May 10, 2021

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Concept of Lotus Walking Dharani in Buddhism through the 4th Mind Dharma preached by H. H. Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh

(A lecture delivered in Vietnam on 03 May 2021)

Holy Guru, the director of Thanh Tri  Institute for Psychology Research and Yoga Applications,

the director of Thanh Tri  Institute for Psychology Research and Yoga Applications,

Respected Mat Dieu Hang mam, the Head, Department of Science and Technology, Thanh Tri Institute for Psychology Research and Yoga Applications, devotees and dear students of the institute, Namo Buddhaya Jai Bhim and  a very good morning from the land of Buddha. Before starting my lecture I am going to recite two stanzas written by a greatest Buddhist scholar of 4th century ACE Acharya Nagarjuna in his famous book मूलमाध्यमिककारिका.

Tantra Dharmapabodhisita (Dr. Vikas Singh)

यः प्रतीत्यसमुत्पादं प्रपञ्चोपशमं शिवम्।
देशयामास संबुद्धस्तं वन्दे वदतां वरम्॥

The meaning of this prayer may be done like this. I salute him (वन्दे), the fully enlightened (संबुद्धः), the best of speakers (वदतां वरम्), who preached (देशयामास) the non-ceasing (अनिरोधम्) and the non-arising (अनुत्पादम्), the non-annihilation (अनुच्छेदम्) and the non-permanence (अशाश्वतम्), the non-identity (अनेकार्थम्) and the non-difference (अनानार्थम्), the non-appearance (अनागमम्) and the non-disappearance (अनिर्गमम्), the dependent arising (प्रतीत्यसमुत्पादः), the appeasement of obsessions (प्रपञ्चोपशमम्) and the auspicious (शिवम्).

Dear friends, today we are going to discuss about the LOTUS WALKING DHARANI: a beautiful concept of Vajrayana meditation techniques. In all over world there are three types of living traditions of Buddhism – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Buddha introduced Vipassana technique for meditation. In Buddha’s language we found the word Jhana for meditation and in Sanskrit it converted into Dhyan. The word Jhana travelled into Asian countries with Buddhism like Chan in China, Zen in Japana and Soan in Korea.

First time I have read about the Lotus Walking Dharni when Professor Mật Diệu Hằng introduced me to a great personality, a legendary and a best scholar as well as a practitioner or siddha of Buddhism, his holiness respected Guru Master  Thinley Nguyen Thanh: Buddhist Vajra Guru from Vietnam and Director of Thanh Tri Institute for Psychology Research and Yoga Applications.

According Guru there are six sublime spiritual mind Dharma

(1) Eight Dharma methods of taking refuge in the Three Jewels

(2) Uninterrupted Offer

(3) Samyagdrishti Prabha Samadhi

(4) Lotus Walking Dharani

(5) Meditation on Bodhicitta

(6) Five degrees of Chenrezing of meditation and Dharani

Guru has discussed about Lotus Walking Dharani in his lecture series entitled THANH TRI – THE 4TH MIND DHARMA that has seven lectures.

There are three words in Lotus Walking Dharni.

Lotus :- The word lotus in the `Lotus Walking Dharni’ doesn’t mean a physical lotus flower; it should acknowledge the lotus flower as “mantra-based.” Guru clearly mentioned that the wisdom light achieved from mantra is called Lotus. Mantra is the nature and essence of the Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas who are from the ten Bodhisattva stage to Vajrayana stage, and the completely enlightened ones. Mantra is composed from the state of Samadhi by the fully enlightened ones who achieved the power realizations of the universe with “Āśravakṣaya Jñāna (आश्रवक्षय ज्ञान = ability to extinct all cankers or afflictions)”

Dharani :- The word “Dharani” means “all-in-one effects”. Guru emphasized that “one life, one mantra” because, every mantra have the same function. Mantra is composed from the state of Samadhi from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, therefore, the number of mantras is equivalent to the numbers of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

“Lotus Walking Dharani” embraces the meaning of being awakened with every footstep; therefore, it depends on the space, the surface area, perimeter of the area.

