Jul 10, 2021

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Letter from Tantra House MAT GIA SONG NGUYEN : DO YOU CONTROL THE WEATHER? (Trò kiểm soát được thời tiết không?)

Dear disciples and learners! I am feeling this morning at Tantra House is wonderful today. Sunshine’s smiling at me after a few rainy days. Flowers are blooming, it has an aroma, the fishes are swimming, my cats are playing each other. What’s the nice weather for me! I don’t force all you to think like me but I want to describe reality! Turtle on a lotus leaf in Buddha’s Footprint Lake Guru and  the cats at Tantra house   Although the scenery here is beautiful, but it is only temporary because Buddha taught that the World is impermanent. It remind me one “quotations”: “Don’t remember days only remember moment”! Yes! Tantra House is wonderful at the moment, in this morning; but it’d getting worse in the evening- it is normal because no one controls and complains the weather! Here and now is important for us, practitioners Pure Mind Yoga. Flowers

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