Sep 7, 2020

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Letter to disciples No. 27: WISE ATTENTION (Thư gửi các trò 27: Như lý tác ý)

Dear disciples, There was one story in which one monk came to pay homage to the sixth Patriarch Hui-Neng; however, he did not bow his head entirely to the ground (which purposely showed that he just did it as a mere formality). The sixth Patriarch asked him “Why did you behave so rude while you are coming to learn from me? You must be confident about some of your achievements?”. The monk replied “My name is Phap Dat (which means Dharma Achiever), I have recited the Lotus Sutra 3000 times”. The sixth Patriarch strictly told him: “Your name means Dharma Achiever, but you haven’t made any achievement in Dharma. Even if you recite the sutra 5000 times, you will achieve nothing!”. After being lectured thereafter through a verse, the monk became awakened and asked for staying to serve The sixth Patriarch. There is one important thing The sixth Patriarch warned

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