May 5, 2019

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Memories of Vietnam, Part lll By, Avinash Kumar Srivastava (Tantrasutradaka)(Public article)

Revered Gurujee Om Mani Padme Hum I bow before your lotus feet.

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Tantra Sutradaka – Giáo sư tiến sĩ Phật học Ấn Độ tham dự pháp hội Biển Nhớ 2019

After completing the write-up of my memories of the Conference conducted by our holy Guru in one of the most beautiful seashore embedded with the unique combination of tradition (natural beauty) and modernity (the artistic habitant construct for the human enjoyment) , that became vibrant with spirituality with the august presence of our holy Guru, the Dhamma friends, the enlightening papers presented there, Guru’s comments and blessings on them, the holy Buddhist songs and the the thought provoking Buddhist plays enacted there, I took a sigh of relief and relived of the temporary mental tension. Since everything is momentary for the Buddha, nothing is permanent as Guru says, “every day a new sun arises out of the vapour of the sea”, says the Heraclitus of Greece, I too feel time is moving on; nothing can stop it, hence I too am destined to start a new mental journey of the recent past along with our kind and compassionate Guru and some of my spiritual companion of Pure Mind Buddhism, founded by our Guru.

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After a brief interval of mind freshening sleep, morning and evening walk, light talks with friend, family members, and amusement of chatting and playing with my innocent granddaughter of three and half years old my inner instinct forced me today to sit on the writing table and compelled me to initiate the story of mundane pleasure of tour and travel of Dalat, a beautiful hill station of Vietnam. Guru says Samsar and Nirvana can go hand in hand. For attaining Nirvana one cannot abstain from the pleasure of the happy life. In the happiness of life there is a key of healthy body, happy physical constitution give birth to a happy and healthy mind, everything is interdependent ( Pratisamutpanna) not an isolated unit. Hence my journey to Dalat is also connected to the unseen past incidents because we cannot change the past, but we can shape the future, and our Guru converted our tour of Dalat into a pilgrimage owing to my past auspicious deeds as my Kalyanmitra, the Guru, was also with me for our spiritual guidance.

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As I said in the second part of my memories that from the conference place we came to the Tantra House along with our Guru and a few my spiritual friends who are the learners of Pure Mind Buddhism. In the night we did stay at our Guru’s house that was again a boon in disguise as it is saturated with the mystic energy emitted by the the meditational practices, and the Tantra Sadhana of our holy Guru as well as it is vibrant with the Buddhist wisdom, spirituality and divine compassion. That is the reason the place is calm, quit, tranquil and full of profound peace because of our compassionate Guru, as the more compassionate you are, the more you will find inner peace and in the Tantra House there is an over flow of compassion that is causing composer and peace there. We enjoyed our night stay there in terms of sound sleep, mental peace and composure. Guru’s behaviour was fatherly there as hoe took care of our every need including our food and night stay. There was a nice arrangement, men and women had different places allotted for night sleep. I and my wife were given different places to sleep. There is equality before the Dhamma and equal treatment to all whether one is rich and poor learned or ignorant and well placed or ill placed. It was the unique experience for my wife as I had my stay here last year on 19th of the February 2018.

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Our tour to Dalat was designed by our Guru with perfect end and view. He wanted to have a inter civilizational dialogue to strengthen the internal bonds of human unity among the diversified nations, space, time, culture, civilization, aiming at the concept of global village, as this is the need of the day. In fact such tour and travel provide an opportunity to mingle with the people of two or more nations, culture and civilizations. The reason is simple every person and civilization have their own identity. For a meaningful dialogue between two or more persons or two or more civilizations their identity must be reliably traceable over certain periods of time. As I have mentioned earlier in the first part of the memories that me and Rose were in touch through the net and continuously exchanging our view through the messenger and by commenting on the articles shared by our holy Guru on It is another thing that I considered Rose a male till we talked to each other on 15th February 2018. However, I was under impression that he is a nice man of Buddhist taste and temperament. On this firm ground of belief Guru has invited me and I accepted the invitation. Guru was in know of this dialogue as my regular comments on the articles shared by him might have been providing the glimpses of my mental makeup, taste and temperament as well as my culture and civilization. Though we both are Buddhist but the impression of the indigenous climate, trait, taste and temperament make them different in the reaction on the same issue. This, if enlarged in terms of gape between the two or more people or nation, may create cultural or civilizational conflict. This often gives rise to a clash of culture and civilization. Our present world is the worst sufferer of cultural and religious conflict, which is showing an ugly face to the whole world in terms of terrorism, feud, religious and ethnic disputes and the political leaders are making efforts to make an amicable solution to it.

