Oct 13, 2021

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Letter from the USA: Developing Right View through commenting is the necessity and importance.(Trang bị chánh kiến thông qua comment là sự cần thiết và quan trọng)

Dear Holy Guru, Thank You very kindly for sharing your experience and insights from your trip. As always, you have touched on many thoughtful and insightful topics.   The US is also very bad at caring and respecting our elderly. Much like Europe, members of our society get so caught up in taking care of career, children and their personal life, they fail to care for the ones who tended and cared for them in their youth. I believe this is a symptom of a deeper societal problem in many of our modern societies. I believe it lies in an ego driven, dualistic view of the world that is promoted in our western society. And, in turn, I believe Guru’s six spiritual practices, particularly Guru’s 5th Mind Dharma, can begin to heal these problems in our society and world. If we are going to truly advance as a society, we

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