Jun 19, 2020


That is unable thinking at the Dharma trip to Sapa

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of receiving gifts like this time, especially the gifts from the Holy Guru whom he brought on the Dharma trip to give to us. Among them, I was really surprised with the gift of a hard new banknote worth “50,000 VND” that made me more motivated to delighted writing an article sharing my feelings.

After nearly 08 hours for driving with a distance of nearly 420 km, in front of me, the scenery of Sapa appeared beautiful  which made me had many times of excitement. Many times before, I have had the opportunity to drive myself traveling with family and friends, but this is probably the first time I have a full feeling about the beauty of the scenery on the way. What is the difference between this visit and previous times? I asked myself a question and suddenly smiled when I got an answer right away, during the journey I did not encounter any inspection by the traffic police that which I have often encountered in previous trips. When I thought about that, I continued to smile and felt that this was really a precious experience of the blessing of the Deity through the Guru when I joined the Dharma trip with him. Many times I have read from the articles of Dharma brothers about such blessings and now I can feel by my selves. That’s great!

In front of me, the scenery of Sapa appeared beautiful  which made me had many times of excitement


The blessings do not stop there but continue. The hotel where we stayed is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sapa, where I can feel the whole of Sapa with many strange emotions. The four star hotel is majestic with an architectural layout combining the modernity of the West and the mystery of the Northwestern mountains. I really admire the professional and thoughtful organization of brother Mat Hong Nhat for this trip.


The four star hotel is majestic

We have dinner at a famous sapa’s culinary venue called “ Mộng Mơ Sapa “ restaurant. Many kinds of flowers are grown here, but there is a special flower that is rose with lots of colorful colors. From the day known Chanhtuduy.com and the holy Guru, I understood that cultivation is the process of transforming the mind based on the right view of Buddha, that we are not vegetarian or salty but follow the teachings of The Buddha is “Buddhists are able to use the foods  with three conditions: no seeing, no hearing and no doubt.” Thanks to the enlightened heart of Bodhicitta, the compassion and the wisdom of Guru, I have been able to see the spirit of “Dharma is life, life is dharma” through the methods of practicing Pure Mind Yoga that the Guru has been transmitting to us and sentient beings predestined.

“Mộng Mơ Sapa “ restaurant

The delighted feeling followed me into the dinner space with the Guru and the dharma brothers, the delicious food, the funny stories from the Guru made us laugh non-stop. In front of the beautiful scenery of the restaurant mingled with the natural scenery of the mountain at night, especially the delighted feeling when this is a rare opportunity for me with Guru and Dharma brothers, I really wanted to enjoy a few more glasses of wine in the spirit “use without abuse”. We started to cameback to the hotel when the clock was nearly 10 o’clock. At that time, along the street there were only a few dim lights without people, Sapa was peaceful at night.


My mind was filled with joy, and suddenly I was startled back to reality when I heard the siren from the traffic police and the signal to stop. I didn’t know what my fault is but I am really worried because I drank 3 glasses of wine at night in the restaurant. The anxiety grew when the police asked me to lower the car window and said, “You stay in the car, we need you to cooperate in order to test the alcohol content.” I tried to call Mat Hong Nhat, but “your subscriber is busy”, I looked up the directory but there was no one who could help me now. “Please cooperate quickly for us to carry out the mission” – the voice of the traffic police urged me to make it impossible for me to extend the time. I followed their instructions and the sound of the alcohol testing machine rang out along with the policeman’s words “Please go, sorry for bothering”. Did my ear has a problem???. I looked at the police man once more and he continued to remind me to move quickly so that the next car could be inspected. I was so delighted drove away and the familiar question came to my mind: “What’s the difference between this trip and previous times?” and this time I laughed, I continued to answer immediately: “Buddha! It is true that only the blessing of the Deity through the Guru! “.

Sapa is very beautiful, beautiful because of its inherent beauty and more beautiful when it gives me a wonderful experience of the dharma trip with the holy Guru, the wonderful experience of the blessing of the Deity through the Guru, great experiences of “Dharma is life, life is Dharma”.

The calling of Brother Mật Hồng Nhật was comming let me stoping the flow of thought. “We prepare the luggage to say goodbye Sapa and continued to Hạ Long bay”- he said. I’ve finished my writing. Words like musical notes dancing in my mind, made me extremely delighted.

Thank you, Gurru, for giving me the opportunity to write this memory, this is the first time I’ve surpassed myself to do things that I never thought possible. I pray Guru and your consort for the good health and live long for the benefit of sient beings. Pray for the Guru’s Dharma trip to be successful. Pray for beings to attain happiness in Buddha nature.