In Lotus Walking Dharani, Guru emphasized on the importance of the six-syllable Mantra, or Mani mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum (ओं मणि पद्मे हूं)).” While practicing of the 4th mind Dharma, we have to do practice it in a moving condition, correctly moving with footsteps. We should recite silently or loudly “Om mani” with left footstep and “Padme hum” with right steps in any place or space whose area is enough to make six footsteps can be used to practice. It can be inside the house, the yard, park, square, or in the office, etc. We can also practice when we step up or down the stairs. From the practice of this Mantra accordingly Guru’s advice, you will follow the instruction of Guru for practice the Mani mantra for purifying your mind from ignorance.

When someone practice and perform the Lotus Walking Dharani, s/he practices the three principal aspects of the path which are renunciation, Bodhicitta, and emptiness simultaneously.

The word renunciation doesn’t mean to leave your home and moving to a monastery. It refers to leave ignorance and walk in the awakening stage in fourth Mind Dharma. The “Bodhicitta” don’t have the meaning only doing charity, volunteering, or providing offers to others. While practising Lotus Walking Dharani, the practitioner performs “Bodhicitta” because reciting the Mani mantra brings benefits to all sentient beings from six realms in Saṃsāra. The meaning of “emptiness” or Śūnyatā is differing from the nothingness. A practitioner of Lotus Walking Dharani performs the “emptiness” because the nature and essence of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (Mani Mantra) illustrate Prajňā mind, which is formless and brings no-self.

Guru emphasized that “Lotus Walking Dharani” is a method of meditation as it supports to maintain the awakening. We can perform Mani Mantra with the permission of holy Guru anytime and anywhere even walking on the road, garden, home etc.

Guru is seeing off two Venerables of Thevarada tradition from Sri Lanka who come to Song Nguyen Tantra House for International Conference 2018

In Theravada Buddhism, there is a meditative method using footsteps as “walking meditation” (Caṅkramā), and our Song Nguyen Tantra House’s tradition of meditation is called “Lotus Walking Dharani”. Both methods are considered as “Śamatha” (concentration/calm meditation). Still, Lotus Walking Dharani covers both śamatha and vipassanā in one, because “footstep” is used only as a means to activate the holy pride of the practitioners in the vibe of emptiness created by reciting the Mani mantra. Therefore, Pure mind practitioners keep the faith that they are walking with “awakening” lotus flowers opened up under each of their steps like Śākyamuni Buddha did at the time of his holy birth.

“Lotus Walking Dharani”

The beauty and the importance of the fourth Mind Dharma is the acceptance of it without the boundaries of environment, time, place and any other things. There is no single day we can find where we can’t walk. We can find many chances to perform the practice. Practitioners might face difficulties with the walking place despite having enough six steps. The syllable “Ni” always ties with the act of bringing down the left foot to the ground while the syllable “Hum” still ties with the right one.

According to these principles, the fourth mind Dharma “Lotus Walking Dharani” emphasize on both concentration meditation and insight meditation, and activates both magical spiritual power and mind-transforming power simultaneously. Mani mantra was composed of the state of Samadhi by Avalokiteshvara throughout a countless number of meditation lives. As Buddhist practitioners following Avalokiteshvara, we are legitimate to inherit this Dharma treasure and the fruitful outcomes without turning back to the starting point. This is the optimal spiritual principle which is called “utilizing result as the path”, and “utilizing means as ultimate purpose”. This treasure belongs to all Vajrayana Buddhist practitioners.

Guru has given a marvellous explanation of the superior qualities of the Mani mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) for our understandings. The Mani mantra has four words: the meaning of these words are below given.

