Nov 20, 2021

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Letter from India: THE TWO SYLLABLE GURU

Respected H. H. Guru, First of all I want to bow my head in front of your knowledge and wisdom. I have been following the practices of Pure Mind Yoga since 2019 and it is very useful for my routine life. I am reading different articles regarding Buddhism as well as nature regularly on I am continuously translating some of them from English to Hindi for the benefit of Hindi speaking people.     The real interpretation of Dhamma is vital in the scientific age. Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh’s words are so generous for laypeople to understand the Dhamma’s in an authentic way. Continuously, I know Buddhist literature now in depth too due to your explanations. Guru is essential in our life for guiding us the right path. Guru always focuses on mediation because it is a process to positively transform the mind associated with the orbit of Dharma

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