Jul 13, 2021

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Letter to disciples and learners: HOW AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?

Dear disciples and learners! He meet me at the corner. This is a conversation between us: Are you a Buddhist? Yes, I am Why do you eat a meat? What must I eat? You must eat only a vegetables! Why not? Because, it is (not eat meat) meta (compassion) Yes, but you know, it means Buddha is not meta because He ate a meal. I remember that his last dinner had a meat! He was silent and said goodbye, and I didn’t want see him again. Eating meat or not eating meat is not compassion or non-compassion. Holy Buddha taught Noble Eightfol Path what includes (1) right view (2) right speech (3) right action (4) right livelihood (5) right thought (6) right diligence (7) right concentration (8) right mindfulness, without eating eating meal or vegetable. I read many time “The Eight Great Causes of Enlightenment Sutra” –  very famous, but

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