  1. The word OM means body, speech, and mind impure into the unity of Buddhism.
  2. The word MANI means precious Jewel, which generates wisdom.
  3. The word PADME means inside the lotus, which connotes the great compassion that grows from one’s mind like a lotus blooming from the mud.
  4. The word HUM means the noble meaning of life.

Thus the six syllables mantra OM MANI PADME HUM (ओं मणि पद्मे हूं) can be interpreted as: “The jewel which is laid inside the lotus wisdom that helps me (the practitioner) to escape the mud of ignorance and achieve the noble meaning of my life.”

Finally, Guru concludes the meaning of the Mani mantra is: “I vow to my Guru, who represents Five Buddha and Five pearls of wisdom, the hail to the Jewel in the lotus. Please bless all the beings from six realms to be free from the samsara”. The importance of Mani Mantra is summarized in four points.

  1. One time reciting the Mani mantra is equal to reciting 12 Sutta Pitaka.
  2. One time reciting Mani mantra generates positive energy to sentient beings from six realms as they will receive the seed of attaining liberation in the future.
  3. Mani mantra gradually forms right speech (Samyagvāk) for the practitioner; therefore, the practitioner’s appearance will increasingly become radiant, imposing, and compassion will grow day by day with diligent practice.
  4.   Chronic diseases will be cured until complete recovery. In case of terminal illnesses which cannot be cured, though the practitioner who recites Mani mantra still feels the physical pain, his mind won’t be bothered from sadness and panic as previously.

Anyone who is a student, disciple, and institute member who got permission from the Guru, s/he may have practice at different levels.

At the end of this lecture I hope you will understand the theoretical part of Lotus Walking Dharani and you will get the positive result if you practice it with the permission of holy Guru. I thanks again to Guru for starting and enlighten us with this article series. You are one who always removes our ignorance and makes us enlightened and blessed.  Thanks Professor to invite me and thanks to dear students and scholars for listening me.

Thanks (Puṇyānumodana) to Vajraguru for equipping us with the right view and clearing everything in precisely and beautifully.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

With regards 


Tantra Dharmapabodhisita

Tantra Dharmapabodhisita (Dr. Vikas Singh) is an Assistant Professor in Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar, India. 

Concept of Lotus Walking Dharani in Buddhism through the 4th Mind Dharma preached by H. H. Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh: 



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    Nguyên Thành says:

    Dear Tantra Dharmapabodhisita,
    I really appreciate your respectful and heartfelt words towards me which shows your genuine devotion, and a deep understanding of my teachings. Through your words, I am proud to realize that despite thousand miles apart, a true disciple won’t be hindered by any barriers. It is my happiness to see my disciples around the world enjoy practicing Pure Mind Yoga, and gain numerous benefits from it including both mind transformation, mental health and spiritual health. I am even happier to be understood by someone who has profoundly learned Buddhist teachings as a professional as you. True and sincere disciples like you are the source of encouragement for me to continue doing my best for the benefit of all sentient beings. You have been transmitted Pure Mind Dharma from me, therefore, I hope you will keep practicing diligently for the benefits of yourself, and all sentient beings. Thank you very much for your sharing, I believe it will inspire others to practice more. May all your legitimate wishes come true by the blessings of Avalokiteshvara through Guru’s transmission.
    Om mani padme hum.

    • Amour Dieu-Donné VODOUNHESSI says:

      Very interesting 🙏

      • Tantra Shadhita says:

        Thank you,Tantra Dharmapabodhisita, for writing this article on the Lotus Walking Dharani. It is encouraging and educational at the same time. Thank you to our Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh, too, for publishing his letter