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Like the Buddha our Guru is also one of the visionary and sensitive to this global problem in hand and is sincere in seeking the ways and means through religion- spiritual technique of the Buddhist wisdom. This is the reason he organizes one or two conferences annually where in delegates belonging to different culture, religion and nation participate and meet each other forgetting the barrier of space, time, climate and culture as well as religion. This is all is reflected from the letter of invitation, send by the office of the Tantra house where in it is said ” Your presence is our honor and it will increase harmony in the Samgha, and this is also a good opportunity for us to learn from each other about the experience in spiritual practice”. However, in this background it can be it can be said that every meeting, conversation and stay for a considerable number of days with the persons of different countries, climate and culture help in promoting the multi- cultural dialogue and strengthening the bonds of unity among them. Now we all become a global citizen and mingle there with open heart forgetting or different origin and identity.

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Secondly, the analogy of the personal life is short but the civilization and culture’s life in space and time frame is vast, complex and heterogeneous. Hence, such tour and travels provide an opportunity to understand the culture, religion and civilization of each other. This help to understand and strengthen the bonds of unity of the people and the nation, participating in the august tour and travel through their dialogs, taste and habits. Before understanding the cultural dialog there is a need to understand the two aspects of civilization. They are instrumental and material aspects of life on the one hand and reflective, refined and ideational aspects on the other. When we focus our attention on ideational aspect the term culture is used but when the attention is focused on practical aspect of life the term civilization is used. It includes in itself various other items of experience, such as religious, political, economic, technological and kindred activities. This is the reason I think that our conference and the tour to Dalat was important in the sense that amounted to be a cultural and civilizational dialogue. The reason is simple. In both the activities, conference and the tour to Dalat along with the Guru and our Vietnam’s friends, it was a dialogue of religion and philosophy, between the two set of people, Vietnamese and Indians, though we both belong to the same school of thought. These I have precisely narrated in the memories part one and the two in a very brief way.

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. However, there are differences due to climate, distance of space, taste, habits as well as mode of thought and practice but it could not prevent us from entering into fruitful civilizational dialogue. Our eligibility and capacity to belong to a civilized society entitled and equipped us to carry on the mutually instructive dialogue with our co-friends and Guru affiliated to different civilization separated by space and and time, ethnicity and language, Ideology and various other factors. This was the basic rational ground on which we, widely and seemingly dissimilar people assembled under one roof provided by our guru as conference and tour and travel and initiated our dialogue to resolve our ideological conflicts, if any, and expound to our areas of vast cooperation and promote the essential human solidarity. Another thing that seems to very pertinent here is that the other groups, friendly or hostile and affiliated to different civilizations are practically obliged to open dialogue with the neighbouring and distant civilization in a generic way, cutting across or overcoming the narrow and conflicting group interest. For example the aims and interests of different people are in the most cases not identical. This difference is not only between the intra-civilizational peoples professing the same religion but also between the ones belonging to different civilizations.

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What is more, even within the same religion the people belonging to different sects are often found to be at conflict between them. This is the reason with the passage of time even within the fold of Buddhism different schools and sects appeared that differ up to great extent in theory and practice. Hinayana (the small Wheel) and Mahayana (The Great Wheel) sects have safely spread in South East Asian and Far Eastern countries without involvement of arm conflict or bloodshed. Our Pure Mind Buddhism founded by our Guru is the latest development in this field. Guru has modified and simplified the so called tough practices of the Tantra yana of the Tibetan Buddhism and made for the use in the everyday life of the modern man, who is in huff and hurry facing the hustles and bustles of the complicated daily life. Owing to his compassionate vision he organizes two conferences a year and organizes some tour and travel along with his disciples with an end and view of widening the their mental horizon and strengthening the bonds of global solidarity through these activities that, knowingly or unknowingly, initiate inter cultural dialogue or the dialogue among Civilizations. Even in our stay together at the same place we learn from and influence each other. This again amount a civilizational or cultural dialogue. And we were lucky enough to have this occasion and opportunity for a good length of time.