Om mani padme hum

Mật Tuệ Vân

  1. Mật Thủy says:

    Dear Mat Tue Van,

    I’m delighted with your blessed trip to Sapa. Sapa is so beautiful, especially when you enjoyed it along with the Guru and other dharma brothers. Not only having the worldly pleasure, but you all also had a chance to learn and benefit from the live, practical teachings of the Guru. A light “envy” emerges in my mind, I immediately pray for the jealousy in all sentient beings will be calmed down. I learned that whenever I’m close to the Guru, even thought of him, I feel myself more conscious in practising dharma in daily activities.

    Your experience in the minutes of testing the alcohol by the police freaks me out. And the result was beyond our thinking! It’s only the faith in the Guru, the Buddha, dharma and sangha, the belief of “all things come fluently thanks to practising dharma”. Your experience once again reminds me of not being concern too much in worldly affairs, but prioritise the investment in Thanh Tri mind Dharma practising that guided by the Guru.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    May Guru and his consort good health and longevity for the benefit of all sentient beings. May Guru’s Dharma trip be smooth and successful.

    May the Covid-19 pandemic soon come to an end.

    Om mani padme hum!

  2. tantra mahavita says:

    Dear Holy Guru: Thank you very much for this wonderful article. The gift of the Holy Guru through Chanhtuduy.com took us on the Dharma journey. This journey was a process of transformation and cultivation of the mind based on the correct vision of the Buddha. Following his teachings ….. Thanks to the illuminated heart of Bodhichita, the compassion and wisdom of the Guru we have been able to realize through Pure Mind Yoga the spirit of Dharma and life is Dharma in our daily life … and so Finding our true Nature of Mind …. We are deeply grateful and overjoyed … We aspire and wholeheartedly wish that the Guru have a long life for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all beings find the true nature of their mind. OM MANI PADME HUM

  3. Dr C H Lakshminarayan says:

    Dear Mat Tue Van

    ‘ Drink and drive’ is an offence !

    Having done that being a  follower of a holy Guru and  asserting yourself saying that Buddha’s blessings safe guarded you from police  not taking legal procedure against you and you are let free  will certainly bring disgrace to  Guru as well as “Buddha’s blessings” ! This is just like a parrot uttering Words ” Dharma is life and Life is Dharma”. Buddha taught ” Act as you say and say as you act !” Alcohol ( wine) consumption in a party or otherwise  is a greatest mistake and violation of one of the basic  precepts of Buddhism!

    Do you know what happened to Osho’s  organization  of spirituality which enjoyed it’s zenith once very recently in this Age itself because  of his followers !. So please we should not consume alcohol at parties or otherwise and say ” Samsara and Nirvana can go hand in hand “! Certainly this is not the route for Nirvana !.Do you agree with me ?

    0m Mani padme hum

    Tantra Nirvadeva

  4. Admin
    Mật Diệu Hằng says:

    Dear Tantra Nirvadeva,
    Following Guru’s words, I would like to comment as following:
    I have read your comment for Mat Tue Van’s sharing. I appreciate your good intention to protect our holy Guru and Song Nguyen Tantra House. However, I think that there is something you have not had enough time to contemplate on the deep meanings of the Buddha’s blessing through Guru. I would like to share with you some points about this.
    I still remember the story about the two Bhikkus you wrote in the article “Nature and Phenomena”. If anyone only sees the phenomena, they may criticize that the second Bhikku has violated the precept of touching and carrying the woman who does not belong to him and not observe the celibacy as a true Bhikku. But he did not violate the precept because his action comes from the compassion and the benefit of all beings as you have made clarification in your article. The second Bhikku has kept the precept of benefiting all sentient being. Therefore, we should not judge anything if we do not understand clearly their nature.
    Back to the story of Mat Tue Van, we can consider two main points. The first is that the police tested the alcohol content and Mat Tue Van was let free after the test. The second is the Buddha’s blessing through Guru.
    The police tested the alcohol content by the alcohol breath test device and the index on the alcohol tester will show if the driver violates the traffic law or not. After testing, the police affirmed that the blood alcohol content was not above the legal limit, so that he asked Mat Tue Van to keep driving with very polite words “please go, sorry for bothering”. From this fact, Mat Tue Van did not violate the traffic law.
    The second thing I would like to mention is that the Buddha’s blessing through Guru. Mat Tue Van has learned and practice Dharma in the spirit of “using without abusing”and the amount of alcohol content in his blood was not above the legal limit. And the law of cause and effect is always fair. You reap what you sow; good deeds lead to good results. The police letting him be free after testing proves that he did not do anything wrong. Moreover, the merit he accumulated from supporting Guru on his dharma trip is so much. The good result he got is obvious. Guru has driven a long distance trip about more than 3000 km in order to give sermon for all disciples and learners in the northern part of Vietnam. Mat Tue Van serves Guru, meaning that Mat Tue Van supports the Dharma. That is the reason why he got the Buddha’s blessing through Guru.
    Some words to share with you.


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