Mar 31, 2019

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Letter from Sweden: How did I learn Swedish?

Outside the window, it is a new frame of blue crystal sky with happy flocks of white pigeons’ wings as if they are eagerly flying into the spring. This is another equinox of mine in Sweden. The excitement of going outside and enjoying a nice sunny day which is full of sunlight has come back to me. Finally, I can leisurely take a walk along the city’s river and feel my feet happily gliding over a flower carpet. There are new buds popping up from the earth and flowers blooming everywhere. I cannot believe that I have been living more than half a year in this beautiful country. I not only witnessed the change of seasons, of the sky’s colors day by day but also the change of my life. The most recent change was my challenge with my Swedish class. I am quite confident in English, for that reason, I thought that it is not necessary for me to learn Swedish. However, I realized that in order to learn more about the country and its culture, it is critical to learn their language. It is very fortunate for me to take part in the Swedish for Immigrant course which is provided by Swedish government and aims not only train the language skill but also provide basic knowledge in Swedish society. We were provided free books and learning materials, even those who do not own a laptop will be funded for free to ensure the best learning outcomes. It is impossible for people who spend less than one year to take the course. Thanks to the blessing of Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru, I appreciate my chance to be eligible for the course. There are many friends of mine who really wanted to study Swedish but there it was impossible.

At first, I think the class would have an easy start with the alphabet, simple vocabulary and grammar as many other language courses; furthermore, the content of lessons would be mostly simple topics and may gradually increase the extent of complexity later. So I came to the class with an optimistic mind. It turned out that after a few introduction classes, we immediately started with complicated lessons which consist of huge background topics such as Swedish society, history and economy, etc., of course accompanied with advanced vocabulary and grammar. I did not understand a word. The class’ rule is that everything will be conversed in Swedish, even if you wanted to ask a question or talked to your teacher and your classmates. I was thinking at the time that supposedly the teacher asked us whether we understood or not, I would not detect the situation to say “No, I don’t understand” because I did not even know the question. My pressure got higher while most of my classmates are long-time immigrants in Sweden. They have been learning and speaking Swedish for years; so they are totally confident with listening and speaking skills in Swedish. Accordingly, the speed of our class is super fast. Although the course is free, it is really organized and disciplined. In case a student skips the class without prior notice or quit the class continuously, he or she will be automatically dismissed from the course.

For me, Swedish language is new in pronunciation and some grammatical rules that way different from English. I can enrich more my Swedish vocabulary by myself, however, how to use it in usual conversation is another matter. At the beginning, I was quite puzzled and wondered if I could catch up with the classmates. With the endeavor not to waste my precious chance of learning a new language, I determined not to skip any class and strengthened my speed of typing translate google during the class in order to understand as much as possible what the teacher was lecturing. I also prioritize my early morning time to learn Swedish. Most importantly, during my prayer session, I have been always praying to Avalokiteshvara and Guru for me to get used to Swedish and speak this language fluently in the future. I have a regular test every five weeks including four skills as any other language course. After the consecutive tests that meets specific requirement, we will be transferred to a higher level. Two weeks ago, I had my first test. Although I still had to struggle with Swedish at the very beginning stage, fortunately I was able to read the test’s requirement, recognize many familiar vocabularies and understand the context. I had done the test confidently and even finished before the scheduled timing, though there were almost no one left in the class at that time. Surprisingly, in my next class when the teacher showed the test’s result to each student, she generously gave me compliments on my test’s result, especially the writing and reading skills with “jattebra!” in which the total grade is higher than requirement. It means that compared to the same group that joined this class, I might go to another higher level sooner. Once again, I experienced the blessing of Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru which make incredible things happened.

This letter is being typed in my new accommodation in Sweden. After receiving an urgent notice from the student union that we should move out of our familiar room due to the unsolvable contradiction with the landlord, many of us got confused. Even though the previous place was rather far from the university, it was really spacious and convenient in many ways such as it was well-equipped with its furniture and kitchen. In contrast, the new dormitory is placed at the heart of the city, it is more crowed, closer to the campus and transportation hubs. Thanks to the blessing of Avalokiteshvara and Guru, I received the key to my new room after just two days after the notification. It is a beautiful, spacious and airy room located on the third floor overlooking a beautiful landscape. I will never get tired of looking at the immense blue sky, those flocks of birds flying, or the majestic colors moving of the earth happening outside my lovely window. Especially, the room is surrounded by a quiet neighborhood. Logistic process on the moving day was really quick and smooth. A classmate came to help to deliver all my luggage by his car, then at my new place, another friend of mine helped me to bring all those things to the 3rd floor in a blink of an eye. There were several kitchens that we have to share in the new place, that is also a problem to us who used to have our own kitchen. There were two kitchens near my room, one seems to be always crowded with dozens of footsteps, while the other one located next to my room is really peaceful. It turned out that many people who enjoy a hectic life had moved to that kitchen at their own will. For that reason, the kitchen that should be shared with 8 other rooms both single and shared rooms finally end up with 4 official regular users including me. They are all boys who rarely come to the kitchen so it looks like have my own kitchen which is big and separate. I felt grateful for all the blessing that I received. Sitting by the window, I was overwhelmed by the thought of my first days in Sweden “..with all the energy from the gratitude of blessing I have received from the Avalokiteshvara and Guru that can be transferred into motivation during my study, I would probably become the best student in my class one day, or even a superman..”. Sweden is now approaching the spring which is the most beautiful time of the year, as my heart is exposing the spring of Dharma, appreciated the blessing from Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru.

