Sep 16, 2017

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Dharma festival “Pay four big debts of gratitude” 2017: THE FLOWERS BLOOM (Những cánh hoa khoe sắc)

Dharma festival “Pay four big debts of gratitude” 2017: THE FLOWERS BLOOM (Những cánh hoa khoe sắc)

Dharma festival “Pay four big debts of gratitude” 2017: The flowers bloom

Looking at the colorful Ao Dai flying on the way to meeting hall, everyone seems to be ready to start Dharma conference, I feel very joyful.

All of them are walking gracefully and gently. Under the bright sunshine of the early morning, the breeze winds from the Hau River outside blow, making shirts flying in the wind. Bright faces full of joy make me to feel the true meaning of “festival of Dharma”. In my mind, the lyrics of the song “Festival day has come” by Mrs. MAT DIEU are rising

“The festival has come gently in the wind. We shake hands happily, brothers are from near and far places.  We will effort together, although rain falls we never forget blessing. We walk with brothers to the land of ultimate bliss. The mind has transforming. In the hot summer days, under the shadow of Guru, always remember blessing, remember the words of sutras of compassion for humanity”

Since the evening day before, we were so excited to wait for next day dharma festival, imagining about “beauty competition” of Ao Dai from the North and South. Mat Vien used to tell me that she loved wearing Ao Dai but had no opportunity to wear them. The reason is Ao Dai is a casual traditional costume for formal occasions. I sympathize with the feelings of the Mat Vien and I am sure many female folks of Tantra House have same thoughts. In the Ao Dai I feel that the woman is more graceful and elegant. So when I know the Ao Dai will be costume for female folks attending this festival, I am very happy!

That’s another reason makes me feel that disciples of Tantra House are too blessed. We are not only  taught the doctrine teachings, being practiced dharma, being equipped  the right view applied to life through countless lecture articles on the treasure by venerable Guru, but also enriched through various means in life. Guru motivated us to learn driving car, to make a life plan, the way to treat others, etc . And Mrs. MAT DIEU, his spiritual consort, composed the Songs of Praising Master, Yidam, Dharma, shangha so that we could use the songs as the way to collect merit as well as relax. She constantly helps us to improve our design aesthetics and choose the right clothes for the Buddhist dharma practitioner for us. A lot of females folks also are taught to sew, tailor elegant clothes by her. Such as my Ao Dai and Mat Vien’s, even in my dream I never dare to dream that one day I and Mat Vien could tailor Ao Dai for ourselves. Yet now it appears in astonishment because dharma has turned the utopian into reality thanks to Guru’s blessing, the support and means created by Mrs Mat Dieu.

In this Dharma festival, she was able to partly release innermost feelings and help the flower garden Mat Gia bloom. She confided:

Mrs. Mat Dieu has taken care deligently for the blooming garden of Song Nguyen Tantra House

“In the past, when I was Catholic, I used to wear Ao Dai to go to church. When I switched to Buddhism , I feel uncomfortable a little bit because no opportunity to wear it anymore but I did not dare to speak, only sufferings because the Buddhist temple to wear only blue shirt. When Guru brought the Tibetan tantric teachings into the dharma practice life, we practice dharma but still able to eat delicious foods and dress up with the spirit of “Dharma is life and  life is Dharma”, I was very excited. Today that spirit was further promoted to women in Ao Dai. Mat Dieu was happy because there was no shaking of Guru’s head, my depression with role of a costume designer as in the previous Dharma festivals. Let’s stay in the present and do not go back to the past anymore”.

Looking down the hall I was like watching the flowers are blooming. Compared to the temples, pagodas, the Buddhist practitioner go to listen dharma teachings in the blue shirts with serious faces, at the Dharma festival organized by Research and application of Tibetan Yoga Centre, Study and Application of practice Tibetan Yoga Song Nguyen Tantra House Club of UNESCO, I saw the young, vibrant, full of energy faces with costumes very formal, elegant, and brilliant.

The manager of the hotel where we rested could not hide the wonder and admiration so much that he had to say, “I have not seen a delegation attending the conference dressed solemnly with such bright faces “. I smile and understand that it is because of the power of Guru, the force mantra works. And the raw elements are sure that Ao Dai contributed to impress the manager.

The “Pay four big debts of gratitude” Dharma Festival at 10th of September has finished, leaving in me the image of the colorful flowers in the garden of dharma flowers. We are proud of being the Buddha’s children, we know the favour and know to pay four big debts of gratitude, including the country’s grace. So although it is just Ao Dai, but we respect it and we would like to put on our traditional costumes with pride to join dharma festival. On the contrary, I secretly feel depressed the monks wearing the monk’s costume but ungrateful to the Buddha, to the country and sentient beings, more than that they even try to defend the superstitious manners of the Chinese people.

I prayed silently for all sentient beings to close the door to the lower realms and wake up with the Enlightenment state.

Om mani pad me hum!

