Jul 1, 2021

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Letter from Nigeria: Some thoughts by Professor Chukwugozie Maduka (Tantra Dharma Sunyata): RIGHT VIEW AND THE SOURCE OF THE BLESSING. (cảm nghĩ của giáo sư tiến sĩ Chukwugozie Maduka (Tantra Dharma Sunyata): chánh kiến và nguồn ơn phước.)

Dear Holy Guru, I have thoroughly read and enjoyed the well crafted paper of Part 7 on ‘How to Turn the Brilliant Light (Prabhu)’. The paper posits that the bright light of Buddhist Practitioners far outshines that from devas in this world of form because the Buddhist light is woven with Buddha’s Right View and powerfully dressed by the Buddha’s in the Ten Directions. What is more, such divine lights unlike electric bulbs,unlike the sun, the moon, unlike a flame. Rather, as wisdom light it is woven by quantum particles which are not observable even under a microscope but is nevertheless able to influence conduct by attracting positive karma on account of Right View illumy. The paper classifies the development of Right View from Part to Whole, from Part to Completeness wherein the Apex point is SaMadhi meaning intense concentration/pointedness of mind. Some stages of development are addressed for mind

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