May 27, 2017


Letter from Canada: A few thoughts about the way to Pure Mind (Vài cảm niệm về phương pháp Thanh trí)

Letter from Canada: A few thoughts about the way to Pure Mind (Vài cảm niệm về phương pháp Thanh trí)

Dear Holy Guru,

One of the principal views of Buddhism is that of “dependent origination”. The fact that there is causality (cause and affect) in all of phenomena leads the Buddhist to come to a full understanding of its feelings of pain and pleasure and other such experiences that control their lives. Buddhist’s turn to the doctrine of karma, which provides an explanation as to how this experience effects the mind, the body and the speech.

Tantra Citta

Tantric literature, as well as the Sutra’s, are wonderful for discussing the subtleties of the mind and consciousness. By using specific meditative yogic practices, one can effect the various states of consciousness. The ultimate nature of mind is essentially pure. “Clear light” is the technical name for this pristine nature, according to Tantra.

from Canada

When the mind is conditioned by afflictive emotions such as desire, jealousy or hatred, the sentient being is then caught in the cycle of existence (Samsara). By applying these appropriate meditative techniques and practices, the individual is able to fully experience this clear light (Pure Mind) and that eventually leads to true liberation and full Enlightenment. Buddhism truly is the science of the mind. By following renunciation, bodhicitta and emptiness, the sentient being becomes truly happy, filled with joy and experiencing pure tranquillity. Freeing the mind of subjective thinking is very liberating and something all students and disciples at Song Nguyen Tantra House should aspire to. Following the teachings of our esteemed Master Thinley Nguyen Thanh is a great way to start that road to (Pure Mind).

Blessings to all!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Tantra Citta (Jeffrey Bernard Forest).


Vietnamese translation (by Mat Dieu Hang):

  1. Dear Tantra Citta,
    I am very delighted to read your thoughts about the way to Pure Mind. I agree with you that following the teachings of our esteemed Master Thinley Nguyen Thanh is a great way to start the path to Pure Mind.
    With the simple method of reading and writing a comment, we can connect with the large sources of “clear light” on, and day by day we are closer to Pure Mind due to our diligence.
    Besides, reading an article on considers reading or listening to Buddha dharma and writing a comment is a way of sharing Buddha dharma. Both are equivalent to two spiritual activites: “Listening to the Dharma” and “delivering Dharma discourse”. You add the prayers for the Guru and his consort or for all sentient beings at the end of your comment, you gain merit from “praying”.
    Especially, reading and writing a commnet, you think of the Guru, which enables you to get closer to enlightenment because in one tantra it says: “Better than meditating on a hundred thousand deities for ten million kalpas is to think of one’s teacher for a singer instant.” (quoting from “The Words of My Perfect Teacher” by Patrul Rinpoche).
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am looking forward to reading  more of your writting.
    May the Guru and his consort live long for the benefit of all sentient beings.
    May Tantra Citta achieve all legitimate wishes and gain the joy that arises on the path to enlightenment.
    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Mật Chánh Tấn says:

    Dear Tantra Citta,
    I have read your sharing. I am happy to know how you express your feelings toward the Guru’s teaching. It is true that “following the teachings of our esteemed Master Thiney Nguyen Thanh is a great way to start that road to (Pure Mind)”. The Guru has showed us methods that will help us to accumulate merit, give us a chance to go to Pure Land of Dewachen. And our only job is to follow his teachings just by simply reading and commenting articles on daily.
    Thank you for all of your sharing. May all your legitimate wishes come true in the cause of diligent cultivation.
    May the Guru and his consort long live for the benefit of all sentient beings.
    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.
    Om Mani Padme Hum!

  3. Tantra Citta(Jeffrey Bernard Forest) says:

    Dear Holy Guru,
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have my thoughts concerning Pure Mind, posted on your wonderful website. The clear light mind is the sublest level of mind. It has the ability to understand, and ultimately becomes the mind of a Buddha. As we venture forth along the road towards perpetual Enlightenment, let us be reminded by the Buddha’s teachings on the four reliances, by relying upon the Dharma, relying upon the the meaning and upon the definitive wisdom expounded by those teachings. Buddha nature and the clear light Mind are one and the same. Pure inexplicable joy and happiness and Bliss awaits the students and disciples at Song Nguyen Tantra House and all the sentient beings around the world, who partake in clearing the Mind and making it Pure. Blessings to all and especially to our esteemed Master and consort for letting me articulate my thoughts concerning the Pure Clear Mind. Om Mani Padme Hum. Sincerely, Tantra Citta. (Jeffrey Bernard Forest) 😊

  4. Mật Kính says:

    Dear Tantra Citta,

    Im so glad to read your sharing, happy when you find the way for clear light of the pristine nature to the Pure mind by follow the teaching of our esteemed Master Thinley Nguyen Thanh, like Mat Dieu Hang said read and comment on chanhtuduy is the way for “ listening to the Dharma “, Delivering Dharma discourse” as well as get the merit form “ praying “ for the Guru and his consort, because when connect with Guru, connect with the pure environment to help us to accumulate more merit and get closer than the Englightenment and true liberation.

    May the Guru and his consort long live  for benefil for all sentient being

    May Tantra Citta,the blessing all the wishes and ultimate in next life

    May all sentient being achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature


  5. Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    It’s well explained shortly the importance of tantric meditation in this article. May all beings be able to achieve the emptiness in mind so they can move ahead towards enlightenment.

    May Guru and his consort live long and protected and get enlightened.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

  6.  Tantra Mahavita says:

    Querido Santo Guru : Muchas gracias por compartir tan maravillosos articulos. Con la simple lectura y comentario , dia tras dia, leemos y comentamos los articulos , escuchamos el Dharma y aprendemos su discurso …transitamos el camino hacia la Pura Mente. ..o sea el camino hacia la liberacion . Ademas en la meditacion tantrica  , en palabras de Patrul Rinpoche …Lo mejor que meditar en cien mil deidades por diez millones de kalpas es pensar en el maestro por un instante . Profundo agradecimiento….Que nuestro Amado Guru , viva una larga vida y feliz , para beneficio de todos los seres sintientes. Que todos los seres encuentren la Naturaleza de Buda …OM MANI PADME HUM

  7. Tantra Mishataru says:

    Dear Guru, This is inspiring message you’ve sent towards. I need too to break attachments that i have with background specifically my mother for deserting me. Even though she says negative words and spew her hatred towards me. By the end of the day i remember this is karma was created due to my past life, and suddenly my anger to react to the situation gets settled down when i remember that. That’s true everything has cause and effects and we have to work through them in order to be liberated. I give all thanks to song nguyen Tantra house and i bow my head to your lotus feet Holy Guru.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  8. Tantra Ashihata (Simon Michael) says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    my name is Tantra Ashihata.

    I appreciate you for this wonderful article you have given to us may we always subject our  self to good practice to avoid karma so that we can get a pure mind.

    May Guru live long for the seek of happiness of all sentient being and may all sentient being free from suffering.

    Om mani padme hum


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