Apr 4, 2022

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Letter to disciples No.372: TAKE LEAVE OF THE CONCERNS ABOUT A BLASTED RUIN ( Thư gửi các trò 372: GIÃ TỪ NỖI NIỀM HOANG PHẾ)

–                  Guru, where do you prefer to have breakfast? Tinh Niem Phong (Awakening Mind room) or Lac Canh Dai (Joyful Sight roundhouse)? –                 No, I would prefer to have breakfast at Tịnh Truc Dai (Pure Bamboo roundhouse) in Ky Ngo Tinh Uyen (Magically Appearing pure garden) –                 Yes, Guru   Guru  at Tịnh Truc Dai     Guru and Ma Ni   This morning, this is the first time I have breakfast at the new place. Although it was a clean vegetable garden, it was mixed with garbage of different types. At first, the color of green vegetables seemed cool to the eyes, but there was a garbage heap mixing with the scattered trash cans, which gradually made me no longer have an interest in it. After a long time without care, the vegetable garden turned into a deserted wasteland as if it

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