Jul 29, 2020

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CLEAN THE MINDTRASH (Dọn rác tâm thức)

One day, I and Mat Hai used a racket to pick up the leaves floating on Tinh Nghiep stream in Song Nguyen Tantra House. I mostly had to do it every half of the month. Without being cleaned frequently, the trash will drown to the bottom and gradually become very muddy. It will be hard to distinguish mud and trash at that time. I happened to recognize the similarity with the human beings, they are also occupied by incalculable amounts of trash! However, this kind of trash is not contained in their stomach like the common one. It is called the mindtrash. Unlike the dried leaves that wait for the wind to fall down and leave stains in the beautiful stream, the mindtrash always stays inside us. It appears and accumulates at any time, it does not wrap us with foul smelling, but covers us with troubles, failures and sufferings. All

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