Feb 6, 2021

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FAR FROM EYE, BUT NOT FAR FROM HEART (Xa mặt nhưng không cách lòng)

Reverend Guruji Om Mani Padme Hum I bow before your lotus feet There is no greater wealth in this world than the peace of mind. This I have learnt from my holy Guru after visiting thrice to Tantra house and being in his admonition during my spiritual stay with him and my Dhamma friends. This message emanated from his teaching and preaching as well as from his personality, which has become the role model of thousands of people and his disciple living on this planate earth across the globe. This also emanates from our Guru’s sharing, sent by my Dhamma friend, which is basically a joyous expression of peace and satisfaction of a disciple whose home coming is welcomed after one year of his exile from Tantra House. His expulsion from Guru’s house is proved for him a boon in disguise as this helped him learn art and acumen that

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