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On ninth February we bound up our luggage and left the place of the conference for Tantra house. Here I felt at home as there is a very soothing atmosphere all the times. The fragrance of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha is saturated even the air of the place. The disciples always feel their own house and love to stay there. Though it was our very brief stay as next day we had to start our journey to Dalat, a hill station, but the time appeared infinite for me. Guru was kind enough to provide us the earthly happiness too as he is of the firm belief that Nirvana and Samsar (Mundane life) go hand in hand. We should embrace Niravana in a happy state of mind, without a tinge of mundane suffering or remorse. He planned our refreshment in a beautiful restaurant far away, about 50 Km. from his Tanntra House. It was an amazing experience for us. The place was beautiful and inspiring. We had our brief refreshments and cold coffee. The place was so enchanting for us that we could check our temptation of snapping a few photographs there. We came back to Guru’s residence by 7 Pm, after having our dinner my wife went to the women’s area to sleep and I was talking with Mat Nhi Khang. It was getting late. Guru reminded us in a stern voice but affectionately,” in the morning we have to leave for Dalat and you people are gossiping. Go to bed immediately. Our limbs of the body spontaneously obeyed the command of the master without asking anything to our minds. We went to the bed and slept at once.

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In the morning we awoke in time. After getting fresh we had some snacks, water and coffee. Refreshments were delicious to taste. We were now ready for the tour. Our luggage was kept in the Guru’s car. In fact Guru has two cars. In one he sat with his two disciples and in the second me, my wife, Rose and her husband were sitting. I was sitting in the front seat next to her husband who was on the driving seat. In fact it is he who drove us to Dalat, about more than 300 Km. or perhaps more away from Guru’s house. He is though very lean and thin man but very strong from within. Really I admire that gallant man, his spirit and stamina.

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We started perhaps by 09 A. M. The climate was cool and cozy. Roads were smooth and metallic. Trees and flowers were thickly planted on the both sides of the roads. Most of the places flowers and small plants were increasing the beauty by being placed on the dividers of the four or six lane of the silky roads; that appeared to be the naturally differentiating both the roads. In the countryside the lovely farms were adding the beauty and enriching the ecology through their green paddy plants that were giving a happy look with the pleasant touch of the blowing autumn winds. We were in the A. C cars having a nice feeling with the touch of its cold wind and our nice and enlightened companion. But the fresh natural air of the road side coming from the thick vegetation all around was luring us. On my request the A. C. function was stopped and windows were opened to be in the touch of the nature.

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For Buddha and Buddhism nature has played a dominant role in shaping, grooming and giving the birth of the noble thoughts. The entire Buddhist culture has emerged and developed in the admonition of the trees, revers and plants. Buddha did his meditation in the jungles, attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at the bank of Nairanjana River, his most of the preaching are delivered in a park or under the trees, the Monasteries were asked to be built in remote areas but in the natural surroundings and it is said in Jataka stories that he took his several births in plants and the trees. This is the reason that normally the Buddhists normally do not cut the plants. Thus the nature and natural beauty is intertwined in the vain and vessels of Buddhism. This is the reason that most of the Buddhist countries preserved the plantation, vegetation and the nature and the natural beauty in their country without any external motivation. (For detailed description see my book, Living Buddhism, in the chapters Buddhist environmentalism, Threads of environmentalism in Early Buddhism and Do trees have right of their own; a Buddhist reply) When we moved 10-20 kilometers ahead there was an unpleasant surprise for me as we found a few artistically emerging multiplex near to the city. On enquiry I came to learn that with growing pressure of the population and attraction of living in lucrative multistoried apartments as found in the big western cities have motivated the people to start replacing the green field with the jungle of concrete. However, it was presenting a unique picture of tradition and modernity as well as a pronounced and sustainable impact of the west that has made an inroad in the South East Asian countries like Vietnam. In fact, it is the delayed fruition of the colonial rule against which each and every citizen of Vietnam fought with tooth and nail and drove away the Americans from their holy land. But it is again a fact that the people of Vietnam always kept their head well high with the preaching and teachings of the Buddha with mild alteration according to the climate and the culture of the land and made all-round sustainable development. And this has become possible because of the large heartedness and open mindedness of the citizen of the nation. Today I feel proud of being with them and making a tour and travel even in the remote area of this country.

