Apr 19, 2019

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Letter from India: Memories of my Vietnam visit 2019 (part 2)(Public article)

Revered Gurujee

Om Mani Padme Hum

Thanh Tri Master – Thinley Nguyen Thanh

I bow before your lotus feet

 Life is full of uncertainties. After completion of the first part of my memories at Daltongunj, at my wife’s place, I took a sigh of relief. The reason is simple. My wife was seriously ill and I had to take care of her. That I did up to the best possible way. I was fortunate in the sense that those days there was a vacation for Holi festival which was going on. We both were not absent from the college due to the vacations. I had plenty of time to take her care and as well as write the memories. Since, as per the Guru’s instruction I was chanting the Mani mantra regularly as well as praying for the wellbeing of all the sentient beings. This made my life very easy. I was living in the present and I was alert of the need of the time without being perturbed; andthe need of my time was to complete the memories of our Vietnam stay along with serving my ailing wife. Primarily this is the crux of the Buddhist teaching. We all, Dhamma friends, are oscillating in between Samsara and Nirvana. On the one hand we are aspirants of pleasure and plenty in life at the same time we do not want to be away of even the tinge of troubles, hardship, bereavement and sorrow. Our Holy Guru has tried to solve this riddle through the Buddhist tool of annihilation of suffering. Though he has utilized the Buddhist methods but the changing facades of the human problems and man’s need and psychology compelled him to modify the method and evolve a novel one without impairing the basic Buddhist teachings. For that he leans heavily on the Buddha’s text and tradition and made themapplicable on the modern way of life, as the modern man is prone to enjoy the scientific development for enjoyment, amusements and smooth life. Guru’s concern is to make a balance between the two, Samsara and Nirvana.

in international buddhist conference (Varanasi (Banaras))

In this background when we cast our glance on our mundane existence and contemplate on the riddle of life, we find that everything is transient and nothing endures. There is birth and death, growth and decay; life is a combination of meeting and separation. The glory of the world is like a flower: it stands in full bloom in the morning and fades in the heat of the day. Wherever we look, there is a rushing and a struggling, and an eager pursuit of pleasure. There is a panic flight from pain and death, and hot are the flames of burning desires. The world is Vanity Fair, full of changes and transformations. All is Samsara, the turning Wheel of Existence. Is there nothing permanent in the world? Is there in the universal turmoil no resting-place where our troubled heart can find peace? Is there nothing everlasting? Oh, that we could have cessation of anxiety that our burning desires would be extinguished! When shall the mind become tranquil and composed?

Guru and his consort

       Buddha once said that the life is drops of tear. Had there been accumulation of these there would had been the ocean of tears. But he also said these tears can be wiped out. Our Guru says that these sorrow and sufferings are not for the enlightened person. With the down of wisdom they will evaporate. Our Holy Guru’s entire effort is to uproot the pain and panicky of life through the emergence of Pure Mind wisdom. Because the mind is the fountain head of all the pain and sufferingsas they take their initial birth in the mind itself in the forms of desire, anger, lust, hatred and delusion. So the basic need is to purify the mind itself so that the even the seed of sorrow may not germinate. This was the thrust area of the conference this year.We were egger to participate to it and take a dip in the spiritual fountain of Guru’s teachings and preaching in the conclave. Herein all the delegates had to learn a lot for the future journey of the life. Al the delegates were feeling fresh even after their tiresome journey as their fatigue evaporated after having a glance of the Guru and his affectionate talks. We all were enthusiastic to participate, directly or indirectly in the conference wherein the stream of spirituality and sprinkle of divine wisdom was was about to shower forth on us. As Rome was not built in a day so the conference cannot start at our wish for simple two reasons. It cannot prepon its date as per our wish, as it may create anarchy. Secondly, the ground work for the conference was going on.