Dear Guru,

I am so grateful for the blessing I have been receiving from the Avalokiteshvara through the spiritual delivery of Guru, so that I was able to overcome many difficulties and challenges. I cannot expect anything more in my life. I sincerely pray for the health and longevity of Guru and his consort for the benefits of all the sentient beings.

May all sentient being achieve the happiness of Buddha nature.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Sweden, 24 March 2019.

Mat Tu.

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  1. Tantra Upatissa
    Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this article.

    I am very happy with the progress of Mat Tu in her Swedish learning. Hope she learn splendidly and complete her studies successfully. We can see Guru’s blessings and Avlokiteshwara blessings upon our Vajra brother. We can also see teacher praising him and giving compliments, this shows the sincere efforts he has put in learning. Hope all good wishes our Vajra brother gets fulfilled and achieve success in life.

    May Guru and his consort live long for sake of other beings and get enlightened.

    May all beings be free from suffering and get enlightened.

    Om Mani Padme Hum..

  2. Mật Chánh Tấn says:

    Dear Dharma brother Mat Tu!

    I would like to express my delight to read your sharing as well as unique experience in this article. Thanks to the Holy Guru’s instructions, the storms in your heart has been faded out and replaced by the sunshine of Dharma spring. This is your devotion toward the holy Guru, your faith to the Guru have lead you to positive thinking. Also, that helps you to view all aspects of life in the right orbit round the correct doctrine of the Buddha. That is the main reason for all of your happiness, your successes that you have got so far. Therefore, to nurture the devotion toward the Guru is the main practice that we should focus on, because Master Agvaghosa has confirmed: “Devotion toward Guru is the root of enlightenment” (50 verses of Guru Devotion”). Thank you for sharing your story that has made me motivated and feel proud for having opportunity in this life to follow and learn Pure Mind Yoga from holy Guru.

    May holy Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings.

    May Dharma brother Mat Tu get joyful and successful on the path to enlightenment.

    May all sentient beings get the happiness of Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

  3. Totte Nordahl
    Totte Nordahl says:

    Dear Guru

    I thank you SO much for shareing Mat Tu’s life in Sweden. I have been following her Swedish learing and she is an imprssive student.

    Thank you Mat Tu for shareing. May the blessings of Guru help you during the the studies you have infront of you. I hop to see you one day so we can take a Dharma-fika.

    May the Guru and his consort live long for the benefits for all sentint being

    Regards Tantra Mitraga.

    Om Mani Padme hum

  4. Mật Diệu Hằng
    Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con xin phép được dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Mitraga (Totte Nordahl) sang tiếng Việt như sau:

    Kính bạch Thầy!

    Con chân thành cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con đọc những dòng chia sẻ của đạo huynh Mật Từ về cuộc sống ở Thụy Điển. Con được chứng kiến về quá trình học tiếng Thụy Điển của huynh ấy và huynh ấy là một học viên xuất sắc và thật ấn tượng.

    Cảm ơn huynh đã chia sẻ.

    Đệ cầu nguyện huynh luôn nhận ơn phước gia trì từ vị Thầy mà gặt hái được thành công trong học tập,  nghiên cứu.

    Đệ mong một ngày đệ được gặp huynh để huynh đệ chúng ta cùng đàm đạo, thọ lạc là thọ pháp.

    Con cầu nguyện Thầy Cô trụ thế lâu dài vì sự lợi lạc của tất cả chúng sanh.

    Con – Tantra Mitraga.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  5. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Mat Tu,

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing “Letter from Sweden: How did I learn Swedish?” I very much enjoyed reading your article. I would like to say congratulations for doing so well in your Swedish class!! You are a prime example on the benefits of practicing Dharma in everyday life and the effects it may have. You are one of many inspirations here on and I look forward to reading more of your writings. May all of your legitimate wishes be granted within the right orbit of Dharma.

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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