Mat Thuy

Translated by Mat Thai Duong

Lotus Flower Estrade in Song Nguyen Tantra House

Original Vietnamese version: Pháp hội “Đền đáp tứ trọng ân” 2017: NHỮNG CÁNH HOA KHOE SẮC

Letter No. 226 to disciples: THE MIRACULOUS POWER OF VAJRA (Ảo diệu Kim cang)

  1. Dear Holy Guru,

    The Dharma festival has been over, but the feeling of joy and bliss still keeps in my mind. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your care and compassion by which we have a good chance to enjoy the wonderful Dharma festival.

    I have a good chance to listen to your meaningful talk about “Paying Four Big Debts of gratitude”. Your teaching reminds me of that the four debts of gratitude of Buddhism” are (1) the debt of gratitude to be paid to the Guru (the Three Jewels); (2) the debt of gratitude to be paid to the nation; (3) the debt of gratitude to be paid to one’s father and mother; and (4) the debt of gratitude to be paid to to all living beings.

    In addition, I have enjoy the splendid sightseeings and atmospheres in the Dharma festival. Especially, I have good chance to dress up with Ao Dai (Vetnamese traditional dress). The beauty of female dharma friends dressed in “Ao Dai”always leaves a deep impression on staffs in “Prince”. How beautiful it is!

    May you and your consort have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    Thank Mat Thuy so much for her beautiful article which remind me of the wonderful Dharma festival.

    Thank Mat Thai Duong for her English version.

    May Mat Thuy and Mat Thai Duong get the legitimate wishes attain the joy which arises on the path to enlightenment.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Dr. C H Lakshmi narayan. says:

    Respected Guruji,I bow my head at the lotus feet of Guruji.

    I am Tantra Nirvadeva.

    I feel myself blessed to read about the Dharma Festival and about the beautifuly  designed costumes of the female participants and Dharma teachings in the festival about the ” four debts of gratitude in Buddhism”.

    By attending such Dharma Festivals ,we have to develop the spirit of

    ” Dharma is Life and Life is Dharma ” !

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Long live our Guruji for upholding Dharma.

    Dr C H Lakshminarayan.

  3. Tantra Mahavita says:

    Respetado Guru, Inclino mi cabeza a los pies del loto del Guru.: Quisiera expresar mi profunda gratitud por su cuidado y compasion . Ademas la alegria de poder disfrutar el maravilloso Dharma …” El Dharma es Vida y la Vida es Dharma ” …Y tener la oportunidad de ” Pagar Cuatro grandes deudas de Gratitud ” que son : 1) La deuda de Gratitud que se debe pagar al Guru ( Las tres Joyas ) 2 ) La deuda de Gratitud que  debe pagarse a la nacion 3) La deuda de Gratitud que debe pagarse al padre y a la madre 4) L deuda de gratitud que se debe pagar a todos los seres vivos. Que el Amado Guru tenga salud y pueda vivir muchos años en beneficio de todos los seres sintientes .Que todos los seres encuentren la felicidad y sus causas. Que todos los seres esten libres de sufrimiento y sus causas. OM MANI PADME HUM

  4. Mô Phật!

    Mật thúy rất hoan hỉ với thiện hạnh dịch bài viết của huynh Mật Thủy sang tiếng Anh của huynh Mật Thái Dương. cầu nguyện cho huynh luôn tin tấn thực hành pháp để được thanh thông thế sự.cầu mong tất cả chúng sanh luôn có duyên lành biết đến chánh pháp OM ah hùm

  5. Mật Kính says:

    Dear Holy Guru.

    Thanks you so much for the Dharmal festival, I myself  have so much the happiness memory which keep it in my mind, thanks you so much for us to take the chance to chance to enter the Dramar festivals, a good chance for us to listening the Dharma “ Paying Four Big Debts of gratude “ for collection the merit and wisdom , and Im so happy when I have the chance to wear Ao dai , a tradititon closing in Vietnam , so proud of it.

    May the Guru and his consort long live  for benefil for all sentient being

    Thank Mat Thuy for your beautiful article and thanks for Mat Thai Duong for translation. May both of you the blessing all the wishes and ultimate in next life

    May all sentient being achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature


  6. Tantramikaya ( Jane) says:

    Dear holy guru. I am touched by your wonderful article with the beautiful photos and your description of the organization and the great costumes for the Dharma Festival. It looks colorful and life-affirming and full of love and joy. The story with how much attention to detail the clothes and music was chosen touched me a lot. Life is Dharma- Dharma is life. Thats true and value slogan. Thank you very much for Upholding the Dharma and thank you very much for inviting me on February 18th. I would like to be with you in 2018 in February to meet our venerable Sangha real. Maybe there is the possibility that I am with you in 2019. I will continue to read and comment on your wise articles. I wish you all a nice festival in February with good experiences and full of joy. I will be with you on February 18th in thoughts and pray. May all have the blessings. May be happy and free from suffering. May our holy guru be healthy and long for the sentient beings. May our holy guru and all dharma friends enjoy the festival together. I hope to see pictures of this. May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature. OM MANI PADME HUM OM MANI PADME HUM OM MANI PADME HUM

  7. Tantra Ashihata (Simon Michael) says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    my name is Tantra Ashihata.

    I thank you for this wonderful article you have given to us, may you give us all the time the spirit of showing gratitude to Guru and Buddah for everything.

    May Guru live long for the seek of happiness of all sentient being.

    Om mani padme hum.

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