Oct 13, 2021

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Letter from the USA: Developing Right View through commenting is the necessity and importance.(Trang bị chánh kiến thông qua comment là sự cần thiết và quan trọng)

Dear Holy Guru,

Thank You very kindly for sharing your experience and insights from your trip. As always, you have touched on many thoughtful and insightful topics.


The US is also very bad at caring and respecting our elderly. Much like Europe, members of our society get so caught up in taking care of career, children and their personal life, they fail to care for the ones who tended and cared for them in their youth. I believe this is a symptom of a deeper societal problem in many of our modern societies. I believe it lies in an ego driven, dualistic view of the world that is promoted in our western society. And, in turn, I believe Guru’s six spiritual practices, particularly Guru’s 5th Mind Dharma, can begin to heal these problems in our society and world. If we are going to truly advance as a society, we must work for the good of all, not just self.

I also have to address Guru’s 3rd Mind Dharma, developing Right View. I find all of Guru’s six spiritual practices extremely beneficial. I also find nearly all of Guru’s practices to be easy. There is one exception. I fail my Guru with making time to comment on his articles. While I do make time to read and to sit and contemplate on Dharma, writing has never came easy for me. It is a struggle for me to make time to write my thoughts. I believe the opportunity to comment on Guru’s articles is a tremendous blessing. Unlike the Sutra, which no questions can be asked, no clarification given, our Guru is a living, breathing man, solely dedicated to the enlightenment of all sentient beings, who can have a dialog with us. Even if we live in a remote are or an area with no Buddhist, we have access to Guru and his wisdom. I can only continue to make the personal commitment to comment more frequently.

Finally, I want to thank you, Guru, for your comments on the depression and anxiety that can accompany old age, sickness and death. These are very real issues faced by many older people in our society. I have a close friend who is a nurse at a nursing home (a place for the sick and old who can no longer live alone) and she sees this first hand all the time. I think it is absolutely wonderful that your research has shown your six spiritual methods can reduce and even eliminate depression and anxiety for our aged and people of all ages. I do not find this surprising though. Once a person begins to see their interdependence (anatta) and the impermanence (anicca) of things and the nature of suffering (dukkha), many of our worries over life, sickness and death begin to subside. This has been my personal experience anyway.

Thank you whole heartedly for this sharing. As always, I not only enjoyed your article, it has also given me many things to contemplate and learn from.

Praise and honor to the Three Jewels!

Praise and honor to our holy Guru Thinley Nguyen Thanh!
Prayers for long life and good health for our Guru!

We are looking forward to listening to your teaching on the third US online Dharma meeting on the 24th October 2021.

May all sentient beings walk the path on enlightenment that leads to liberation!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Tantra Mahacitta.

  1. Tantra Mahacitta (Robert Clayton Jr - America) says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing my thoughts on your article. I am deeply honored.

    Praise and honor to the Three Jewels!

    Praise and honor to our Guru!

    May all sentient beings achieve the ultimate enlightenment!

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  2. Mật Hoa Pháp ( 10 tuổi ) says:

    Kính Bạch Thầy.
    Con Mật Hoa Pháp đã đọc xong bài này rồi ạ!
    Con cảm tạ Thánh Đước Guru đã chia sẻ bài viết này.
    Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy.
    Con cầu nguyện cho đại dịch Corona sớm được tiêu trừ.
    Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của vị Thầy vì lợi ích của tất cả chúng sanh.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  3. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    I bow down at the feet of Guruji.
    Dear bodhi friend Tantra Mahacitta, as you narrated, not only in U S society, but all over the world the present generaton of younger people are self-centered neglecting their prime duty of taking care of their older and disabled parents without having atleast an element of ಅನ್ಸ್ಪಿರೇಷ bodhicitta, leave alone engagement bodhicitta !. In this i remember what indian phlosophy VEDAS teaches :
    “1) Matru devo bhava ( respect and serve mother as God ”
    “2) pitru devo bhava (respect and serve Father as God)”
    3)Acharya devo Bhava(respect and serve Guru as God”
    Our Guruji’s and Buddha’s fundamental teaching is same which we notice in six of his new resarch and dharma practices, if we follow with our sincere practices we are bound to get Enlihtenment.!
    Om Mani Padme hum
    Tantra Nirvadeva

  4. Litsong kronjang says:

    Thank you, Guru.

  5. Tantra Amishuta says:

    Dear Tantra Mahaccita,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I must agree with all you have said. I am surprised you have difficulty expressing yourself in writing you did so lovely.
    Dear holy Guru,
    Thank you for sharing this letter from a fellow learner. I appreciate all of the articles and letters you share. I apologize for being absent the past week or two. I suppose I’m not as well disciplined as I thought. I have been praying a lot but haven’t been reciting the mani mantra and need to. all day every day I need to. My emotions are quickly getting out of control over impermanence that I know in my mind is unavoidable yet Im struggling as i watch my mother’s cancer quickly grow. I am sorry for not following your guidance and reading even more than I was and commenting all of the time. I should I know I should and am ashamed that my ego and self have been acting as if suffering is mine alone and that no one understnads. I deeply apologize. I will try to do better. Thank you for being so kind and keeping me as a learner. You are a blessing in my life and all other’s who have the priviledge to meet you, hear from you, leaarn from you or just be in contact with you. May you be well for the sake of all sentient beings, may all sentient beings be free from suffering, and may I no longer disappoint you. Om Mani Padme Hum

  6. Tantra Midhita says:

    Thank you Tantra Mahacitta
    Thank you Guru for making a portal to learn dharma in form of Chanh Tu Duy.
    Thank you Tantra Mahacitta for outlining that often we find ourselves taking but not always paying.