  2. Tantra Dharmapabodhisita says:

    Thanks dear H.H. Vajra Guru for your kind words and blessings. Your messages within articles always show me the path of wisdom or Prajna. Whenever I read your articles always I found new dimensions of thinking. Buddhism is vast and have a lot of traditions and texts in the multi languages, but in your articles we always found everything in a systemically manner. I am honoured that you gave the space of my article whatever I have read from your series. My heart always full of devotions towards you and your compassionate heart. I am fortunate that I found a true siddhapurush who has a profound knowledge and view regarding Buddhism.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Dear Tantra Dharma Bodhisita,
      Thank you for your comment. With your pure devotion and the qualities of a true Buddhist, your sharings are always welcome in Song Nguyen Tantra House, and in this virtual “Dharma castle” – the name we usually call I am glad that you have found my teachings being presented in a systematical manner, which makes it easier for learners and disciples. It is also a pride for me to have a humble and true disciple like you. I hope you will keep learning more, and I look forward to your development in the future.
      Om mani padme hum.

      • Tantra Dharmapabodhisita says:

        Yes dear Guru, I have started to read first Mind Dharma series. I will write soon on that wonderful series. I am understanding it.


        • Ockert says:

          Thank you for this wonderful article. It is very practical. The description of each syllable is also very helpful. Again : Thank you for the link to this article Violet.

  3. Cao Diệu Mật Hoà says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    I have read this article and listened to the recording of the dharma friend, Tantra Dharmapabodhisita.

    I appreciate the great deeds to summarize and re-share the concept of the 4th Mind Dharma “Lotus Walking Dharani” of him. I was touched and proud to see an Assistant Professor from India shared that: “I thanks again to Guru for starting and enlighten us with this article series. You are one who always removes our ignorance and makes us enlightened and blessed.“

    Unconsciously, thinking of the people who have not had any spiritual achievement are trying to criticize the methods as well as your six spiritual inventions with no evidence, it is no different from a joke to the world.

    I am grateful for your teaching!

    May you have good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings!

    Thank you to Tantra Dharmapabodhisita for your sharing. May you fulfill your legitimate wishes!

    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha nature!

    Om mani padme hum!

    • Tantra Dharmapabodhisita says:

      Thanks dear Cao Dieu Mat Hoa for your comment. People who are criticising the real spirituality due to their ignorance. Guru has clearly explainedd in his article entitled “Spirituality From Hobby to Passion” about the importance of spirituality. Most of the scholars or common persons always argue on truth or false fold of any idea, instead of it they have to practice of cultivation.

  4. Ashok Verma says:

    Dear Holi Guru,

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful article and recording.

  5. Tantra Tanshami says:

    Om Mani Padme Hum. May I swiftly master Lotus Walking Dharani for the benefit of all sentient beings, and myself. Thank you for such a precious gift.

  6. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Tantra Dharmabodhisita,

    Thank you Dharma brother for sharing your lecture entitled: “Concept of Lotus Walking Dharani in Buddhism through the 4th Mind Dharma preached by H.H. Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh” It is very obvious that you are well learned in Buddhism and I rejoice in reading your comprehension of Guru’s discourses. It is always wonderful to from those whom are on the same path and I wish you the best! May you have a blessed and peaceful day!!

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    • Tantra Dharmapabodhisita says:

      Thanks dear Tantra Pramitdhita, my Gurubhai (brothers who have same Guru) for your valuable comment and wishes. Guru’s path and writing have the marvellous attraction of Prajna (wisdom). Guru’s discourse illuminate our mind always.

      • Nguyên Thành
        Nguyên Thành says:

        Thank you for your valuable words and wishes. I like it and wish you be good in the everything!

        • Tantra Mishataru says:

          Thank you Dharma brother Tantra pramitdhita, for sharing your wisdom concerning lotus walking Dharani.
          I’ll keep practicing reciting the Mani Mantra in order to be freed from all life issues I am going through. Very clearly this mantra occupy all the area we need to be healed, it has same function with other mantras from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, so I’ll keep reciting it and achieve its great fruits it has.

          May our Guru live a long life for the sake of all sentient beings.
          May all sentient beings be freed from sufferings and achieve the state of enlightenment.