Song Nguyen Tantra House’s Dharma Festival 2019

    Our Guru was engaged in receiving the delegates along with his disciples. He was giving the personal touch to all through his kind, compassionate and soft talks. He was taking care of all, big or small, rich or poor, well placed or ill placed as well as wise or novice. His treatment was equal for all. He was managing our stay. As per the allotted beach houses everyone were shown their place. We saw our small beach house; it was very beautiful, comfortable, cozy and ocean facing. From inside it was neat, clean and comfortable. Every possible amenity of comfort was there that never allowed us the paucity of lack of space. I was wonder stuck to see the art and acumen of the architect who has created every item of the need in that small space that no one will feel discomfort. The attached toilet equipped with all the modern facilities like hot and cold showers, wash basin and many others were there. In the bed room the freeze containing cold drinks, water and biscuits, T. V and other things were there. There was a small but beautiful wooden satire leading to an artistically built space giving an auspicious and holy look for keeping our luggage.The green natural hedges were there to create the privacy. There were some round small and portable tent houses too. Beside our beautiful artistically constructed small houses there was a swimming pool too where the children, youths, ladies and gents were enjoying their bath.  That was adding to the beauty of the place. Though it is a modern look but were adding the beautyand presenting the picture of tradition and modernity. The morning breeze coming from the ocean after touching its vast and enormous cold water, were giving a soothing and freshening effect. The resort was situated far away from the thick human inhabitants and thus was free from hue and cry of the modern world. There was no huff and hurry, hustle and bustle as well as the tantrums of the world that the modern man has become awfully accustomed. We both were happy from within and expression of our inner gratefulness towards our Holy Guru was being expressed through our each and every part of the body including our respirations, thought and action. It must be the fruition of my pious Karmas (Deeds) of the past or the previous life as Law of Dependentorigination says “out of nothing nothing comes”.

   After being fresh we came out of our small beach house. We started roaming here and there and enjoying the beauty of the place. It was a romantic place meant for pleasure and amusement of the tourists who after being tired the everyday business of life or come for rejuvenating their emotions, recharging their vigor and refreshing the memories of youth. We became happy from within to see the couples, old, young and children roaming here and there with gleaming faces. After sometime I came across the venue of the conference. It was a big hall that was being decorated for tomorrow’s events. The rehearsal of the tomorrow’s Cultural Programme was as going on. The participants were dancing,singing and playing the one act play that were to be staged tomorrow. I too made the rehearsal of my song “Ekpyarkanagamahai” (The life is the lyric of love) twice so that I may not commit any mistake in singing the song tomorrow. It was a pleasant experience for me. I was happy from within. My wife reminded me of my follies that I did on the stage.  It was a good feedback for me to rectify it the next day. After coming out from the conference hall we were asked to arrive at the dining space. It was an openfrom everywhere except the roof. There was an open kitchen too connecting to the dining space. The crockeries, displayed and kept near by the food stall were displaying the artistic beauty and presenting the panorama of the enriched aesthetic sense. In the day time we had our lunch and in the night the dinner. We are vegetarians sowe took fruit salad and energy boost. Though my taste was not satisfied but the zeal for presenting my paper the next day and singing a song in the Cultural Programme could not allow us to feel the discontent or even the sense of non-satisfaction.In the night the colourful lights made the entire area extremely attractive. Aftermeal we went on roaming around the beach. We found some tourists there enjoying in folks, singing and dancing on the beach on the heavy notes of western music. Normally we do not like the loud music but that day it appeared melodious and enjoyed a lot. I think those people must have gone dancing and singing till late in the night. Since we believe in “early to bed and early to rise”, we went to our bed by perhaps 9.30 P.M.

Buddhist Conference in Kolyani University

In the morningsomeone knocked the door. We woke up andhurriedly I opened the door. One of our Dhamma friends was there. He asked us to be ready for breakfast as Guru was waiting in the restaurant. I was wonder stroked as my watch was showing 5.30 and I was asked to report by eight A. M. in the dining hall.  Immediately I remembered that our Indian time is 2.5 hours late. We became ready within half an hour and came out of our room, came to the dining hall and found most of the delegates. I was ashamed. Our holy Guru was sitting there. We wished him in the anticipation of his blessing. He gave a splendid smile at us and got us sit by the table. Some more delegates were sitting there.   We were not late. However, we had our vegetarian breakfast. Now we were ready for the conference. We arrived at the conference hall it was well decorated. Delegates in good number were sitting there.Here. We exchanged our good wishes to each other. The atmosphere was saturated with unique spiritual vibrations. Everyone was happy and enthusiastic. There was not even a ting of agony on any one’s face. Each and every delegate was in present, no lamentation for the past and no apprehension for the future. We all were waiting for the happening of the great event in the presence of our great Guru. It appeared that the time has stopped. Even divine beings have gathered to watch the upcoming the upcoming auspicious event that may start any time with the arrival of our Holy Guru. Finally our great Guru arrived. Every one stood up in his regard and reverence. He waived his hand and and we all experienced a sense of elevation and divine grace.As usual he walked to the stage slowly mindfullyand elegantly in full grandeur.He sat down on his chair. We all sat down on our respective seats cheerfully.