    Money is only material.
    Currency is energy in transit.
    Money is imagination of this transit.
    Other forms of payment often go unnoticed.
    This is my way of paying for the wisdom.
    To comment, is to pay in mind.
    Assessing the article and formulating commentary is hard sometimes.
    Writing is troublesome for me at times as well.
    I often think my commentary will be worthless or make no sense.
    But you are right to write on Guru wanting us to comment.

    To make a comment on an article allows the teacher to gauge how well we received the message. It checks our level of comprehension.

    Guru is Guru is Guru is because, Guru knows that the greatest master is always ready to be a student.

    Tantra Mahacitta, thank you, for as I have deviated a bit, this is what I have thought from your teaching. Guru is a teacher, but we in a way are meant to teach others, if not at the very least, we should show the way to an honorable and kind teacher as Guru, who has a kinder way to live.

    Guru has taught me many mindful things, but this article as well as others from my fellow students teaches me just as much if not more sometimes.

    You are right, I too owe a payment not to just Guru, but to my wonderful fellow practitioners such as you Tantra Mahacitta.

    I have come to know that Guru knows, because I do not know as Guru does.

    To know is to know we know nothing I have learned.

    Thank you once more for your article on commentary.

    May our days align with our goals.
    May solution to the pandemic, arrive.
    May we have as we need rather than want.

    Enlightenment for All, All is Well.

    Om mani padme hum.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad to see that you have always reflected on yourself and what you have done after reading an article. That’s the right process of mind transformation, you keep thinking about the teachings and learned lessons, which will accordingly influence your behavior and speech in daily life. I believe that you can do it, don’t be burdened on it. Take it easy and I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting anytime you are free. I look forward to reading more!

  7. Tantra Kasumahiru (Lee Samuel America) says:

    I too am so grateful when Guru shares his thoughts and insights into practice…however I take exception in the letter characterizing the U.S. as unique in it’s material obsession…India itself the birthplace of the Buddha suffered and still suffers from the pain and suffering of the unenlightened material experience…Buddha had to go and achieve what he did as a sort of rebellion to the status quo…May all sentient beings become free. OM MANI PADME HUM

  8. Ockert Lotriet says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. We need the right view to understand the truth. With truth in our lives, we can start to understand how to respect all people. It’s a moral quality that’s not important for people. If we start to see all life on earth as one we will see a much-needed change in the world.

  9. Liam says:

    I am honored to be able to read these articles. There aren’t many places or people in my area to study Buddhism but I am fortunate to attend the Zoom classes and read these articles.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      I am glad to hear you appreciate the chance to attend Zoom classes! Please read and comment more!

  10. Hutch - EU says:

    Thank you for sharing

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  11. tantra mahavita says:

    Dear Holy Guru : Thank you very nuch for sharing your article. Happy to read it … Long Life Precious Guru … May all beings attain supreme enlightenment …Om Mani Padme Hum

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad and proud that you have been reading diligently. Keep up the good work!

  12. Guy Taylor says:

    Many thanks Tanta Mahacitta for sharing your thoughts and many thanks to Guru Thinley Nguyen Thahn for the publication of this letter as an article.
    This is not the first article you have published that I have read, but it is the first one that I am replying to.
    I agree with Tantra Amishuta, I found that the thoughts conveyed were structured very well but sometimes we will refrain from sharing, not because we lack literary skill, but because we worry what people may think or think that people will not be interested, feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence connect back with comments made about ego.
    It has been a pleasure as always to read this short article.
    May everyone be happy,
    May everyone be free from misery,
    May no one ever be separated from their happiness,
    May everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment,
    May our Guru and teachers be blessed with fortunate health,
    May I become a vessel for holy Dharma.
    Om mani padme hum.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you made the initiative to your first comment after reading this article. I am even happier that you have been moved by the article and taken action right away. I hope you will read and comment more from now on!

  13. Vincent Simon says:

    Kind benevolent Guru,

    Thank you for the work you do and the people we find or are found by thanks to your actions and insights bringing the Jewels to our understanding and find refuge.
    I’m sorry to say that Tantra Mahacitta is correct, and in my humble view we would be better of living in tribes where the elders hold a position of respect because of their wize years even would assist in teaching skills, tips and tricks born out of years and years of experience and even show what it means to be a man or woman in this world instead of what we have now, if lucky, a parent that has the time for this crucial part in upbringing. If the status quo of the western world would have a need for a happy working class, they would teach gardening skills and how to develop common sense in first grade kindergarten school, but this wouldn’t be production effective as to yield more capital from a working class I guess.

    May Covid 19 bring us together as a panplanetfamilie of earth instead of the divided world of opportunistic ego driven agendas

  14. Mật Tú Viên
    Mật Tú Viên says:

    Dear Guru!
    I have read this article of Dharma friend Tantra Mahacitta.
    I am delighted with his sharing about Pure Mind Yoga.
    Thank you Tantra Mahacitta for sharing your thoughts.
    May Guru have good health and live long for the sake of sentient beings.
    May the Covid 19 pandemic will be end soon.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  15. Mật Hoàng Trúc
    Mật Hoàng Trúc says:

    Dear Guru
    I am delighted to read this article.
    May Guru have good health and live long for the sake of all sentient begings.
    May all sentient begings will attend and happpiness of Buddha’s nature.
    May the Covid 19 will be and soon.
    Om mani padme hum

  16. Tantra Hanamita says:

    Thank You very much for the great article.
    I will try to comment more.

    Om Mane Padme Hum.

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