          Om Mani Padme Hum

          • Nguyên Thành
            Nguyên Thành says:

            This article was written by Dharma Bodhisita. I am glad to read your comment after a while and know that you keep reciting the Mani mantra. How are you?
            I am looking forward to reading more sharings from you in the future.

      • Tantraupatissa says:

        Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article. Also thanks to dharma brother Tantra Dharmabodisata for explaining the meaning of Mani mantra in brief and it’s importance in our life. This mantra is really precious and powerful when practiced rightly.

        Thank you Guru for introducing this mantra to us.

        May Guru live long to uphold Dharma.

        May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

        Om Mani Padme Hum!

      • Vivek S(Tantra Kasila) says:

        Wonderfully written article. Helpful in understanding how being more spiritual can help us save from all materialistic emotions.
        Let the Guru live long and all the sentinel beings have the peacefulness and calmness attained by Buddha

  7. paul yawney says:

    Dear Holy Guru, Thank you for sharing this lecture. I value reading it after hearing it during the session. I listened to the recording and felt the good in it. May holy Guru and consort live a long, Happy Life. May this virus soon end. OM MANI PADME HUM. May I have permission to Practice. Thank you
    Tantra Himataru

  8. Tantra Mashita says:

    Dear compassionate guru,

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us, I really enjoyed reading it and I admired it as well, in fact before I met you I didn’t ever hear anything about the lotus walking dharani,but quynh Le introduced this type of meditation in the course of pure mind yoga and I decided to try it while I’m walking and I have to say that my mind was at ease while I was trying it and I felt that I’m happy, thank you so much again

    I bow my head down for you
    I devote myself to you
    I express my gratitude to you

    May you have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings
    May all the sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature
    May the pandemic caused by corona virus soon end

    Om Mani padame hum

  9. tantra mahavita says:

    Dear Holy Guru : Deep Gratitude …Beautiful article…May the Guru have a long life for the benefit of all sentient being …May the pandemic end soon …OM MANI PADME HUM

  10. Jane Tantra Mikaya says:

    Dear holy Guru My heartfelt thanks for sharing your wise knowledge, the Dharma and I would like to express my understanding of your article. I hope that everyone is well and well kept and I bow to our holy guru and thank you for guiding and leading us on the path of enlightenment. You have described the lotus path in a helpful way for us so that we can walk it successfully with your help. If you see everything you come across as an opportunity for inner growth, you gain inner strength.
    The lotus plant itself has a self-cleaning effect.
    The leaves always stay clean and pure. This self-cleaning also has a positive effect on photosynthesis, as it prevents dirt that could reduce the incidence of light. And this is exactly how we can understand and follow the lotus path so that we do not take in impurities when we follow the lotus path.
    Our life is a constant sequence of different states and feelings. Nothing is permanent, nothing is immovable.
    In order for the lotus plant to develop its flower, it must first penetrate the dirty, swampy ground in which it is rooted and persistently strive to reach the surface of the water. Despite these adverse conditions, the lotus plant forms a pure, clean and beautiful flower on the surface of the water. If this symbolism is transferred to human life, the dirty, boggy underground stands for the adversities of human life, such as certain circumstances, but also clinging thoughts, feelings and sensations. The pure lotus flower, on the other hand, stands for a pure mind and enlightenment, in the Dharma. An open flower stands for full enlightenment, while a closed flower stands for the potential for enlightenment. The lotus leaf protruding freely over the water stands as a symbol for not clinging to and letting go of the worldly. People, often trapped in their ego and self-centeredness, often prematurely assess these adverse conditions as negative. He does not recognize that the supposedly negative has the potential to create positive things through conscious, value-based action.
    If the lotus plant were tainted with human values, it could never develop a lotus flower. The plant would be far too busy getting upset about the dirty mud that it has to penetrate and that serves as a source of food, instead of striving towards light or truth and developing the flower, i.e. insight and clarity, through the knowledge gained .
    In the sense of Dharma, the symbolic power of the lotus flower will serve as a reminder in everyday life and be helpful for us on the lotus path. It reminds us to look at difficult situations from a different perspective and to take a more positive attitude towards them. This enables us to act more consciously and more carefully in order to move in the direction we value.
    My sincere thanks to you holy Guru for your wise knowledge that you share with us and that we will walk the path of enlightenment so successfully.
    I pray for all of my brothers and sisters. May they be free from suffering. May our holy Guru life long for the sake of all sentient beings. May all beings achieve the Happiness of Buddhas nature 🙏🙏🙏