    With the introductory lecture of our Guru the conference formally started which was followed by a Buddhist song composed by Guru Himself, thereafter delegates in turn came on the dais. They either read their paper of narrated their experiences of the benefits of following the precepts and practice of Pure Mind Buddhism developed by our Guru. All of the disciples, in unison, said that it is helpful in our mundane uplift as well as spiritual achievement. Someone told that after observing the Buddhist way of life and meditational practice there emerged a boost in their family relations, mundane achievement, and system and serenity in life. After every two or three speeches the cultural presentation was there in terms of a Buddhist song composed either by our Guru or by his consort. Their word composition lyric and music were nice, melodious and pregnant with religious-spiritual massages. I also presented my article based on my personal experiences, which was later on published by our Guru’s grace. I also sang a song from the stage and felt elevated. Guru was commenting on each deliberation. His speech was very thematic, practical and eye opener for us, the ignorant persons. I am not in position to check my temptation of presenting the theme of his speech. Knowing it well that the exact words of the Guru cannot be recreated by a poor person like me, hence I shall present in brief based on my memory. I may be at some place incorrect and some of my own ideas be presented. Since it will be based on my holy Guru’s teaching and preaching as gathered from the lessons shared by him, I beg my apology in advance.

Song Nguyen Tantra House

        Our holy Guru was of the opinion thatthe Buddha was once grieved at the ills of life. He saw the vanity of worldly happiness and sought salvation in the one thing that will not fade or perish, but will abide for ever and ever. The mundane persons long for life, learn that immortality is hidden in transiency. We, who wish for happiness without the sting of regret, lead a life of righteousness. People, who yearn for riches, receive treasures that are eternal. Truth is wealth, and a life of truth is happiness. All compounds will be dissolved again, but the verities which determine all combinations and separations as laws of nature endure forever and aye. Bodies fall to dust, but the truths of the mind will not be destroyed. Truth knows neither birth nor death; it has no beginning and no end. Welcome the truth. The truth is the immortal part of mind. Establish the truth in your mind, for the truth is the image of the eternal; it portrays the immutable; it reveals the everlasting; the truth gives unto mortals the boon of immortality. The Buddha has proclaimed the truth; let the truth of the Buddha dwell in your hearts. Extinguish in yourselves every desire that antagonizes the Buddha, and in the perfection of your spiritual growth you will become like unto him. That of your heart which cannot or will not develop into Buddha must perish, for it is mere illusion and unreal; it is the source of your error; it is the cause of your misery. You attain to immortality by filling your minds with truth. Therefore, become like unto vessels fit to receive the Master’s words. Cleanse yourselves of evil and sanctify your lives. There is no other way of reaching truth. Learn to distinguish between Self and Truth. Self is the cause of selfishness and the source of evil; truth cleaves to no self; it is universal and leads to justice and righteousness. Self, that which seems to those who love their self as their being, is not the eternal, the everlasting, the imperishable. Seek not self, but seek the truth. Guru further said thatif we liberate our souls from our petty selves, wish no ill to others, and become clear as a crystal diamond reflecting the light of truth, what a radiant picture will appear in us mirroring things as they are, without the admixture of burning desires, without the distortion of erroneous illusion, without the agitation of clinging and unrest. Yet you love self and will not abandon self-love. So be it, but then, verily, you should learn to distinguish between the false self and the true self. The ego with all its egotism is the false self. It is an unreal illusion and a perishable combination. He only who identifies his self with the truth will attain Nirvana; and he who has entered Nirvana has attained Buddhahood; he has acquired the highest good; he has become eternal and immortal. All compound things shall be dissolved again, worlds will break to pieces and our individualities will be scattered; but the words of Buddha will remain forever. The extinction of self is salvation; the annihilation of self is the condition of enlightenment; the blotting out of self is Nirvana. Happy is he who has ceased to live for pleasure and rests in the truth. Verily his composure and tranquility of mind are the highest bliss. Let us take our refuge in the Buddha, for he has found the everlasting in the transient. Let us take our refuge in thatwhich is the immutable in the changes of existence. Let us take our refuge in the truth that is established through the enlightenment of the Buddha. Let us take our refuge in the community of those who seek the truth and endeavor to live in the truth. The nutshell of his preaching was that, though the Buddha has said that life is suffering. The life is droplets of tear but for the enlighten one there is no suffering. Pain and ennui remain in the realm of ignorance but not in the enlightened stage. The proper observation of the preaching’s and the teachings of the Guru in proper spirit will dilute the ills and anxieties of the life.

