Feb 6, 2021

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WASHING OUTSIDE ONLY, CAN WE MAKE INSIDE CLEAN? (Lau chùi bên ngoài, có sạch bên trong?)

Dear holy Guru, I gladly appreciate your deeds, wisdom, and bodhicitta for writing the article that clarifies the differences between good deeds and good aids in spiritual practice on the path to enlightenment in order that we can avoid losing the rare opportunity to cross over the river of samsara. Your teaching enlightens me to focus on the good deeds including wisdom and bodhicitta, I should not cling to good aids like meditation only; resulting in a failure in the orbit of the wrong view. In “ Thirty – Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva”, master Thogme Zangpo stated that: “Without wisdom, the five perfections are not enough to attain full awakening. Cultivate wisdom, endowed with skills and free from the three domains – this is the practice of a Bodhisattva”   Every Buddhist should understand the law of cause and effect: we reap what we sow”. If we sow the

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