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! It has been a while since your last comment, I hope you have been doing well. Thanks for your insightful sharing which reflects the equivalence between lotus flower’s features with human life’s characteristics. It is a profound reflection. From gaining deeper understanding of the benefits of the Mani mantra, and Lotus walking Dharani which is a method that I invented based on the Buddha’s teachings, I hope that you will be inspired to learn and practice Dharma more. I am looking forward to seeing your further achievement. May all your legitimate wishes come true.
      Om mani padme hum.

  11. Hafiz says:

    Holly Gurue I bow my head for you
    In spite of I have some difficulties understand how practice this article
    But I will determine and assists to learn every think. This is my hopeness
    In my life to reach the Enlightenment
    Thank you my teacher VIOLET

  12. Charles Wentland says:

    Dear Holy Guru.

    Than-you for the lesson on Lotus walking and the way you are not only helping yourself but others when you do so. Thank-you for the meaning of the words in the mantra and how to recite it while Lotus walking. Also thank-you to my teacher.

    May all sentient beings seek the happiness of the buddah nature.
    Om Mani Padme Hum

  13. Tantra Mitsharuma (Petra) says:

    Dear Holy Guru
    I thank you for this article. I am so grateful for the Mani mantra and grateful to Guru for allowing me to recite this. It has helped me to almost overcome my anxiety and panic attacks completely.

    May Guru be in health and be blessed and peaceful
    May all sentient beings feel the beauty of Buddhas nature

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  14. Dhan Singh Ravi says:

    Dear Holy Guru,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable article. The meaning and importance of the Holy Mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum , has been well explained. I extend my sincere regards to Dr Vikas Singh ji also.
    Thanks once again.
    Namo Buddhay , Jay Bhim.

  15. Tantra Suramitra says:

    Venerable Guru.
    My name is Tantra Suramitra.
    I love this Dharani it is excellent and any one can get the good benefits of the practice, I just love it.

  16. Tantra Suramitra says:

    Venerable Guru.
    My name is Tantra Suramitra.
    I love this Dharani it is excellent, Thank you for sharing

  17. Mật Khánh Ngân says:

    Dear Tantra Dharmapabodhisita,
    I have read your article about “Concept of Walking Lotus Dharani in Buddhism through the 4th Mind Dhamar preached by H.H Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh.
    This is a wonderful article with your deeply understanding of the method Lotus Walking Dharani which was invented by our Great Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh as well as well explained of Mani mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum). I believe that through your article, sincere disciples and learners of Buddhism will find it much useful and marverlous benefits from the method Lotus Walking Dharani as well as Pure Mind Yoga of the Great Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh.
    Thank you for your sharing, and wish you fulfill your legitimate wishes.
    May the Guru for good health and long live for the sake of all sentient beings.
    May the pandemic covid 19 soon be controlled.
    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha Nature.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  18. Raymondbeugels says:

    Wunderful sharing Sir..

  19. Robert Clayton Jr says:

    I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing this. I have been blessed with both reading this wonderful article and with being on the zoom class you were a guest presenter on May 2nd.