Banaras Hindu University

The lastlecture was of the consort of our Holy Guru

         The lastlecture was of the consort of our Holy Guru. She spoke on the very pertinent topic of the time, the men and women relation.She read her meticulously prepared well-articulated paper which hinges on men-women relation. She was of the opinion that the basic social problem arises because of our impure relations among boys and girls as well as married men and women. That is the reason that in modern society the marital relations are getting threatened. Family’s bounds are getting weak and crumbling down under the pressure of illegal relations of men and women. On the name of modernity people are mixing among the opposite sex very frequently, which often cross their limit and moral crisis emerges in the society. She has categorically warned against this practice and prescribed certain rules to be observed by every man and women. She had very vividly laid down certain rules, as well as certain way to to behave and to avoid some practice while meeting or talking with men or women. Certain bodily action should not be done and very many instructions she narrated with example and act displayed with the help of Guru. It is a nicely prepared code of conductby her and must be adopted by each and every individual of the society. In Visuddhi Maggo, a Buddhist text, authored and edited by Buddha Ghosa, which is thoroughly based on the Buddha Vachana(Tripitaka) almost the similar description is found under the chapter of SilaKhandha. Herein it is said one should in no case touch the body of a girl or women.

“Guru, his consort and some of the learner played their real character in the play”

The academic part of the conference was followed by the dance, singing and one act plays composed and written either by our Guru or by his consort. Guru and his wife participated in some of the one act plays along with some of the learners. The characters of the play were given the real name along with their occupation and place place of living. My name also came in one of the play wherein one character said to Guru that Tantrasutradaka has come from India. Guru, his consort and some of the learner played their real character in the play

A play in Dharma Festival

   The conference was concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. AllThelearners, who have done some excellent work for the Tantra House and Pure Mind Buddhism, were given the prizes. Some were honored for writing the article, some for translation work, and some for other spiritual merits and so on. I too was awarded with “Out Standing Article Award”, for my two articles published inChantudui.com, a digital journal run by our holy Guru.I was happy from within. For that I also received 100 USD as the part of the award as the blessings of our compassionate Guru. I was greeted by many Dhamma friends for this achievement.  I am so grateful to our Guru that cannot be explained in words.

  The conference was concluded with the offering ceremony by the disciples. There was a long line of the devotees for voluntary offering to the Pure Mind Buddhism and the Guru. They bow beforethe Guru’s feet keeping the offering on the head. It was a holy and beautiful sight, worthy to see wherein the devotion of the disciple was reflected in an emotionally nice way. However, guru was not accepting the offerings of all. He declined to accept the offerings of the financially weak people. It is his greatness.I too was in the line to offer some amount towards this holy institution founded by the Guru but guru declined to accept it by saying that he does not accept by saying ,” I do not accept gifts from the foreigners.” I consoled myself by the soliloquy, it is predestined, and allotted cannot be plotted. But I was happy that Guru got me stand with the help of his mighty and benevolent hands.

After the concluding ceremony the conference was over we all went to our allotted sojourn. After getting fresh we came back to the dining area. Had the sumptuous food and came back to our small allotted house. In the mean time we took a round of the resort. It was looking very lucrative, attractive and tantalizing. Knowing it well tomorrow morning we have to leave the place we became emotionally attached to it. Knowing it well that the attachment and emotions are hindrance in the path of purification leading to liberation, I could not help my emotional outburst. Next day morning we got up very early. The entire look of the place looked to be gloomy. As mind is the fountain head of outer emerging world, my emotional sadness also painted the outer world in the same colour. We were bidding good bye to our fellow delegates. We were happy at the time of our meeting knowing it well that separation will ensue the very next two days. As every meeting presupposes separation and separation from the near and dear is suffering. We were perhaps realizing the bitter existential experience of Buddha’s First Noble Truth. Our hearts were melancholy but one hope was there that we will meet each other in the next conference in 2020 or earlier too. Our Dhamma friends were departing very fast preserving the memories of the conference, place, homogeneity, friendliness, as well as  thought provoking spiritual speeches, peaceful, pleasures, kind and compassionate presence of our holy Guru that made the entire atmosphere saturated with divine spirituality. We also left the place for the Tantra House along with Guru, his consort and his a few disciples including me and my wife.