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After moving ahead for a few kilometers our car was stopped by the traffic police for paper checking purpose. Our friend, perhaps, was not having the proper papers that time. Our Guru’s car was going ahead us. My friend rang him and narrated the problem. Our Guru’s car came back and solved the problem. Our car restarted from there, but its speed was comparatively slow. In the way our car stopped at several places because of my reoccurring natural calls. in the way to Dalat our Guru took much of care of us and stopped at several restaurants where we had snacks and cold coffee or tea or yogurt that kept us fresh all the way. Out of them Doi Dep Cafe is still in my mind wherein we spent good memorable time. The place is very beautiful, colourful and pleasant. He also wanted me to see several beautiful places too and asked is disciples to take photographs, which are still with me as a token of the memories of the Guru’s grace on me. It is not possible for me to remember all the places we did stay to relax but I cannot forget the Nasa Cafe, which is very near to Dalat. We did stay there for a good length of time. Guru and some of his disciples had their dinner there. There he gifted me and my wife big packets of coffee. We came out side and took a few photographs of the pleasant sight.

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It was 8 P M. The night became beautiful of the colourful lights. We started for our destination. Within half an hour we reached our Hotel Rose. It is very nice and elegant. It was giving divine look and feel. I and my wife were very happy from within for the unconditional blessings of my Guru. We were getting late, went to our respective room. Its interior decoration is excellent. Since we were very tired, we slept in a short while and slept very late in the morning. We woke up because someone rang the bell of the room. Later on I came to learn that Guru had sent someone to make me awake so that we may go for sightseeing earlier and together. We got fresh, and came to the dining hall. For two or three days we were not having the proper meals because of paucity of the vegetarian food. Our choice was limited. We were eating salad and milk as well as coffee, tea and yogurt only, we both were feeling quite uneasy. Hence, we had a very good breakfast there.

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Thereafter we spent some time in the campus of the hotel. It is really a worth seeing place made for the people of developed aesthetic sense. We had a number of photographs of in and around the campus. Thereafter we started for the sightseeing places. It is a wonderful place for the tourists. Everywhere the natural beauty is spread in a well-planned way. Number of parks are there surrounding the lake. Very many hotels are there that are lucrative and attractive in their own. We were enjoying each and every moment there. In the second half I felt stomach disorder. Loose motion and subdued pain in my stomach started. Immediately I rushed to the Hotel along with my wife. There I went to the toilet three or four times.

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In the evening we again started for give a glance over the night decoration of the place. The entire city was looking like a well decorated bride. Our Guru is very caring so he asked two of his disciples to take me to Ganesh Bhojanalaya, an Indian restaurant. We had some Indian food. We took more curd in order to give a healing food to the stomach. We slept earlier. Next day by 8.30 AM we started back to our Guru’s house.

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In the way to the back journey also we did stay at some hotels for light refreshment and cold tea or coffee. Guru was kind enough to take us to a very beautiful resort named Valley of Flowers. It is a very romantic place. We enjoyed it like anything. Our numbers of photographs were taken there for future memory. By evening we came back to our Guru’s house. After having the mild food we went to sleep. Very early in the morning we woke up. Repeated the daily routine and we were ready to the Hochiminh Airport. We were sad. Buddha has said going away from ones near and dear is suffering. This I was feeling in an acute way. I was weeping from within, but planted a splendid smile on the face so that our Holy Guru may not get heart. Before leaving my Guru’s place I touched his feet. He hold my solder and got me stand. He asked me and my wife about any short of discomfort. Lastly he said if you have any type of pain, mental or physical because of me, kindly excuse me. This was the height of his humility. He got me sit in the car. My friend Rose was with us. Her husband was driving the car. After making some purchase in the Maul we came to the Airport. We saw our friends with wet eyes. Touch the pious Buddhist land with devotion and saluted her and started to the check in counter. We left the place with heavy heart and plethora of the memories.

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After an hour we boarded in the air bus thinking whether I will get the direct blessings of the Guru or not. Whether I shall be able to see this holy land and our Tantrahouse or not were the questions that were emerging in my mind. But it is solace for me that everything is predestined because of Paticcasamuppadavada Law of dependent origination. Buddha has once said ” karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.” In such a situation patience is the only ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. This was how I rationalized and consoled myself and started the back journey. Call for entering into the airbus was announced. We got up with our hand bags and came in the queue of the boarding passengers. Soon our turn came we presented our Boarding Pass and entered into the plain, located our seats and sat down. Soon I got absorbed in the memories of the recent past. The pictures of our Guru and friends started coming to the mind and connecting talks and incidents, that kept me engaged till I slept. I got awaken by the announcement “the plain will land on the Swarna Bhumi Bangkok airport. Kindly fasten your seat belts. From the paste I came back to the present and prepared to get ready for getting down from the airbus.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Long live our Guru along with his consort. With Regards,

Tantrasutra daka – (Avinash Kumar Srivastava)

PG Dept. of philosophy Nalanda College Biharsharif.