    I live in a very rural area in the U.S. I have the blessing of a rarely traveled road to walk on that passes through some woods and some fields used for grazing cattle. I have been using the Om Mani Padme Hum in this fashion for several months. This article has given me some wonderful insight into the mantra and has enriched my use of it.
    I have a dog. She accompanies me, so I move a little faster and walk nearly 2 miles. I say Om on one step Mani on the next and so on. I also use a Mala and I recite the mantra 108 times. Then I attempt to quiet the mind and be totally present for 108 breaths. Finally I end my walk saying various Metta prayers.
    I know this is a bit different, but it seems to work for me. I can’t thank you enough for the explanations of the mantra and walking meditation. It has truly enriched my daily walking meditation and helping put me in right mind-heart for the day.

    Many blessings to you and yours
    ~Robert Clayton Jr

  20. Sonam Tshering says:

    Dear holy guru
    Your beautiful and meaningful words are written in this article as a reference or reminder to every individual who are willing to convey this message to others. Even if i didn’t get every meaning and words from this article, i could get some knowledge about importance of mani mantra.
    Your efforts are always appreciated by everyone and thank you so much for inspiring us with your holy words. 🙏🙏🙏

    Thank you my friend violet for sharing this article.

    Om Mani Pedme Hung…
    May all sentient beings be freed from 6 realms of samsara with guru’s effort.

  21. Abrar Bhatti says:

    Dear brother: I am greatly inspired by your devotion towards Guru Ji and your understanding about Dhamma. You have explained well what did you learned from Guru Ji. Thanks for explaining the power of Mantra On Mani Padme Hum….how it helps and other beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum
    Joint Palms
    Abrar Bhatti

  22. Chukwugozie Maduka says:

    Dear Holy Guru,
    I am overwhelmed by this teaching which is copiously illuminating.I Will start my own practice today.Please grant me permission.I am so happy to learn that all sentient beings will benefit from this Lotus Walk.Please overlook my inadequacies.I promise to continue with the path.

  23. Dusty Webb says:

    Om mani Padme hum. The walking mantra…

    Thank you for sharing your words, thoughts and teachings

    I had an accident. I got sick. I spent 6 months in bed. I was told I came close to death 3 time’s. I prepared. I got my Affairs in order.

    I fought the fight of a peaceful warrior. I will survive. My work is not done. I was going to die, I had no future here anymore. But what is death? What is the future?

    Healing is in The creators time. Pain comes and goes as part of living

    I have been on a search for higher consciousness all my life. There are so many shades to truth. But there is only one truth with many colors.

    I am 72. I have more friends who transitioned than are with me today.

    Your words and inspiration are part of me now. The walking Mantra of the Lotus Daharani is so meaningful. I am learning to walk again it is in small steps I progress. It is relevant to my path.

    As I step one step at a time, one foot to follow the other in the circle of life , Om Mani Padme Om, I am healing.

    Thank you gracious one for giving us your blessing and instructions to an enlightened path. The path, sometimes we stray, but the Life essence brings us back to the meaning and spiritual union with the masters.

    My son asked me, “Dad, where am I?” I said, “ son, when you are lost, look down, there, that is where you are.” In the moment, in the present, and The creator is with you. He will guide your path. You are not alone.

    I am a baby in studying the concepts, teachings and ways of Buddha. I seek the light of consciousness. The wisdom of the ages. Thank you for your teachings.

    I am healing and recovering. I am still going to die, but right now… I am full of life! I am alive. I study and learn. I have a future again. I am on the path to discovery.

    I am walking with the creator, and the lotus mantra. I am walking Om Mani Padme hum.

    Namaste, Mahalo, Ajo and thank you. Mitaku Aye Oyasin all my relations… we are all connected.

    Much love in your messages Master.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Dear Dusty Webb,
      Thank you very much for the sincere sharing. You are a very strong and brave “fighter”. I am delighted to see that you have found the source of bravery and positive energy from my teachings. That is the spirit of a true Buddhist, it does not matter that one came to see the light of Buddhist teachings early or late. The Buddha once taught us “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”. You have done it very well. I hope you will keep feeling peaceful and living the fullest life with the help of Buddhist teachings through my articles.
      Om mani padme hum.

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