they stay with it. . western religion never gave me the piece of mind that I have now. Om Mani Padme Hum.                Tantra Himataru.

  51. Sati says:

    The Mind is the forerunner of everything in this Life,Purify it!!

  52. Dear Holy Guru,

    I am delighted to read this article.

    I rejoice and praise the Bodhicitta of the Guru by your answer the question of Philipino reader. And this is also the problem which many people are facing whether they have just started or have achieved achievements on the path of start up to success. I am so grateful to Guru with wisdom and virtue, who are helping readers to identify the cause of suffering, and how to solve it to get inner happiness, success in life and social achivements by practicing Pure Mind Yoga. Through the article, I understood deeper why the Holy Atisha teach “The Guru is more compassionate than the Buddha / His word is more important than the scriptures”.

    May more and more readers will be able to approach the Guru through to get right views, to find the peaceful place in the storm of reincarnation and to leisurely steps by steps on the path to the city of liberation.

    May the Guru and his Consort have health, live long for the sake of all sentient beings

    May Boying Baguio relieve depression by follow the answer of Guru.

    May all sentient beings the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  53. John Mruk says:

    Thank you for posting,  Guru.  Your answers are in fact very beneficial to me.

  54. Amobi Samuel says:

    Dear Guru,

    your advice to this guy has gone a long way to expose me to some mystery of life, now I know how to work on myself and make this lifetime a better one so I can be free from karmic debts.


  55. Robert says:

    Hello from Canada.  Really enjoying learning about Buddhism.   Would love to meet a Buddhist wife.

  56. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    Thank you so much for your solutions to the depression of a reader from Philippines.  I have learnt that depression is the serious problem which makes human life so fierce and suffered. We can hear many cases of suicides all around the world. The nember reaches so high. Fortunately,  pure mind yoga can give the answer to such problem. Since 2012, pure mind yoga has helped many people at all ages to free from the suffering of their mental problems and anxiety disorders.

    I hope more and more people have a chance to pratice pure mind yoga including 6 marvelous inventions by Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh,  then they can find inner happiness,  success in life and social achievement.

    Thank you so much for your valuable teachings.

    May you have good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    May Guru have a successful journey for guiding all sentient beings to free from suffering and its causes.

    May all sentient beings be surrounded by the blessings of Guru, Buddha,  Dharma and Sangha.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  57. Curt owens says:

    Holy Guru thank you so very much for sharing with us and helping us all grow

  58. June says:

    Thank you for this guru.i love to be reminded to be always mindful of my actions and reactions.

    I really hoped i had known this earlier so i i could have at least shared it to one person i knew who might have realize the benefits of it.

    But its ok i can and will  share it to others starting today.

  59. Paul Monaghan says:

    Thank you  Holly Guru, for your wise words and your wisdom. The article make a very interesting read. My wife suffers from depression, but she is not Buddhist and sadly not one for taking advice, sadly.


    Other than medication I need to find another solution.

    Once again thank you and I wish you love and light.

  60. koi kpehonou alphonse says:

    Dear Guru,
    Let me, thank you a lot for all you do to awaken people all over the world.
    Through this lesson I notice that we have to accept our life like it is. Unconditional love must be our common day towards behavior and others. Loving oneself destroy anxiety and leads to pleasure any time.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  61. Daniel says:

    My friend sent me this article. Buddhism has answers to suffering. We should not be so depended on things that come and go. Also practicing compassion towards all creatures decreaces depression and other negative feelings. I find mindfullness meditation very good: when you are complitely present you don’t feel any depression, anxiety or other pain in your heart.

  62. Steve Rogers says:

    Holy Guru

    I am Tantra Haramitra

    In my walk away from the true path I had forgotten that as well as guiding individuals along the path to enlightenment it also has some very practical guidance on how to feel calm with life.

    This reply has invigorated my direction to realise that we are not here for ourselves but here for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    May I continue to be guided by the teachings of Buddha and trust in you.

    May you, Holy Guru, continue to have good health so you can continue to be of benefit to all sentient beings 

    Om mani padme hum

  63. Tantraupatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article. By reading this article I came to know few of reasons which cause us to suffer in this life and coming life. I pray all beings create good karmas so they don’t have to suffer much. May all desciples of Guru get favourable conditions to practice Dharma deligiently.

    May Guru and his consort live long for sake of other beings.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum…

  64. Darren chen says:

    Dear Guru,
    I have read this article.
    Thank you for writing and sharing this article.
    May Guru have good health and live long.
    Om Mani Padme Hum



  65. Ohm tamang says:

    It was very good reading this article…thank you for sharing…Buddha bless all

  66. Saliu Abdulmumin says:

    Dear guru

    Thank you for teaching,am in difficulties but when ever I read your article I always feel relieved,I love this article.

    I pray for quick end to Corona virus

    May guru live long and have good health for the sake of beings.

    May beings be free from suffering and have enlightenment.


  67. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Holy Guru,

    I bow my head before your lotus feet!!! Thank you so much for sharing this article “Answers to Depression and Anxiety of a Filipino Catholic.” In this article you show us how the actions of our past make the conditions of our present life. You also explain how the Lotus Walk can be used as a remedy for depression through mindfulness. You can do this by walking 1 kilometer. ( 1 km = 6 tenths of a mile) With every step of your left foot you chant “Om Mani,” and then chant “Padme Hum” with the step of your right foot. Guru I wish to thank you for guiding us with your methods of practicing Tibetan Pure Mind Yoga. Your lessons are like food that keeps my mind full like a great banquet.

    Mat Hue Phap,

    I rejoice in reading your English translation. You have a great skill for translating and I thank you greatly for your hard work and your dedication to helping others all over the world. May all of your legitimate wishes be granted within the right orbit of Dharma.

    May our Guru and his consort live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  68. Vinod Dadrewa says:

    Thank you for you great teaching sir ,,,,I was confused in this topic..But when I read your artical and also understood very well ..

    I am so Happy to connect with my Dear friend violet ,,she invite me to read this article..

    May All being  Be Happy and Free from all kind of suffering.

    Once again Thank you so much dear sir and such a lovely friend violet…

    Buddha Bless All of You



  69. dear guru, im still plagued by demons and really need your help. Is there a way i could come study at your feet?

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      I think ít isn’t time go out because still there is Covid 19. Advices for you: more read and comment; recite usually mantra ” Om mani padme hum”!

      • Nguyên Thành
        Nguyên Thành says:

        The demon leaves you slowly. It is depends on efforts of practice what I have taught you!

  70. Kim Johnson says:

    Thank you Guru for another wonderful article and so helpful
    Thank you so much

  71. Tantra Denirkirta says:

    Dear Guru,

    Buddha taught that we should be mindful of everything and interrogate our world, including our teachers, for enlightenment comes from understanding and seeing the truth, and not blind faith. Why was it helpful to tell Boying that his problems must have been caused by evil he did in a previous life? In the beginning of the article, you said you would answer scientifically, was this answer scientific? Mindfulness is important, and an invaluable tool for not only interrogating the world as we perceive it, but also interrogating ourselves. You said that all suffering in this world comes from evil karma. Buddha taught that all suffering comes from attachment and/or Dukkha. Can you explain the difference in these two explanations of suffering; yours, and Buddha’s?

    Thank you for your wisdom and your articles.

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