  1. Ignacio Sanchez Gentile says:

    Dear Gurú

    Great stort. Awesome teaching. Thank you very much.

  2. Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Dear Tantra Sutradaka ,

    I am delighted to read about your journey with Guru and other dharma friends to Dalat and you have had a good chance to enjoy life hand in hand with the true happiness from the dharma.

    As you said,  it is the most blessing trip you have made because of the presence of the Guru. You are right. It is the presence of the Guru that everything in this world become better and peaceful. The difficulties are over,  all disputes are solved. Due to his invention of six marvelous dharma practices,  all sentient beings find out the inner peace and have a meaningful life to free from sufferings and get the pure state of mind in Nirvana.

    Song Nguyen Tantra House has had the rapid development with many achievements made by local and international learners for some years,  which proves that the method of worldly enjoyment hand in hand with dharma happiness is really successful and it becomes the key to the questions of this life,  we find out the solutions to all difficulties in our life and set up a peace in mind through practicing yoga pure mind.

    You are attracted by the beauty of Dalat or the valley of flowers,  but i think the fragrance of the Guru’s virtue and the light of his compassion and wisdom will brings us the pure beauty of the Pure Land where we have the long lasting blisss.

    May Guru and his consort have a good health and live long for the sake of all sentient beings.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    May you get joyful on the path of liberation.

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  3. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Guru,

    Thank you for sharing this third article by Tantra Sutradaka about his visit to Vietnam this year.

    May we have a happy and blessed Vesak this year.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    Tantra Sagovana (Ahmed Khan)

  4. Tantra sutradaka says:

    Reverend Gurujee

    I bow before your lotus feet

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Since 24th of the April my non-academic engagement as an observer of the University Examination has exhausted my energy and strength up to such an extent that my capacity to do some spiritual and academic has depleted and I could not express even my written gratitude to my Holy guru for publishing my memories part 3 of the Vietnam visit for attending the conference. Another reason is that I was coming to attend my duties from Patna that got me too tired to write the comment. Earlier I commented on my articles publication only because there was either Sunday or the closer of the college and consequently non- conducting of the Exam.  This time I thought it proper to stay at Biharsharif only to express my delight and gratitude to my holy Guru. After coming back from the college where I am deputed to observe and conduct the fair Exam. I slept for two hours, prepared a cup of tea as I live here alone. After waking up I sat to wright my inner feeling.

        Guruje, I am really delighted for two things, the first, for publication of my memories and the second, for your kind blessings given to this poor disciple in terms of praising the third part of my memories. You have written “Great ….Awesome teaching. Thank you very much.” This is a great reward for me. I extend my deep sense of gratitude to you for both the benevolent acts done by you for me. This overvaluing praise for me has generated in me the immense joy and pleasure that now I have become dumb founded. Kindly forgive me for my late comment and the faults that I have committed before you  and behind you as well as in ignorance I normally commit.

    May all sentient beings live in peace.  Long live our Guru along with his concert for for the happiness and pleasure of many living beings and his followers.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Tantrasutradaka (Avinash Kumar srivastava)

  5. tantra mahavita says:

    Dear Tantra Sutradaka: Very happy to share your travel experience with the Holy Guru and enjoy the life of the hand of the Dharma. But I believe that the presence of the virtue of the Guru and the light of his compassion and wisdom brings us lasting blessings and It makes all sentient beings have a meaningful life and can be liberated from suffering and obtain a pure mental state. May the Guru have a long life for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all beings find the Buddha Nature. OM MANI PADME HUM

  6. Tantra Mishataru says:

    Wonderful story and good teachings. Thank you Guru. May blessings of Buddy be with you always.


    Om Mani Padme Hum

  7. Simon Michael says:

    Dear holy Guru,

    I thank you for this wonderful article you have given to us. In this article guru show us  how much effort he  has put to stop inter and intra religion crisis preaching peace they travel around some countries on conference to discuss and lecture in the area of peace and development.

    May our holy Guru live long for the happiness of all sentient beings.

    Om mani padme hum.


  8. Tantra Pramitdhita (Josh Hacker) says:

    Tantra Sutradaka,

    Thank you for writing and sharing “Memories of Vietnam: Part 3” It was very nice to read about your time spent In Vietnam with Guru, at the conference and also on your pilgrimage. From your three part article it seems like such a wonderful time! Without Guru so many things would not be possible. I bow my head before his lotus feet!

    May Guru live a long and healthy life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature

    May the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus soon end

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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