Since the narration of my memorypart two has become very long I would like to conclude this here and start the memories of the to and fro journey of Dalat, a hill station of Vietnam,because it is not a simply a tour for me rather a pilgrimage as our Holy Guru was also with us along with some of my Dhamma brother and sisters.

Om Mani Padme Hum

May all sentient beings live in peace

Long live our Guru along with his consort for the pleasure of many and the benefit of many people of this world.

with profound regards and reverence


Avinash Kumar Srivastava

Nalanda College Biharshari

Vietnamese version: Thư Ấn Độ: Pháp hội Mật Gia Song Nguyễn qua cách nhìn của một Giáo sư – Tiến sĩ Phật học Ấn Độ

  1. Mật Thủy says:

    Dear Tantra Sutradaka,

    I’m delighted reading your writing about memories of the recent Dharma Festival. I feel happy to you and your wife having an unforgettable time with the Guru, his consort and the Vajra brothers in a beautiful space of Long Hai Channel resort, receiving the Guru’s blessing through practical and lively Dharma lessons. Your telling makes me “jealous” with you two and other brothers for your blessing to have taken part in the Dharma Festival. Although you are a professor having books on Buddhism, your humble behavior, high respect towards the Guru and cherishing the Dharma presents me with a good example in learning Dharma. Thank you for your sharing.

    Hope you and your family good health and your legitimate wishes soon be fulfilled.

    May Guru and his consort be healthy and long-lived for the sake of all sentient beings.

    Om mani padme hum!

  2. Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    It’s an wonderful article explaining in details of the events and about location where the 2019 Dharma conference was held. I am very happy that Guru welcomed all Dharma desciples with a warm and loving heart without looking into there financial backgrounds. Also it’s very pleasant to hear that our Guru did not accept gifts from foreign desciples, instead he gave them gifts for writing good articles.

    Our Dharma friends especially Tantra Sutradaka enjoyed the Dharma conference as he was eagerly waiting to listen to Guru’s teaching and experiences of other Dharma friends which resulted from their true Dharma practise.

    I also rejoice in the event in which of our Dharma friends participated narrating the things occurred in their real life.

    Also many thanks to Guru for inventing new techniques of meditation which can be practised in day to day life as mentioned in earlier articles.

    May Guru and his consort live long for sake of other beings and get enlightened.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

  3. Dear Tantra Sutradaka

    I take delight in reading your thoughts and feelings about the trip to Vietnam on the ocassion of “Bien nho” conference earlier this year. These articles are like a slow-motion film telling about how you have entered the door of Holy Dharma, beginning with the making friend with Rose Tran and now you’re here at the recent conference in Long Hai Channel Resort. I can feel throughout the article your sincere feelings and emotions about the Thanh tri Guru who owns full of good qualities: compassion, wisdom, equality and particularly always keeps Bodhicitta vow No.42: take care of disciples. These feelings are denoted through stories about how you and your wife overcome obstacles before the trip, how “last minute” lucks came to you on that “stormy” flight, or your observation on the sight and people at the resort where the conference took place as well as the sermons of Guru and his consort, music performance and dramas. All very much exude the meaning that the origination of all worldly and spiritual achievements of a practitioner is nothing other than the Guru and his six spiritual mind dharmas. Together with his benevolent eyes on us, we have gradually obtained three goals: inner happiness, life success and high social positions. The vital role of the Guru is proven by both life success and spiritual progressions of many followers and disciples and particularly, fast and stable development of Song Nguyen Tantra House in recent years. I agree with you that: “The proper observation of preachings and the teachings of the Guru in proper spirit will dilute the ills and anxieties of the life.” This has also been asserted by Saint Atisha that: “Even though you recite the Tripitaka every day and master lots of dharmas, it remains no good without key guidances from a Guru. And then it is not true Dharma”. It’s a good luck for us to meet our Guru right in this life, who is able to transform all his Buddhist knowledge into mind dharmas which are easy to be practiced and bring back unequaled benefits to all sentient beings. Thank you for your meaningful sharing and I am looking forward to reading the next part.

    May Guru and his consort live long for the sake of all sentient beings

    May Tantra Sutradaka soon obtain righteous wishes

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    Om Ah Hum


  4. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    This is an article by Tantra Sutradaka about his visit to Dharma conference  in 2019.

    May we all have a blessed Vesak this year.

    May all sentient beings be free from suffering and become enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)


  5. Mật Chánh Tấn says:

    Dear Tantra Sutradaka,

    I would like to express my delight for reading this article that you have shared your feeling, your thoughts to Dharma conference “Bien Nho 2019”. Each word you shared in this article has flashed me back to the moment, which was filled by joy, happy atmosphere of the Dharma conference that we had opportunity to experience. Along with these wonderful moments, you also expressed your feeling, your devotion toward the Holy Guru’s lessons and teaching, which you had emphasized, was the cause of your happiness. This is also good example for me that I should take into account to nurture my devotion, my faith to the Holy Guru, which is very important, the root for steady moves on the path of enlightenment. Thanks to Tantra Sutradaka for sharing your story that has made me feel proud for having opportunity in this life to follow and learn Pure Mind Yoga from holy Guru.

    May holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    May Tantra Sutradaka get joyful and successful on the path to enlightenment.

    May all sentient beings get the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

  6. Tantrasutradaka says:

    Reverend My Holy Guru

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    I bow before your lotus feet

           It is really a matter of delight and pride for an ignorant learner of Pure Mind Buddhism like me to get an article published in an esteemed Digital Journal like Chanhtuduy.com. Wlile sitting on the bus leading toward Biharsharif I opened the messenger on my mobile. When I wanted to chat with my friend about our Guru in order to make my journey easy, I saw the share of my memories on chanhtuduy.com. I was very happy from within. I wanted to reply instantly but the crowed inside the bus, its hue and cry and scorching heat put an obstacle on me to do so. Physically and mentally I was not in position to react even on my own paper or to express gratitude to my holy guru. I pray our holy Guru with my honest heart to forgive me for my fault.    

       Since 24 of the April I am awfully engaged in examination duty of the university. Unfortunately I am at Patna and I have to visit 200 Km. to observe the situation prevalent in the exam. I have to be on foot for six to seven hours in a hot summer moving from one Exam Hall to another to see whether some student is using unfair means or not. And by six thirty P M I start my back journey to Patna as my daughter and my small granddaughter aye alone because my son-in-law is in a foreign land in connection with his job. It becomes very exhaustive and tiresome. Yesterday I came very late in the night. This is the reason I could not express my gratitude yesterday for hi knowing it well our kind, compassionate and large hearted Guru can understand my restraints and constraints of my job and body and forgive me for my faults.    

            I expressed my gratitude for our holy guru for being kind enough to bring my memories among my fellow learners and Dhamma friends. It is a great honor imparted by my Guru for for a disciple who regularly commits mistake and full of so many evils of the worldly life. Knowing it well that he is trying his level best to wash away all the impurities of my life, this sharing of my memory is a kind of motivation to improve myself.

           So kind to you my Holy Guru, for sharing my memories Part 2 I shall remain ever grateful to you. I always need your blessings for my future life and family members

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Long live our Guru along with his consort

    With Regard and reverence

    yours Poor disciple

    Tantrasutradaka  Avinash Kumar Srivastava

  7. Ignacio Sanchez Gentile says:

    Dear gurú

    Thank you for sharing this article. Im glad to read it.

  8. sunil says:

    Dear Guru and Mama,

    Om Mani padme hum

    i read above article ,its very Inspiring well one my brother who is from india meet you in Vietnam , thanks to him he share his valuable experience with us.

    I would wish be there for bless of Dear guru and mama

    Om mani padme hum

  9. Jeremydig says:

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  10. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Tantra Sutradaka,

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories of your pilgrimage to Vietnam to attend the 2019 conference. Your article is very detailed and I almost felt as though I was there. What a wonderful feeling and occasion is must have been to be there!

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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